9 Most Common John Deere 1025R Problems And Solutions

When you think of a reliable tractor brand, the first name that can come to your mind is probably John Deere.

They have all sizes and types of tractors that can make your lawn work easy and efficient. Not only that, you can find the aesthetically pleasing tractor at a very reasonable price.

The 1025R tractor model of John Deere is such a versatile tractor that has many features. It is rated 5 out of 5 stars by most of its users. However, do not get surprised if you are facing any problems with your John Deere 1025R because they can be resolved if you know the core reason for the problems.

Tractor is a long-time investment. So, when you face any problems with it, it is natural to be a little worried about buying a second one.

But you do not need to buy a second tractor just because you are facing problems with your first one.

In most cases. The problems can be easily solved, by knowing the immediate solutions. So, the common problems and solutions of John Deere 1025R are given below:

Problems and Solutions of John Deere 1025R:

1. Starting problem

Starting problem is a very common problem. It has a lot of reasons.

Apart from the empty fuel, dead battery, and damaged engine,  starting issues occur due to clogged fuel filter and when the fuel control lever is jammed.

Faulty engine controllers and faulty switches are also often responsible for not starting.

To solve the starting problem, the first thing you need to do is to check out the battery condition.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 20 minutes and reset it. It might help the JD 1025R to start.

If the battery is okay then try disconnecting the PTO switch and see the JD tractor starts.

If this does not work, then you can try moving the selector to a different position.

And if it is the clogged filters then cleaning the clogged areas with a brush might solve the problem.

2. Rockshaft Problem

Rockshaft half turns to lift cultivators. Rockshaft can get displaced due to loose or fallen snap rings.

If the rock shaft falls off it damages the lift arms too.

The rock shaft replacement might be a little costly but it is best if it is done by a professional or mechanic.

Because this is a risky job, and if you can not do it right, it will not work properly.

3. Brake problems

If you hear any squeaky sound from your JD tractor brakes, or the brakes feel spongy, then there is something wrong with the brakes.

Brake problems are very serious. Ir can lead to unwanted accidents if it is not solved as soon as possible.

It mostly happens if there is a leak in the brakes.

You need to replace the brakes and check the connection between brakes and clutches.

4. Electrical problems

When the headlights of your John Deere tractor are not working then, there might be electrical problems with it.

The JD 1025R tractor’s cranking motor uses electricity to convert energy from batteries into mechanical energy. So, when an electrical problem occurs the tractor becomes useless.


Electrical problems in tractors occur due to loose connections and faulty batteries.

So, you can try disconnecting the battery or replacing the wires with new ones.

5. Hydraulic problems

When your tractor has a hydraulic problem, you will be able to identify the symptoms easily. The faulty hydraulic might cause a loud noise, overheating, and slow operation.

You may also face clogged filters, high fluid temperature, and incorrect hydraulic fluid.

Clean the clogged filter regularly. Check for leaks, if there are, fix them as well. Also, make sure the current fluid level is correct.

6. PTO problems

PTO clutch problems might occur due to fuse Incorrect installation and owner misuse. It also occurs because of blocked hoses or fittings, bad connections or ground, or the solenoid.

You can replace the PTO brakes and clean up the hoses. Recheck before installing the fittings and connection. If you want you can hire a mechanic to solve the problem. Also, make sure to troubleshoot and maintain your John Deere 1025R tractor regularly to reduce the chances of problems.

7. Transmission Problem

One common issue with the 1025R transmission is difficulty shifting gears.

This can be caused by a variety of factors, including worn or damaged shift forks, worn synchronizers, or a worn or damaged shift lever.

In some cases, this issue can be resolved by having the transmission serviced or rebuilt.

Another issue that has been reported with the 1025R transmission is complete transmission failure.

This can be caused by a variety of factors, including worn or damaged internal components, lack of proper maintenance, or excessive use.

In some cases, this issue can be resolved by having the transmission rebuilt or replaced.

8. Power Steering Problem

The John Deere 1025R power steering problem is a common issue among users of the tractor.

The problem is caused by a malfunctioning power steering unit, which can lead to difficulty steering and loss of control.

In some cases, the issue can be resolved by replacing the power steering unit or by performing repairs to the existing unit.

However, in severe cases, the tractor may need to be taken to a repair shop for further diagnostic and repair work.

9. Tires Problem

Many users have reported that the tires wear out quickly, even when used on well-maintained roads.

This can lead to costly replacements and decreased efficiency for the tractor. It is important for users to regularly check the tire tread and make sure they are properly inflated to extend their lifespan.

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Why You should not buy John Deere 1025R?

  1. Limited lifting capacity compared to larger tractors
  2. Smaller size may make it less stable on uneven terrain
  3. May not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as plowing or tilling large fields
  4. May not have as many attachments and accessories available as larger tractors
  5. Limited range of motion on the 3-point hitch
  6. May not be able to handle larger implements such as a disc plow or cultivator
  7. Smaller fuel tank may require more frequent fill-ups
  8. Limited cab space and amenities compared to larger tractors
  9. Higher fuel consumption than larger tractors
  10. May not be suitable for commercial or large-scale farming operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are John Deere tractors any good?

John Deere is among the most reliable and durable tractors in the world. In fact, some say these tractors are the most reliable tractors of all. The reputation of a brand among consumers is important, but it does not guarantee that there will not be problems.

Where are John Deere tractors made?

John Deere is made in America. The company’s global headquarters are in Moline, Illinois. Tractors of various varieties are still manufactured by the firm in four US states Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

How many hours will a John Deere diesel tractor last?

A well-maintained tractor does not require much-unscheduled downtime before or after the mowing season. A small John Deere tractor with a diesel engine has an average lifespan of 6,000 to 8,000 hours. JD Tractors with gas engines last the same as well. Which is between- 6,000 and 8,000 hours on average.

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Final Words

Despite the problems, John Deere is one of the best tractor brands in the market. And other brands are no different. So, do not think you have made the wrong decision by choosing the John Deere 1025R tractor.

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