4 Most Common Oreion Reeper Problems And Solutions

There are many companies that manufacture off-road vehicles like ATVs, quadcopters, and UTVs, such as Oreion. A 12-valve multi-port fuel-injected DOHC 812cc engine powers the Oreion Motors Sand Reeper vehicle that produces 58 horsepower with a phenomenal fuel economy.

The cockpit for the Oreion Reeper offers easy control and user-friendly operation. The high-back seats offer optimal safety and comfort for the driver and passenger thanks to its overall functional design.

Although it has so many amazing features, Oreion Reeper has some problems too when you use it for some time. But the problems are not that serious and can be solved with proper guidance and solutions.

Common Problems of Oreion Reeper

  1. Stability Issues
  2. Transmission Problem
  3. Wiring Problems
  4. Cold Engine

Problems and Solutions of Oreion Reeper:

Oreion Reeper is an ATV that can provide you with a variety of exciting off-road experiences that could be thrilling and adventurous. Therefore, it is very likely that you will treasure this vehicle and worry a little when it will start having problems. 

But do not worry about the problems as they can be easily solved. And the solutions become easier when you know the reason for the problems. So, the Oreion Reeper problems and solutions are given below:

1. Stability Issues

If you experience that your Oreion Reeper is shaking or trembling that means it has stability issues. This mainly happens if your ATV has flat tires or not enough air in the tire, even worn-out tires. Whether your Oreion Creeper is running on high or low pressure both cause stability issues and both are harmful to your vehicle. It can even cause many accidents.


Make sure your tires are in good condition whenever you experience stability problems. Whenever they are flat, make sure they have enough air in them. But if the tires of your ATV worms out, then you have no other choice but to replace it with new ones. As long as the tires are the right size, you can replace tires from any company with it. The tires do not have to be from Oreion.

2. Transmission Problem

Problems with starting are the most common problem that you will face with any vehicle including ATVs. The causes of this problem are too many as well. But this mostly happens when there is something wrong with the batteries. For example, the batteries could be uncharged or dead.  Electrical problems are among the most frequent issues with vehicles. Loose or torn wires can be another reason to cause this problem as well.


To solve the starting problem of your Oreion Reeper ATV, you should check the battery condition first. Make sure the level of water is not too low if you need to fill it up. When the level drops below the minimum level, you can refill the battery. As each battery eventually forms layers of oxide you can scrub them with a little water to soften them, and then pour warm water on them.

3. Wiring Problems

Wiring problems might cause your vehicle to stop working properly. It can stop the connections with the main switch and application switch. Usually, ATVs have wire harnesses to keep the wires organized. Without wire, harness wires can be torn up more easily. Problems with wires can also cause vehicle starting problems.


Opening the hood and removing the panel beneath the steering wheel is the only way to access the wires. Using this method, you will be able to see all the cables at the same time, allowing for you to reconnect any that may have fallen off. All you need to do is to replace the torn or faulty wires. But if you are scared or hesitant to do it by yourself you can call for help to an expert or a mechanic.

4. Cold Engine

If your ATV takes more time to start in the Winter, that means you have a cold engine. In the winter the engine fuel gets solid and it takes time to melt. Also, the parts might get frozen due to the frost.


To solve this problem all you need to do is change the fuel mixture in the winter or use different kinds of engine oil. There are some specialized kinds of oil that will take a longer time to freeze and less time to melt. Also, you can start your vehicle for some time and warm it up before running it to your destination. This will heat up your engine and make it ready to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Oreion Reeper cost?

The Oreion Reeper costs about $17,495 currently. This is a priceworthy rate according to their service. However, this price might not always be the same. It might increase and decrease according to the demand and supply. Also, when you buy a second-hand ATV by Oreion Reeper it will cost comparatively low.

How fast will an Oreion Reeper go?

They are all capable of handling medium-to-rough terrain and trails and are true off-road models. The top speed of Oreion Reeper is 60 mph for the off-road series models.

What motor is in the Oreion reeper?

Oreion Motor’s Sand Reeper 4×4 street legal vehicle is powered by an 812cc 3-cylinder Chery 12-valve multiport fuel-injected engine with 58 hp and an average fuel economy of 40+ mpg. Reeper also puts the spirit of off-road driving back into 5-on-the-floor driving.

Final thoughts

The speed, the versatility, the quality and the price all are amazing when it comes to Oreiom Reeper ATV. So, do not let the few problems scare you away when you choose the Oreion Reeper ATV to make your off-road adventures more thrilling.

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  1. I have a 2012 oreion reeper that has play in the front end and it shakes going down the road .I know it needs tie rod ends and maybe a new rack opunion so where can I get these parts or what interchange with the reeper


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