20 Best Golf Cart Manufacturers In Usa, India and Europe

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We don’t purchase golf carts in a matter of a few days, right? A golf cart is expected to last at least for 8 to 10 years after purchase.

So, if you’re purchasing something for a long time, then you must research about it elegantly and know the whereabouts of the market.

We know that also. That’s why we have created a list of the 20 Best Golf Cart Manufacturers in the world. This is a preliminary article, so we have focused on giving you a glance into the top manufacturers of golf carts and their standings.

20 Best Golf Cart Manufacturers in 2023:

1. E-Z-GO (Made in Augusta, Ga. Usa)

Two men got their start with a straightforward conviction that they can create a golf vehicle that would better serve the demands of the consumer compared to any other vehicles currently in the industry.

From that small start, E-Z-GO has grown to be the industry pioneer in both golf cars, SUVs, and private means of transport.

Hundreds of thousands of cars are produced annually at their Augusta base, most of which include ground-breaking technologies and technology that boost user engagement and vehicle economy unlike anything else.

2. Garia – Made in Denmark

One of the more recent manufacturers inside the golfing market is Garia. The business is built on creativity and elegance. Garia undoubtedly competes with other major brands. Bentley and Porsche share the same plant where Garia’s Mortar line is made.

The business was the first to employ lithium-ion batteries.

3. American Custom Golf Carts (ACG)

One of the common golf cart manufacturers is American Custom Golf Carts (often referred to as ACG). With its timeless and customizable carts, the company makes a solid first appearance inside the golf vehicle sector.

The Batman serial and The Rock have both been featured vehicles created by the ACG.

The company is renowned for combining traditional and contemporary golf cart aesthetics. The majority of their versions come with customizable features that let you add extra capacity, an LED warning mechanism, and other capabilities as you see fit.

Therefore, ACG is the company for you if you’re looking for contemporary personalized golf cart layouts that complement vintage styles.

4. Karrior Electric Vehicles – California made

Karrior Electric Vehicles began operations in CA in 1989 with the straightforward goal of producing electric cars of the greatest caliber and endurance.

They have remained true to that goal for more than 25 years, growing to become one among the most reputable brands inside the EV sector. The EV lineup from Karrior is intended for both commercial and residential use.

They are made with a focus on durability, dependability, and lengthy function.

5. Cruise Car Inc – Sarasota Florida

Golf carts with personalized and standard designs are produced by Cruise Car Inc. With more than 25 seasons of knowledge, Cruise Car can design the ideal vehicle for specific requirements.

Regardless of whether you want a straightforward design or a fancy vehicle with all the lights and decorations, Cruise Car will construct it for anyone. Along with personalized vehicles, Cruise Car now provides a large choice of standard vehicles in a range of hues and fashions.

Therefore, the Cruise Car does have an ideal vehicle for you, whether you’re an avid golfer or perhaps just searching for something enjoyable to drive through town.

6. Yamaha Golf Car

For decades, Yamaha Golf Cars have served as a mainstay in the golf world, offering private transportation for players of all skill levels.  Yamaha Golf Cars have a long history of excellence and dependability, rendering it the ideal option to be used on golf courses.

Yamaha Golf Cars have recently gained popularity as a fleet vehicle option because of its roomy interior and effective operation.

Note: This cart has some serious issues

7. Suzhou Eagle – Made in Chaina

The primary goods produced by Suzhou Eagle include low output cars. The business has a little more around 500 employees and a 30000 sqm space.

The business features a fully functional assembly line and a potent technical staff. The business consistently upholds the motto, “Quality first, customer pleasure,” and offers its clients top-notch goods and experiences.

It pledges to do exploration and grow the market for low-speed EVs.

8. Giliberti

Giliberti has been in existence for more than half – century and is a family-run enterprise. The business focuses on the creation of a top-notch courtyard, golf course, and airplane maintenance and repairs.

One of the biggest businesses in Florida, Giliberti sells its goods across both South and North America.

Note: This is made in Florida, Usa

9. Haike

Superior electric car maker Haike is based in Shandong Region, China’s Qingdao High-Tech Industrial Area. The business was founded in 2011 having RMB 50 million in authorized capital.

It employs a staff strength of 380 workers and over sixty thousand square meters of floor space. EV development, manufacturing, and marketing are Haike Vehicle’s areas of expertise.

10. Star EV Corporation

Superior performing electric golf carts are designed and made by the American company STAR EV Company. The experts at STAR have extensive backgrounds in the field of EV and are always looking for ways to increase the effectiveness, economy, and endurance of their cars.

Globally, individuals and businesses operate their rechargeable golf carts for both long and short-distance trips. The STAR commuter, a rechargeable, four-door car with room for up to 5 people, is the company’s flagship item. Apart from some problems this is a good cart

Note: This is made in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Usa

11. Guangdong

One of the cutting-edge innovative firms in the automotive air cooling business is Guangdong.  In respect of both services and innovation, it comes in first.

Experts with decades of industry expertise make up the robust Research and development team at Guangdong. Electric automobiles, golf vehicles, pickup trucks, motorbikes, vespa, and dirt bikes are just a few of the well-liked things they have created.

12. Club Car Golf

Biggest manufacturer of golfing, leisure, and private automobiles is Club Car. Club Car has served as a market pioneer for more than 60 years and has developed a name for making dependable, quality value products.

With more than 1 million units operating globally, Club Car provides a broad range of solutions to satisfy any customer’s requirements. Club Car seems to have the ideal solution to meet your needs, from golf carts to large transport trucks.

13. Anhui Zhengmin

One amongst China’s top producers of electric golf vehicles is Anhui Zhengmin. It employs 300 people and has a manufacturing capacity of ten thousand automobiles annually. The business exports its goods to East Asia, North America, and the EU.

14. Mission Golf Cars

San Antonio, Texas is the home of Mission Golf Cars. They sell golf vehicles for commercial and domestic use. Their vehicles have an excellent reputation for longevity and efficiency.

For the golf cart requirements, several businesses have resorted to Mission Golf Cars. They offer carts for use in industry and in daily life.

Their vehicles can navigate a range of conditions and are made to last. Family-run and -controlled Mission Golf Cars puts great satisfaction in both its merchandise and its clientele.

15. Cool Carts Of Texas

Austin, Texas is the home of Cool Carts of Texas. They have spent more than 20 years working in the automobile body repair industry. From the shape to the hue to the diameter of the tires, they can construct a cart according to your requirements. They can design anything specifically for you.

You may schedule a road test at Cool Carts because they typically keep a few vehicles available. Golf grounds, housing estates, hotels, resorts, sizable facilities, and private clubs can all utilize their vehicles.

16. Polaris GEM

Another well-known company that creates and sells golf carts with an emphasis on security and convenience is Polaris GEM. Around 1954, Polaris was established as a technical shop. Later, the business developed into a pioneer in the electricity sector thanks to its cutting-edge innovation and luxurious designs for both on- and off-road cars.

17. Tomberlin

The two companies, ParCar and Tomberlin, combined and are currently branded as Tomberlin. The well-known ParCar Eagle Group and Legacy Touring Group are now known as Tomberlin Legacy Touring and the Tomberlin Eagle . They provide a unique styling cart that functions best when used privately.

18. Advanced EV

Golf Car Distributors with more than 35 seasons of market experience developed Advanced EV. Decades of dealer expertise come with a variety of problems.

The goal of the Advanced EV team was to establish a company that’d distinguish in a sector replete with concerns about ride quality, trouble locating parts, and many high-quality golf carts.

They were able to integrate the best qualities of golf vehicles into a specific brand by researching the market.

19. Aetric

Aetric is a division of Hahm EV Company, a producer of the world’s latest and the most cutting-edge local EVs, including road low-speed cars and golf carts.

Their automobiles are among the most fashionable, strong, and dependable in their category, with market features that are included as original kit and are not available in other cars without additional cost.

20. Icon EV

Their dedication to supporting partners and industry development has helped them rise to the top. They have been able to expand massively ever since because of this.

What began as a little business in 2017 has developed to be the US golf car manufacturer with the quickest rate of growth, and things will only get better from here.

Note: Check out Icon golf cart troubleshooting


What brands make golf carts?

Some popular golf cart brands are Icon EV, Aetric, Tomberlin, Advanced EV, Cool Carts Of Texas and Polaris GEM.

What are the 3 major golf cart brands?

The 3 major golf cart brands are Icon EV, Club Car Golf and Yamaha Golf Carts.

What golf cart is made in the USA?

Some famous USA-based golf cart manufacturers are Icon EV, Advanced EV, Cool Carts Of Texas, Club Car Golf, E-Z-GO and American Custom Golf Carts (ACG).


All of these companies are very customer focused and well reputed. They uphold customer service and satisfaction more than anything.

So you can select any of the companies from the above list for your next golf cart. Every company specializes in different types.

So, while choosing one manufacturer, you should first clearly acknowledge how you want your next golf cart to be like.

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