6 Common John Deere 328 Skid Steer Problems and Solutions

The John Deere 328 Skid Steer Loader model is one of the most capable loaders available. It sports a five-cylinder, 82-horsepower John Deere 5030T liquid-cooled aftercooled turbo diesel engine. This John Deere 328 skid steer weighs 8580 pounds and with its attached bucket it can assist you with heavy-duty chores.

Despite being reliable, you might face the JD 328 Skid Steer. Starting problems, fuel problems, hydraulic problems, engine problems, rough running, stalling problems, etc. are the common problems users have frequently complained about with this heavy-duty machine.

6 Common Problems of John Deere 328 Skid Steer:

Problems become easy to solve when you know the cause of them. Also, you need the basic knowledge to solve the problem, which will save you a lot of hassle. So, the common issues and solutions of John Deere 328 Skid Steer are given below:

1. Starting problem

When a car has a starting difficulty, it usually begins after charging or inspecting the battery or repairing a bad connection between the wires and internal components. If none of these work, you might check the fuse box. If the fuse box does not click, it indicates a significant problem. also, make sure not to overload the bucket of your loader. An overloaded bucket with heavy equipment can also cause starting problems.


When the battery runs out of charge or dies, it might cause difficulty starting the vehicle. When you replace the battery, the problems usually go away. However, if it does not cure your situation, you may need to check the fuse box since the fuse box is often the root of the problem. Replacing the fuse box may solve the problem. also, make sure to check the ignition switch. replace the switch if needed.

2. Fuel problem

When your vehicle’s fuel is expired or too old, it will have fuel problems. It can lead to filter problems as well. When the power gets sticky, it gets stuck in the filter, so it can not function properly.


To solve the problem, you need to check the fuel and drain it entirely if it is expired. Then clean the filters and refill them with new fuel according to the instruction manual. This should solve the fuel problem.

3. Hydraulic problems

If the bucket on your JD loader is not curling or the boom is not lowering or rising, it might be due to hydraulic issues. Seat switch troubles frequently cause JD Skid Steer hydraulic difficulties. However, you must be sure of the exact problem.


There are two lock-out solenoids on the hydraulic control valve spools. To check them, you must remove the floorboards if the user is under 200 pounds or skinny. Carrying heavy objects, such as stones or pebbles, helps address this problem.

4. Engine problems

Engine problems can often lead to not starting. Check if the battery is getting enough charge. Check the battery and replace the engine if necessary. You can seek help from mechanics if you cannot do that yourself.

5. Running rough

Spark plugs or spark plug wires can make your vehicle’s engine run rough. Spark plugs ignite the air and fuel combination within the combustion chamber using the electrical current obtained from ignition coils. Fuel might be burnt at an irregular rate if a plug is broken or placed improperly.

Also, check the wheels. wheels are very sensitive parts of a loader. make sure no stone or debris is stuck.

6. Stalling problems

Losing fuel or not getting energy can lead to sudden stalling problems. Make sure to check the fuel filters and air filters. Clean the filters with a soft brush. Check for leaks. Leaks cause fuel to fall out, so your vehicle can not consume it. So, make sure to fix any kind of leaks.

Also, check the gas cap. If the gas cap is not tight enough, you might hear a disturbing noise. Make sure to keep the gas cap tightly attached. Also, check if the spark plugs are okay. Replace them if they are faulty.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does John Deere make good skid steers?

Skid loaders, also known as skid-steer loaders, made by John Deere are among the finest in the industry, and with good reason. These construction industry staples pack a lot of punch into a tiny package, allowing for more flexibility in confined locations.

How many horsepowers is a 328 John Deere skid steer?

The John Deere 328 Skid Steer Loader has a five-cylinder John Deere 5030T liquid-cooled aftercooled turbo diesel engine that produces 82 horsepower. This John Deere 328 skid steer weighs 8580 pounds and is mighty to handle all the heavy equipment.

How many hours should a skid steer last?

According to some experts, a skid steer’s typical lifespan is 5,000 hours. You should keep in mind that the length of time your skid steer lasts is determined by a number of factors, including Whether you bought the equipment brand new or used.

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Final Words

Despite a few problems, John Deere 328 Skid Steer is a loader of good quality for lifting heavy equipment. With proper maintenance and regular troubleshooting, you can make it last for a long time by getting the best service, without having many problems. However, even when you face the problems, hope this article helps you to solve them. you can also look for help from the experts and mechanics to provide you with their problem fixing service.

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