6 Common John Deere D140 Problems and Solutions

John Deere D140 Problems

John Deere D140 is a 48-inch lawn tractor. It is featured by a 22-HP V-twin Hydrostatic transmission engine powered by Briggs and Stratton. This powerful lawn tractor has and PTO and an automatic drive system that reduces your task and makes your lawn tasks easier than ever.

Also, by sitting on the comfortable back seat, you can just sit back and relax and do all the hard work effortlessly.

However, having this lawn tractor is not always compatible if you do not maintain it properly, or troubleshoot it regularly. Because otherwise there will be a lot of problems regarding the tractor. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the common problems you might face with John Deere D140 and their possible solutions.

John Deere D140 users mostly face starting problems, engine problems, issues with the transmission, low pressure in steering, electrical problem, and fuel issues.

The tractor goes through many rough usages and hard work. So, it is natural that they will have issues after some time. But do not worry about that as the issues can be easily resolved if you know the exact cause of the problem and a basic instant direction to fix them.

6 Common John Deere D140 Problems:

1. Starting problem

The most common problem with any vehicle that you will experience is a problem with taking the start. It might happen for a lot of reasons. Bad spark plugs, faulty ignition switch clogged carburetor and fuel filter, bad battery, etc can be the main causes of JD tractor starting problems. You can use a voltameter to find out the exact cause of this problem.

Set the voltmeter to DC and connect the negative end of the battery to the positive end of the solenoid starter’s battery terminal with the wires. After you have fixed the wires or cables, start the engine to see if the tractor operates. At this point, check the voltmeter for any signals on the screen. This might solve your problem.

If not, then, use a specified screwdriver from the John Deere gearbox for D140 to troubleshoot the problem because any random screwdriver might not always work.

2. Engine problem

Engine problems can occur due to many reasons too. One of the most common reasons for troubleshooting is required because of engine problems as well as starting problems. And sometimes, engine problems prevent the tractor from starting.

Some of the main causes of engine issues are- unchanged expired fuel, overheating, oxidized parts, etc. This might not immediately create engine issues but it eventually makes the engine lose its power over time. And to solve the problems, you have no other way rather than to replace the engine sometimes.

However, you might not always need to replace the engine. If you consider the reasons for being an outdated gas mix, you should change it as soon as possible. When gasoline is mixed with water, it can oxidize, resulting in death. It is best if you use gas with a 10% ethanol content or less.

But unless your formula fails, you’ll have no alternative except to empty the gas tank and fuel line and rinse off the fluid thoroughly. You can also use a new premix mixture.

3. Transmission problem

If you experience that your John Deere D140 tractor is moving at a slower speed than usual and having problems pushing up the hill then, the possible cause for this is a transmission problem. You need to examine a few things like- the engine, fuel level, exterior, etc. before making a decision about replacing the transmission.

If all of the parts are okay then, you will need to move on to the transmission. For that, you need to detach it completely. If you notice it is stressed, there is a high possibility that the gearbox is stressed.

Because John Deere mower transmissions are not designed to be refilled or emptied, so, a fill cap nor a drain stop are included. The transmission can fail to transmit any movement if the fluid’s viscosity is obstructed. In this circumstance, you might need to replace the gearbox.

4. Steering problem

Steering problems are often caused because the tire pressure is too low. This makes turn-making tough. Also, worn steering support assembly and steering shaft, loose frag linkage, etc. might also be responsible for the steering problem. The steering problem can cause steering wheel vibrations.

To fix the steering problem you will need to park your JD D140 and disable the spark plugs. Adjust the wheels and check if the gears need replacing.

5. Electrical problems

Electrical problems are mostly caused by the spark plugs. To fix any issues with the spark plug, twist it free from both ends of the engine. For that, you can unclasp it with pliers and a wrench.

Remove any dirt or grime with an emery board, sandpaper, or your hands. A misfire can be caused by even the least particle of debris on the spark plug. Replace the metal connection and tighten it up.

In addition, if the spark plug is damaged or rusty, it must be replaced with a new one. Spark plugs are cheap and may be found at a number of mechanical stores.

6. Fuel Problems

Fuel problems are usually caused by damaged gasoline hoses, troublesome fuel pumps, poor fuel, etc.

To replace a fractured gasoline hose, first, buy a better one. Remove the old, damaged one and replace it with the most recent one.

To replace the hose, start at the bottom and work your way up to the valve cover. It shouldn’t take long to attach the other side once you’ve put the outer edge at the base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a John Deere D140 worth?

The price of the new lawn mover tractor John Deere D140 is $ 1,999.00 USD. John Deere’s D140 follows the D130 in the D100 series. Originally produced from 2011 to 2012, it was modified in 2013 to reflect efficient and user-friendly changes.

How long do John Deere riding tractors last?

John Deere riding mowers and tractors have an average life expectancy that is really high. JD tractors and lawn mowers can last up 30 20 years if you maintain them properly. You can always count on John Deere lawn mowers for better service and great life expectancy

Final Words

John Deere riding tractors have been popular in the lawn care market for a long time. You can always rely on them for the best service at a reasonable price. Although you might have to deal with some problems occasionally, you can fix them easily. And if you troubleshoot your John Deere D140 tractor regularly you will face a lot fewer problems and will be able to use it for many years.

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