10 Unique Icon Golf Cart Accessories- That Most Golfers Use

If you are looking to upgrade the look of your favorite ICON golf cart, add gadgets and accessories, which will ease your troubles as well as give you extra benefits while using the cart.

Moreover, the accessories can help you with your golfing; also, these added items can help you enjoy your ride as well as give extra benefits such as a charging port to help you charge at any time. Or, this can also make your rides more adventurous rather than eagerly waiting to reach the golf course.

The accessories are a golf cart bag holder for your rear seat, fans for your cart, an led light bar, a Bluetooth golf cart speaker, cup holder armrests, a rain enclosure, a backup camera, a gun rack for your cart, a controller package, soundbar mounting bracket.

10 Best Icon Golf Cart Accessories:

1. Golf Cart Bag Holder/ Bracket Attachment For Your Rear Seat

Golf Cart Rear Seat Golf Bag Attachment (4 Persons on cart)

While golfing, you may find it difficult to always carry the golf bag on your shoulders. So this rear kit will help you lessen the burden on your shoulders. Moreover, this rear kit could help you carry it anywhere.

As the rear kitbag can easily be taken on or off in a matter of seconds. And this will also ensure the safety of your kits as they will not fall while you ride your golf cart.

In addition, this holder can hold up to two bags. Also, this comes with a two-year warranty and the best part is that this can fit all the cart backseats.

2. Golf Cart Fan – Golf Cart Air Conditioner

Dometic Brisk II Rooftop Air Conditioner, 13,500 BTU - Polar White (B57915.XX1C0)

In the summer, it can get exhausting and really hard to cope with the higher temperatures, which can cause problems for you while golfing as you may feel fatigued or you might need a breather.

So this air conditioner for your golf cart will help you cool off your body as well, as this can help you ride your cart more effortlessly, the air conditioner will help you to cool down, and the weather may not affect you as much.

Moreover, you can control the speed of the air conditioner. Also, the fan fits all the Club Car Yamaha Golf Carts and the EZ-GO golf carts.

Furthermore, the 24-volt system functions in the 48-Volt carts and has adjusted vents which come with two automotive styles.

3. Led Light Bar

At night it may seem hard for you to see the surroundings, as well as the power of the light, may not be as powerful.

So this led light bar can help you go out on night rides more comfortably; also, these are heavy materials, so you can go hunting as well and can be used for any purpose.

Furthermore, you can also give the cart a better sleeky and bulky look with the light bar, and it would give a better look for your golf cart as a whole.

In addition, the light bars have 108 watts, and this Icon Golf Cart accessory can be used for Yamaha Golf carts, Club Car and EZGO.

4. Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker

A Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker can elevate the level of fun and adventure you have while using the golf cart. The speaker has a very vintage look and other sporty looks as well, so it can go with your cart however you want it to look.

This can help you listen to the radio as well, so further helping your rides. It also has an added benefit as this can help you charge your devices as well, so if you are running on a low battery, you can easily charge it.

To add to it, the speakers are waterproof and also can withstand any weather conditions and environment, so you can take it anywhere without having to worry about damaging it.

Moreover, the speakers have the option for playback files and Mp3 which can be used via USB and SD. Also, the speaker has a one-year warranty and the weight is around 4.8 pounds.

5. Cup Holder Armrests

If you are a coffee lover, you may love this armrest as this can help you carry your drinks anywhere.

This armrest will ease your life as you can easily place the drinks and will not have to worry about spilling the drinks and ruining your seats.

The looks of this armrest are very cool as well, so do not worry; it will not ruin the looks of your cart and give it a wayward look.

6. A Rain Enclosure For Your Golf Cart

A Rain Enclosure For Your Golf Cart

Sometimes the weather can change so quickly that it may seem perfectly fine one moment but change the very next minute. So if you are riding your cart and it is heavily raining, the covers can help you protect yourself from the rainwater and also the other people inside.

Moreover, this can also help you protect the inside of the machinery, and also your phones and other devices will be protected as well.

Also, the sizes available for the Icon accessories are fitted for 2,4, and 6 passengers. The colors available are white, tan, and black.

Furthermore, if you park your cart outside at night and it rains, the cover can help your seats be protected from getting wet and dirty as well so this accessory is crucial to have in my opinion.

7. Backup Camera

Golf Cart Backup Camera

The backup camera saves you the hassle of reversing your golf cart this can make your journey easier and faster as this camera will give you the whole rear view, and thus, the time is taken, and the hassle for backing up would be saved.

Moreover, this backup camera can help reduce the number of dents or accidents occurred while backing up, so this camera will ensure the level of safety as well.

Also, the camera is fit to use for any golf cart and it comes with installation hardware as well.

8. Gun Rack For Your Golf Cart

If you frequently go out hunting and have company with you as well. This rack can help you save the hassle of carrying guns, and also it will increase safety as well.

Moreover, the racks will not take up too much space as well, so this rack can be handy for you if you are into hunting.

In addition, this includes a new mount and also can hold up to two guns and can be used for any type of Golf cart.

9. Controller Package

This accessory is the most recommended of all, as this can change your overall experience of driving the golf cart. This purchase can enable you the options for adjusting your braking, speed, and acceleration with just the turn of a knob.

This controller helps you to see the battery status as well as gives you notifications about the battery watering reminders.

Another benefit is that it will diagnose the performance of the vehicle and keep you notified so the maintenance will be even better. Also, the controller comes with a harness for plug and play installation.

10. Soundbar Mounting Bracket

If you attach this underneath the cart, this will help you to mount your club and also the ball washer to a majority of the flat surfaces.

Moreover, this will also save you the hassle of crawling underneath the golf cart.

Furthermore, the mounting bracket would work anywhere effortlessly on both the front and rear struts. Also, this Icon accessory works on the Star Ev, Royal, Vivid, and Yamaha Golf Carts as well.

Moreover, the sound bars would make the mounting feel like a breeze.

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Final thought

The controller package, in my opinion, and after having many thoughts, would be the best purchase in this list as this has a lot of options and also makes your Golf cart go to a whole new level.

As the controller would help you enable regenerative braking, and also, this controller will help you to turn off the machine or lock it directly with your phone so saving more of your time. Furthermore, the controller would also help you set the driving experience according to your needs.

The others are very important as well as the rain enclosure and all the other accessories mentioned above are needed as well. Also, the prices of these accessories are not likely to dry your pocket’s money, but spending a bit on your golf cart may truly enhance its performance of the golf cart.

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