6 Common Kobalt 80v Chainsaw Problems and Solutions

Kobalt 80V chainsaw is a powerful cordless machine that needs a 2.0 AH battery, and it is powered up for 150 cuts of 4×4 treated timber. It is ideal for cutting medium-sized trees and perfect for cleaning up after a storm. You can tackle tough jobs as it can cut up to 30 in diameters.

Nevertheless, there are some issues with the Kobalt 80V chainsaw that users continuously complained about, and if you own this model or thinking of buying this chainsaw then you should be aware of the issues too. Overheating, smoke coming out, chain not cutting, chain not rotating, not running issues, alert indicators stays turned on, etc. are the common issues of the Kobalt 80V chainsaw. In this article, we are going to talk about how to deal with the issues.

6 Common problems of Kobalt 80V chainsaw:

You will probably encounter some issues with any heavy-duty machine after you have used it for a while. But that is not a thing to worry about as most of the issues can be resolved when you know the reasons behind them and with the instant fixing knowledge. So, the problems of the Kobalt 80V chainsaw are discussed below: 

1. Bar and chain overheating

If the chain was overtightened at the time of installation, then it can start to frequently overheat after some time. To fix the issue, you need to check the installation and adjust the chain tension according to the instruction manual.

2. Smoke Coming Out

You might experience smoke coming out of your Kobalt chainsaw when the chain oil tank is empty and the chainsaw is still being used without fuel, or the fuel is bad or expired, or blocked out for some reason.

To solve the issue you need to check the condition of the fuel in the oil tank. If it is empty, refill it. If the fuel has gone bad, then drain the fuel and clean the fuel tank before adding new fuel. And if the fuel tank has become clogged with dirt and debris, clean it properly and remember to clean it in the future too for avoiding such issues.

3. Chain Rotating but not cutting

 If you experience that the chain is rotating but not cutting while operating your Kobalt chainsaw it means the chains were installed wrong or backward. The chain becoming dull can also be another reason for this issue. To solve this issue all you need to do is reverse the chain and sharpen the chain.

4. Chain not rotating

The chain of your chainsaw can stop rotating if it is damaged for some reason. Check the guide bar and chain assembly. If they are damaged, then repair or replace them according to their condition. However, if the bar and the assembly seem to play then you might need to replace the chain to solve the issue.

5. Running Issues

Your chainsaw might not start or run due to a lot of reasons. It might be because of not having enough charge in the battery, or the battery is not properly installed. It can also happen due to chain brake engagement problems.

Firstly, check the charge level of the battery. If there is not enough charge then, remove the battery and charge it. While you do it, make sure to follow the charging procedures in the instruction manual. Then, check the battery installment procedure and install the battery correctly. Finally, pull back the chain brake to disengage it. This should solve the running issues.

6. Alert Indicator Stays Turned On

The alert indicator usually turns on to alert you if any user error happens. So, check to see if there are any errors. Make sure that the chainsaw is not overloaded or overused. This can also happen when there is no sufficient charge. So, make sure to check the charge as well.

To solve this issue, turn on the overload protection as active. Then, check the charge condition. If there is a low battery, then charge it according to the instruction manual. This should solve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a battery on a chainsaw?

To clean your cordless chainsaw you should follow these 5 steps:
Step 1: Remove the bar and chain.
Step 2: Clean the bar.
Step 3: Clean the chain.
Step 4: Clean the powerhead.
Step 5: Put all the parts back together.

Why does my chainsaw keep throwing the chain?

Your saw blades may jump the bar if there is too much slack in your chain. This is known as throwing the chain. The tension may be incorrect even if the chainsaw is not throwing its chain.

Why did my Kobalt electric chainsaw stop working?

If your chainsaw is electric and it stopped working, this can happen due to a lot of reasons. There is a possibility that the battery may be faulty and will need replacement. If your saw won’t start after being connected to a power source, there’s no need to worry about the battery. The chainsaw may not start even if the fuse has been replaced and the battery appears to be good.

Are Kobalt batteries interchangeable with any other brands?

Because of the size of the battery pack, not all Kobalt 80V batteries are interchangeable. You should use the correct battery pack for the correct equipment. For its tools, Kobalt also provides a 40V battery pack. Because of the size of the pack, they are not all interchangeable across Kobalt tools.

Final Thoughts

A chainsaw is a must-have item when you have a garden or lawn to care for whether you are a homeowner or a professional. Kobalt 80V can be the perfect chainsaw for helping you with completing your tasks in the garden. It provides you with its best service if it is treated with proper maintenance. So, make sure not to make any user errors and troubleshoot the chainsaw whenever you face any issue.

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