Scag Turf Tiger Reviews: An Unbiased Review

Scag Turf Tiger is a commercial mower with guaranteed flawless service. It has a robust construction and comes with a premium featured package altogether. Furthermore, Scag mowers have been dominating the industry since its inception. Lawn maintenance professionals highly suggest this product.

This commercial mower has speed, efficiency, and a compatible size that makes it suitable for small and large yards. The Turf Tiger is considered to be a premium product from Scag Power Equipment. All the mower models from Scag are available in Gas, Diesel, and Propane. However, Most of the users of Turf Tiger consider it as a “Tank” in their yard.

In this article, we have thoroughly discussed Turf Tiger Commercial Mower from Scag Power Equipment. Hopefully, the article will be helpful as a buying guide towards your dream lawnmower. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the topic.

Key Features

  • Available in 52”, 61”, and 72” deck sizes.
  • A maximum speed of 12 mph.
  • It is available in 31 HP Vanguard, Kawasaki FD851D, 35 HP Vanguard, and 37 HP Vanguard EFI engines.
  • 16 cc Hydraulic Drive Pump size and Parker wheel motors.
  • Low center of gravity.
  • Shaft-driven deck type.
  • 12 Gallon tank capacitance.
  • Disk brakes.
  • Suspension seat.

Strength and Power

The sturdy construction of Scag Turf Tiger, as well as tough cutter blades, ensure long-lasting performance. The deck is also damage-proof because of the replaceable trim-side wear pad. The strength of this commercial mower is overall top-notch.

With a wide range of engine option, Turf Tiger is available at a maximum power of 37 HP. Some of the engines are air-cooled, some are liquid-cooled. Between these two, liquid-cooled engines are the best. Even in most heavy errands, the liquid-cooled engines protect the internal parts from overheating.

Known to be the best mower for mulching, Turf Tiger from Scag has better power than other commercial mowers in the market. The longevity of these engines is outstanding.

Tire Quality

Tire quality measures the performance of a commercial mower. If the tire quality is not up to the mark, you will find it difficult to control the mower and do strenuous errands.

For superior traction on hilly tracks, Turf Tiger offers large, 6-ply drive tires. The huge 26” drive tires offer a smooth ride even on rocky surfaces.

Hydraulic System

Turf Tiger comes along with an 18 ci of Parker wheel motors and a 16 cc of Hydraulic drive pump. The hydraulic system ensures dependable power. The maximum speed you can get is 12 mph. The maximum speed depends on the type of engine.

Pump Shock Valves guard the hydraulic system. It ensures reliability as well as long-lasting performance. The cooling fans in the hydraulic drive pump maintain the temperature. 

Cut Quality

The Scag mower can make most of the applications and offers one of the best cutting qualities in the industry, even the toughest ones. The unique Velocity Plus deck ensures great productivity in the cutting process. The large discharge opening is attached with the Turbo Baffle, which helps distribute quick discharge.

Flexibility in cutting is a great factor. Turf Tiger ensures top-notch flexibility in the cutting process. The Velocity Plus cutting decks are prone to cutting even tough weeds. To increase productivity and performance, you can customize the deck into preferred conditions. The Custom-Cut Front Baffle System is a unique addition that helps in doing so.

It has been found that Turf Tiger has issues regarding some types of grass while cutting. Yet, the cutting system is one of the best compared to other competitors.

Diesel Options

Previously, we mentioned that Turf Tiger engine option are available in Gas, Diesel, and Propane. The diesel options are available in 61” and 72” decks. Kubota 25 HP Diesel Engines offer diesel options for Scag Power Equipment Turf Tiger Commercial Mowers. Turf Tiger is one of the toughest engines out there and can offer long-lasting performance.

Seats and Comfort

If you are looking for great comfort, we won’t be suggesting you Scag Turf Tiger Mowers. According to the users, it is not the most comfortable mower while operating in rough terrains. The addition of suspension seats has improved comfort. Still, the quality needs to be improved more.


Scag Turf Tiger’s body parts are made with high-quality materials. The design is solid and offers you years of unwavering service. You will have the most stable control over this mower. The wide mower stance and the low center of gravity ensure this top-notch stability.

You can easily rely on Scag Power Equipment Turf Tiger Mowers. The brand value speaks of its overall quality. And regarding durability, it surpasses other similar products in the market.


The mixture of orange and black color gives off a premium vibe overall. The texture and the built quality make Scag mower a good-looking mower in the yard. Scag has successfully maintained its signature look in Turf Tiger also. The changeable parts are easy to adjust and fix.

There is one instrument panel that gives you the notification of any inconvenience with the mower. This instrument panel is a great addition to the look of Turf Tiger mowers. The overall look is outstanding.


Scag Power Equipment has a concern with the utmost safety of users. Turf Tiger mowers have a standard kill switch on the seat, seat belt, and roll bar. Hence, it is easy to press the button if any inconvenience occurs.


The manufacturer claims Turf Tiger is the best product in the market and no competition in the prevailing market. The speed, along with the cutting quality, sets the bar higher to judge with other commercial mowers out there.

We have studied this product thoroughly. One thing that can act as a drawback is the comfort Turf Tiger provides. We reviewed all the features and found the price to be fair in the market.

Our Verdict

Turf Tiger is one of the dominant mowers in the market. It provides a flexible cutting system with its unique Velocity Plus deck. A maximum speed of 12 mph with quality tires will give a wonderful ride experience. The low center of gravity and solid body parts ensure utmost stability. 

We would say that; it is wise to choose Scag Turf Tiger as your mower in the yard. It is long-lasting as well as ensures peak performance.

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