4 Most Common Icon Golf Cart Problems and Solutions

If you are a golf lover, then golf carts are a must-have vehicle for you. It does not only transport you and the golf accessories to the golf field but also it is very fun and relaxing to ride on. The icon is the brand that ensures your comfort and premium features in your golf cart at the best price.

However, it is very natural that with continuous use or not eventually your Icon golf cart will have mechanical problems like- batteries, tires, and other parts.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the common problems and solutions of Icon Golf Cart so that you have the basic guidelines to solve the problem.

This will save you from the hassle of calling a mechanic and spending money on the repairs.

Commonly found Icon Golf Cart problems are, issues with flat tires, battery problems, bad solenoid, and tire pressure issues.

Most of the vehicle problems occur due to lack of maintenance and user error.

That is why you should always handle and maintain your vehicle according to the user manual.

And even though some of the problems occur due to using them for a long period, they are easily solvable.

4 Most Common Icon Golf Cart Problems and Solutions:

1. Flat Tire Problems

When there is a tire problem with your Icon golf cart, the tires might get soggy. The tire might get flat due to a lot of pressure or vibrations. You will know it when it starts to move a lot slower. That is when you know that your Icon golf cart has a flat tire problem.

If your golf cart tire is flat, then replacing it is the best option. It is a very easy fix and can be done in  3 steps. The first step is to raise your vehicle.

Next, remove the wheel rim and tire by unscrewing the lug nuts. And then, change the old tire with the new one.

Prior to replacing a tire, ensure that the ignition is off.

You should also make sure the brake is on and that the cart is in the park. The best thing to do is to park the golf cart on a flat surface while you change the tire.

2. Battery Problems

When there is something wrong with the batteries, then your cart will not start. The cause might be because the voltage regulator malfunction, the power is drawn loose spark plug connections, battery cells are dead and battery charger failure, etc.

If your golf cart’s batteries are dead, then you will need to replace the battery with a brand new one.

But make sure to check the terminal cables, voltage regulator, spark plugs etc before changing the batteries.

The terminal cable can be clogged with corrosion and debris which is causing the problem and cleaning them will solve it.

However, if that is not the case, then you have no other option but to reinstall a new battery. You might need to disengage the terminal cables and then place the new battery.

3. Issues with Bad Solenoid

A solenoid is a cylindrical wiring coil that transports the flow of electricity to the motor. Because it has to operate continuously while you use your golf cart, it’s not uncommon for this part to fail.

When the cart starts and your golf cart’s engine malfunctions, it is an indication that the solenoid is bad. Also, If you hear a clicking sound while you turn on to accelerate your golf cart that means the solenoid has failed.

As long as the solenoid can be repaired, it will kick start when the ignition system is working properly. But a failed solenoid will not snap in most situations.

If the voltmeter reads full battery voltage but no click, the solenoid has to be changed. You might also need to replace the solenoid if your solenoid fails.

Also, make sure that you maintain your golf cart well so that the solenoid does not fail frequently.

4. Tire Pressure Problems

Your Icon golf cart needs to contain the right amount of air pressure in its tires. Otherwise, it will not be able to run properly. But sometimes, the air in tires can be less than it was supposed to be and that creates tire pressure problems.

You should always make sure to have enough air in your golf cart tires. To air your golf cart tire you can use an electric pump.

Hold the nozzle over the tire’s air valve and press down until you can not hear any air escaping.

Tires should be adequately pumped and inflated to the proper pressure. If not, tires will lack traction.

You can check the air pressure rating in each tire’s rim to determine the proper pressure. If they are not properly pumped, use the air pump to fill each tire to the proper pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Icon make a good golf cart?

Icon makes really good golf carts that are made worthy of value and top in quality.
These carts will be 50% more reasonable in price than other carts in the market but will offer you better and premium features without any extra charge.

Should I leave my icon golf cart plugged in all the time?

In order to keep your golf cart’s batteries fully charged and always available, manufacturers recommend charging your golf cart’s batteries while the cart is plugged in all the time.

Taking batteries out of charge for prolonged storage may cause them to degrade and lose capacity over time. However, make sure not to overcharge them.

Final Words

Golf carts are an essential part of golf for those who love golf. An Icon golf cart can last for about 4-5 years if you maintain them properly. For maintaining the golf cart you can follow the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer company.

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