6 Common Kubota KX057 Problems and Solutions

Kubota KX057 is a mini excavator by Kubota. The best thing about the Kubota mini and compact excavators is that they are continuously being updated in their latest models.

The Kubota has recently invented their new model of excavator, which is the Kubota KX057-5, in 2021.

This is their most advanced excavator of the KX057 series. It is an excellent heavy-duty machine to make your hard work easier.

Although the Kubota KX057 is not produced anymore, you might be facing some issues with it from time to time if you have bought it before. With this mini excavator, you might experience hydraulic problems, slow operation, fluid leaking, starting problems, and engine problems.

Problems and Solutions of Kubota KX057:

Excavators are used in worksites, and Kubota KX057 is one of the best you can get for doing all your heavy-duty work.  However, indeed, you might not find it very fascinating when you experience any problems with it.

In most cases, the problems are caused by user errors. And it becomes a lot easier to solve the problem if you know the reason behind it. So the problems and solutions of Kubota KZ057 are discussed below:

1. Hydraulic problems

If you experience any kind of weird noise, unusual vibration, unstable hydraulic pressure, and low performance with your KX057, then those can indicate hydraulic malfunctions. The flail mower starts to slow down dramatically every time you move another part of the excavator since hydraulics are slow/weak when operated more than one way.

Hydraulic problems are one of the most common problems of excavators. If the hydraulic seals are dirty and corroded, the hydraulic pump malfunctions, or the hydraulic drive is damaged, the problems might appear. It can cause slow functioning, which can harm your work.

It can happen when the air gets in the hydraulic system, cold oil, dirty components, and blogged filters. You need to check the driver’s side and air compressor for leaks and repair if you find any to solve the problem. When you use the excavator, let ample to warm up. Also, clean all the dirty compartments and filters.

2. Overheating Problem

Overheating problems are very common in heavy-duty machines like compact excavators. You might experience your KX057 overheating due to dirt and debris blocking the cooling compartments radiators and air filters.

To solve the overheating problem, all you need to do is clean the debris stuck in the cooling compartments radiators, and air or fuel filters.

3. Slow operation

When the excavator tracks to one side or certain functions work slowly but others are not, this is a sign that something is wrong. If you experience slow function with just one part of your excavator and the rest of the machine is fine, then maybe the particular unit has some faults. In that case, only changing the specific unit will solve the problem.

However, if you cannot identify the exact compartment or unit with faults, you need to check the power unit first.

4. Fluid leaking

During regular operation, the wear of component surfaces is the leading cause of accidental, excessive internal leakage. Poor construction, component selection errors, poor quality control during the manufacturing, or incorrect overhaul of reconditioned components can also lead to leaks.

The first step in resolving a leaking problem is generally to tighten a fitting, even if it has previously been overtightened. Also, make sure to use reliable connectors and stem stealing.

5. Starting Problem 

Any heavy-duty machine like an excavator is to have starting problems. If you experience a starting problem with your excavator, then there might be a few reasons responsible for the issue. A faulty voltmeter, directional joystick, faulty cables, faulty starter switch, etc., can be the main reasons for the starting problem.

To solve the starting issue, you need to check all these parts and replace them if you find any parts faulty.

6. The engine shuts off after some time

This is a common issue in many heavy-duty machines. If you experience that the Kubota KX057 starts but shuts off after some time, this can be because of the battery or electrical issue. It starts to build pressure. It overwhelms the engine and shuts it down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tractor is the Kubota KX057?

Although the Kubota KX057 is no longer in current production, it has an excellent 47.6 HP direct-injection engine that powers the mini excavator. This excavator by Kubota has been designed to enhance digging and lifting performance while reducing noise and vibration and increasing fuel efficiency.

How much can a Kubota KX057 lift?

The KX057 by Kubota’s ground-level lift capacity is 1075kg or 2370 lbs. A 47.6 horsepower direct-injection engine gives this mini excavator ample power for digging trenches, backfilling them, and handling construction material.

Is Kubota KX057 the biggest excavator?

No, the Kubota KX057 is a mini or compact excavator. The biggest Kubota excavator is the KX080-4. It has all the latest technologies. Also, this is the largest and most advanced utility excavator.

Final Words

Kubota excavators are best known for the best service at a reasonable price. So, if you can maintain it properly, you will be benefitted from it. Excavators are a piece of must-have equipment for heavy-duty work and equipment in construction sites or industries. As construction sites can be dusty, you must clean your excavator and its compartments regularly to avoid blockage and clogged situations. Also, regularly maintaining and troubleshooting your KX057 excavator will reduce the number of problems.

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