6 Common John Deere GT245 Problems and Solutions

A garden tractor is a multi-tasking equipment that does much more than mowing your lawn. To do all your lawn chores and snow ploughing, you would need a great garden tractor, and to fulfill all your tractor requirements, John Deere GT245 is a great choice.

My father owns a John Deere GT245, and he and other users agreed on some common problems they face.

However, these issues can be easily fixed with some little hard work at home. And, if you follow this article till the end, you will know how.

So, I have listed the most common issues with John Deere GT245 heard from regular users here.

These problems include the engine doesn’t start, engine overheating, engine knocking, electrical wire problems, mechanical issues, hydraulic motor problems, dull blades, uneven cuts, tractors not moving in reverse, lack of power, smoking problems, cold engine, etc.

I will describe every solution to these problems below so you can troubleshoot your tractor without paying the mechanic. Keep reading to know what to do in such situations.

John Deere GT245 Problem And Solution In A Nutshell:

Engine cranks but does not start.Recharge the battery, and replace the spark plug
Air is trapped in the fuel system.Let the engine bleed by unclogging the air filter.
Damaged spark plugReplace the spark plug.
Low engine compressionCheck the cylinder block and replace the faulty one.
Engine overheating problemCheck the oil level; add more if it’s low.
Engine making noiseUse correct gasoline mix
Power lossAdjust the carburettor
Lack of powerRefill the transmission fluid
Excessive mower vibrationTighten the drive belt and clean or replace the pulley

So far, we gathered some ideas about all common issues of John Deere GT245. Let’s see how to overcome all these problems with quick troubleshooting and have a great smooth ride.

1. Engine Cranks But Doesn’t Start

Most of the crucial issues you can face with your John Deere GT245 garden tractor is the engine. It is the heart of any vehicle, and many problems start here.

Sometimes, your engine seems to crank for a while but does not move further or take a start, and this is a pretty common issue.

This mostly happens because of the spark plug, air filter, or faulty fuel system. No worries, you can fix this with a little troubleshooting at home.

2. Engine Runs Unevenly

When you start your garden tractor, it starts fine but moves roughly; you can say it’s not running evenly.

If you get a dirty air plug, old gas, obstructed gas tank vent, or clogged fuel filter, you will face this issue and struggle with your John Deere GT245.

3. Engine hard to start

A lot of things can make your mower engine tough to start. A dying battery, insufficient charge, loose, dirty, or disconnected spark plug, dirty air filter, etc., are the most common causes of this issue.

4. Engine Overheating Problem

In summer, the engine usually tends to be warm, but if it’s too hot to touch, your engine has an overheating problem.

This issue indicates that your tractor engine is dirty, the oil level is low, the cooling fans are damaged, etc. You don’t have to see a mechanic for this, and you can fix this at home.

5. Smoking Problem

Sometimes, when you start the engine, and your John Deere GT245 garden tractor leaves a cloud of smoke, it’s pretty normal.

But your garden tractor smokes the whole time; it’s time to troubleshoot some issues. The smoke colors are different for different issues. A dirty air filter causes this issue most of the time.

6. Excessive Mower Vibration And Noise

Sometimes, your John Deere GT245 garden tractor vibrates so badly that your steering starts to move on its own, which is quite dangerous for riding a garden tractor. On the other hand, it makes a pretty disturbing noise.

It happens because the mower blade is not working properly, is out of balance, or is dull. If your piston rings or cylinder bore are damaged, it will vibrate a lot.

What Kind Of Engine Does John Deere GT245 have?

John Deere GT245 has a 20 horsepower Kawasaki 675cc 2-cyl gasoline engine with a 10.4-litre fuel tank.

Does John Deere Offer A Warranty Service?

It varies on the equipment and the model. Generally, John Deere offers a 10-year limited warranty.

Final Thoughts

Technology and gadgets like all these garden tractors made our life easy and saved us valuable time. But it comes along with some side effects and problems too. But every problem has some solutions.

If you are planning to buy a John Deere GT245 garden tractor and are afraid of all the hassle of troubleshooting, you’re in the right place. I have mentioned most of the common problems of the John Deere GT245 garden tractor. It will help you to fix all the minor problems at home.

However, there will always be some issues you might not figure out or solve; you should see a mechanic for that situation. I hope you got all the answers to the John Deere GT245 problems.

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