10 Common Problems With Husqvarna Riding Mowers

Common Problems With Husqvarna Riding Mowers

A riding mower makes it easy to maintain our backyards or lawns. The process should save us time and energy. We do not use mowers frequently. Typically, a mower takes a few minutes to start before it begins to work. But if we keep facing problems with our riding mowers when we want to start mowing, that will bring more difficulties for us. 

To get rid of this problem, you must have clear ideas about the condition of your mower so that you know when to troubleshoot it and when to just get rid of it if it becomes beyond repair. So, in this article, we will talk about 10 common problems with Husqvarna Riding Mowers to help you recognize the problem and act accordingly.

Common Problems With Husqvarna Riding Mowers:

1. No click or start the riding mower

Husqvarna mowers sometimes fail to start due to natural maintenance issues. If your mower has any of the following problems like- Fuel tank is not full, There is no neutral position on the control lever, Flooded engine, There is no ‘engaged’ position on the freewheel control, There is no disengagement setting on the attachment clutch, etc.

This is the most common problem of husqvarna z248f

This will likely result in the mower not starting. Don’t let anything slip by you. Do all the things correctly. However, if it remains unresponsive, there are deeper problems that you need to address.

2. Having trouble starting the engine

The spark plug is one of the most common reasons why gasoline mowers don’t start. Spark plugs are necessary to ignite the fuel, so if there is no spark, the engine will not start. Furthermore, make sure the gap on spark plug is set correctly after removing it and giving it a thorough clean. Replacing it with the mower’s recommended spark plug is a good idea if it has not been done recently.

After that, if the fuel filter is clogged, replace it. It is possible that the fuel in your lawnmower is fully stocked, but it could have been sitting for a while, or it may not be the right type for your mower. For that, you need to inspect the fuel system and the air filter after removing the fuel from the tank. Prior to starting it up, make sure your oil is full.

Moreover, as you engage the choke, ensure the choke plate is fully closed. The choke plate needs to be adjusted if it does not close fully. If the choke plate is already closed, then be sure the spark plug is getting enough electricity.

This is the most common problem of husqvarna yth2348

3. Engine belts can’t be engaged by riding mower blades 

If your engine belts are not engaging, then there is a high chance that they are damaged. But if you have just replaced them, then you might need to check again. If you do, you might find that optimum blade performance can be hampered by damaged or worn-out engine belts on Husqvarna riding mowers. You should be able to resolve the problem by replacing the drive belt in this case.

A belt that is not mounted correctly can also prevent blade engagement. It’s important to mount it properly; reading the instructions carefully will assist in this matter.

This is the most common problem of husqvarna z242f

4. Issues with disposing of or bagging

There are some steps you can take to minimize issues with bagging, discharging, and mulching if you have a problem with them. The first step is to ensure your engine is running at an accurate speed. The bagging, discharge, or mulching functions cannot be performed properly without the engine running at full throttle. So, make sure your engine is okay.

An excellent cut depends on how the deck is set up. There should be a 3/8-inch difference between the front and back of the deck. The mower blades should also be sharpened or replaced if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

A bad performance can occur when the grass is exceptionally tall or wet. If the grass is too tall, mow it high with the deck before mowing it normally. To remedy these situations, always allow the lawn to dry before cutting it. If you want a better and cleaner cut, try mowing at a slower pace. Last but not least, make sure the underside of the deck is free of dirt and debris.

This is the most common problem of husqvarna mz61

5. When the mower has run for a while, it will not start

If this is the case, then there could have been a fuel shortage, or your mower has been clogged by too much grass. A dirty air filter or an old spark plug can also lead to this problem.

Fuel in the carburetor must be sufficient for the engine to start. Another possibility is a clogged or blocked fuel line. This problem can be resolved by cleaning the fuel line and replacing the fuel filter.

Ensure that the accelerator and choke are in the correct position. Riding lawn mowers can have varying positions depending on the model. You should refer to the riding lawn mower’s manual to determine how to adjust the throttle and choke.

This is the most common problem of husqvarna z460

6. Mower is burning Excessive Fuel

Check common service items at first if your lawnmower seems to be using more fuel than usual. Then, replace your air filter if it is blocked. Replace your spark plug if its quality is poor. The cutting deck should be free of any obstructions that could impede the motor. Check your mower blades for dullness and replace them if necessary.

The engine’s compression can potentially be causing your lawnmower to consume more fuel than before. Initially, check to see if the valve timing and clearances are set correctly if the cylinder compression pressure is low.

Make sure that the carburetor’s float level is correctly adjusted and not sticking open, as suggested in the manual. Then, upon starting the engine, check the high-speed governor settings, followed by checking that the choke plate opens all the way. You should adjust the pilot screw according to your service manual if the choke plate is in good condition.

This is the most common problem of husqvarna ts354xd

7. Engine smokes from the mower

An engine that smokes most often has too much oil. Whenever the oil is overfilled, remove it. Once the excess oil burns off, the problem will be resolved. The smoke may suggest that the crankcase vacuum is being lost by the engine. It is possible to lose a crankcase vacuum due to a faulty engine breather assembly or other internal engine damage, as well as a broken or improperly seated dipstick, dipstick tube, or valve cover. You can restore crankcase vacuum pressure by replacing any defective parts.

8. The engine turns over but won’t start

The engine can also crank but not start if the spark plugs are faulty or the wires are disconnected. You can identify whether any plugs are faulty by using a spark plug tester on the connection between the spark plug wires. Replace any faulty spark plugs. Then, check the gap to ensure it is set correctly.

9. An excessive amount of vibration is coming from the riding mower  

If this is the case, then firstly, ensure that blades spindle and are not damaged or bent. The parts of a mower can be damaged by mowing over large objects like roots, rocks, sewer lids, etc. In case of damage, replace the item.

The problem may also be caused by twisted or damaged belts. Each belt should be properly routed and in good condition. A worn or torn belt should be replaced. A poorly adjusted cutting deck, loose screws, or low engine RPMs can also cause vibrations. Fixing them will solve your problem.

10. The mower’s battery is constantly draining

If your mower’s battery is constantly burning low, then there might be a problem with the alternator. It is responsible for charge control. The mower cannot maintain the energy levels required for its operation under normal conditions. Alternator failure eventually drains the battery, resulting in a mower that doesn’t start or other issues. So, try changing the alternator in this case.

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Husqvarna mowers require very little maintenance. And if you can solve the common problems on your own, as given in this article, you can expect your mower to last for decades with proper care and according to the manual.

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  1. My lawn mower runs great but starting it is a problem. Have changed all of the common problems from the starter to the fuel filter but it will not turn over unless I turn the flywheel to a certain position by hand is their a timing adjustment between the starter and the flywheel?


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