6 Common Problems with kubota ssv65

Skid steers are a blessing for farming, forestry, construction, and other industries. It is one of the heavy equipment in the industry, but recent developments on skid steers of different companies are small in design and easy to operate. Among the skid steers manufacturing companies, Kubota is doing quite well. Their SSV series is a user-friendly product at an affordable price.

The SSV65 is one of the best products of the Kubota SSV series. It’s well-planned features make it popular. Though it has some problems on the user side, it holds its popularity among users.

Clogging issues in the fuel line, electric wire problems, safety interlock circuit problems, unsafe operation of cylinder maintenance, blocking of top lights during works, and other design issues are some of the common problems faced by the Kubota SSV65 SKid Steer users.

Read on to know the solution to these problems.

Kubota SSV65 Problems and Solutions:

Kubota is the only company in the world that builds its frame, engine, transmission, and axles in-house. This is the main reason for Kubota’s ongoing popularity among competitors of Skid Steers. SSV65 has acquired some great features such as the highest horsepower, good visibility on each side, cab space, sliding door etcetera. Hence, it becomes the perfect model for farmers or landscapers to use personally or professionally.

However, with the cintinuois use and lack of problem, SSV65 might face some problems too. But the point of relief is that these problems can be sorted by the users themselves easily with some steps. All the common problems with the solutions are listed below to give an overview of the Kubota SSV65.

1. Clogging Issue in Fuel Line

One of the most common problems with this equipment is the clogging issue in the fuel line. Almost all users face it during their first few days of usage of skid steer. At the point in the fuel line where it turned 90 degrees to reach the filter, clogging mostly happened on that part. As a result, engine capacity became less than the usual. Also, it causes problems with the engine.


The clogging issue can be solved by cleaning the mess in the fuel line. Just remove the fuel line from the fuel bowl, air back through it to blow out the trash, clean the 90 degrees path, and place the fuel line like before. Then the engine will work as new.

However, the main culprit here is the 90 degrees fuel line. Washing the fuel line to remove clogging is a temporary solution. Whereas, a permanent solution can be made by adding a fuel filter in the line before the 90 degrees turn. Adding an inline fuel filter can be a good option to remove clogging issues. The inline fuel filter is available in any auto parts store nearby.

2. Electric Wire Problem

Both mechanical and electrical parts are working inside the skid steer’s motor to work efficiently. Loose wire connection and shorted wire are not rare in the case of skid steers. High-pressure washing is one of the common reasons for failed electrical components. As 2000 or above PSI forcing water passed into the connectors, it results in loosening up the wire connection or shorting.


Some simple steps can bring the engine back to work. At first, the connectors need to be disconnected within the safety interlock circuit. Then look for the waters among the connectors to dry them out. Although adding grease to the connectors would add benefit to avoiding corrosion.

3. Safety Interlock Circuit Problem

Sometimes, the engine stops due to safety interlock circuit problems. This problem leads to shutting down all electrical functions and giving no response to the user. It could happen in the starting engine or during usage.


A thorough check-up of all electrical functions of the machine is needed to solve the issue. Checking all fuses and relays along with a battery and charging systems are required. Moreover, safety interlock sensors can also shut down the engine. So cleanup the complete system and replace components. Additionally, you may reboot the machine too.

4. Unsafe Operation of Cylinder Maintenance

The maintenance of the cylinder is quite an unsafe operation in the SSV65 model. The placement of the cylinder is at the bottom of the arm. To remove and place again the cylinder in the right position, users have to get out of the machine and do the needful, or else take others’ help. In that case, accidents can happen at any time.


To avoid this situation, users should be more careful and get out of the skid steer after completely stopping the machine. Safety measures can be the only solution to this issue.

5. Blocking of Top Lights During Works

A major issue in design is putting lights only on top of the machine. When the arms are lifted, it completely blocks the lights in the front. That hampers the work drastically.


The only solution to this problem could be to add more lights to the machine in different parts of it. Different lights are available in the auto parts shops and can be added easily by the mechanic shops.

6. Other Design Issues

The excellent sliding cab door is an advantage, though it causes some problems too. When the door slides to open, the cab rattles sometimes. On the other hand, the mounting options for a screen would be limited because of this roll-up door. This became annoying to the users of SSV65 skid steers. Also, there is no camera for factory backup, which may cause problems in some cases.

What is the height of Kubota SSV65?

Kubota SSV65 is about 79.9 inches tall, which makes it one of the tallest mid-sized tractors. With its large frame and powerful engine, the SSV65 is perfect for agricultural purposes, construction sites, and mining operations.

Can SSV65 lift heavy loads?

With a lifting capacity of up to 1950 lbs, Kubota SSV65 is one of the most powerful and versatile tractors on the market today. The bucket breakout force is 4939 lbs, which is around double the capacity of the competitors.

Which one is good, Bobcat or Kubota?

Both have some unique specifications to choose from. If you consider weight lifting, Kubota can lift around 4939 lbs, whereas Bobcat’s capacity is 3525 lbs. According to that, Kubota is a better choice than Bobcat.


Kubota is the most reliable name in the skid steer industry in recent days. Despite having some issues in design and other aspects, Kubota’s engine, power, and equipment perform better in contrast to other competitors.

If you are experiencing problems with your Kubota SSV65, it is important to take action and get the machine serviced as soon as possible. So be sure to have your machine checked out by a professional if you experience any difficulties. Be sure to use the proper lubricants and maintain your equipment to ensure optimal performance.

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