Pros and Cons of Mulching Blades

If you have a yard or a lawn, you know that not every type of lawn is the same. They require different types of care and nourishment. And that can be done by different types of lawn mower blades.

Using the wrong type of lawn mower blade can harm your lawn instead of making it healthy and beautiful. That is why it is very important to pick the right lawn mower blade for your lawn.

As mulching blades are more used by lawn mower users, you should know the proper use, pros, and cons of mulching blades too, so that you can use them wisely. To help you with that we are going to discuss the pros and cons of mulching blades in this article.

What are mulching blades?

Mulching blades are made with three layers of blades. As a “+” design, these blades feature two blades arranged perpendicularly to make mulching easier. Older mowers typically use “+” blades; they come with blades that produce a more effective mulch.

Mulching blades are mainly used to serve 3 kinds of purposes like- mulching, bagging, and discharging. This is why they are called the 3 in one blades. A lawn that receives mowing every three to four days is a good candidate for mulching blades. In order to mulch grass that has grown out of control, you will probably get a clog under your deck, and there will likely be grass piled up when you cut the lawn.

How does Mulching Blades function?

Mulching blades are curved in shape and the curves are to increase the edges while you mow your grass with a lawn mower or grass cutter. Because of the curved surface grass is cut more than once before getting reapplied in much smaller amounts. Mulling blades generate cutting action by utilizing curved edges and generally have a large cutting area that is exclusively used for cutting.

When using a mulching mower, the grass is directed to the blades by a stream of air, and the clippings are then hit multiple times by the blade before they fall to the ground. The clippings are not directed away from the mower as with most other mower blades. The purpose is to prevent clippings from ending up in drains. A lawn that is mowed every three or four days is the perfect substrate for mulching blades.

Pros and Cons of Mulching Blades

In spite of being environment friendly and having a few more advantages, mulching blades have some disadvantages as well. You should be aware of the pros and cons before you make up your mind to use this particular blade for mowing your lawn.


  • It is possible to do 3 types of tasks with this one blade
  • Mulching blades have more blade area reserved for cutting
  • The mulching mower blade will break down grass faster on the lawn because they are more compact.
  • Natural fertilizers may be derived from grass clippings and leaves that have been cut with mulching blades
  • Mulching blades can cut grass vertically
  • By using mulching blades to cut grass is more eco-friendly because the mulching materials left in the ground turn to compost, which returns nutrients to the soil that may be used by plants again because leaf tissue stores nutrients that are taken up by plants from the soil.
  • Composting grass clippings in an environmentally friendly method
  • Before bagging the grass is cut into very small pieces that are easier to dispose
  • Perfectly suitable for a high powered gas mower
  • The blades can work with or without the bag


  • Grass that has grown too long can get caught in a mower deck and result in unwanted patches of grass on your freshly mowed lawn.
  • The mower blades worn out soon because grass clippings are chopped multiple times
  • Grass clipping might get stuck in the mulching blades and other parts of lawn mower that might cause debris or blockage which might later create excessive damage to your lawn mower.
  • Not suitable for under powering mowers
  • Can harm mowers that have less power
  • Leaves the lawn looking dirty from discharged grass clippings
  • The lawn looks uneven although evenly cut
  • Cleaning up the grass clipping might be a hassle
  • Can not cut wet grass
  • Mulching blades work less effectively on electric mowers
  • Can not produce even cuts it the cutting heights are not set right.
  • Once you use mulching blades for your lawn, your lawn will require more frequent mowing

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Mulching Blades

A gas power mower that has a high powered engine is not the only requirement for mulching blades. But before choosing mulching blades there are a few things to consider. And they are-

1. Weight

If you have not used mulching blades before, then you might get fulled by a seller who is trying to sell you regular blades instead of mulching blades. In that case, the first thing you can check is the weight of mulching blades as they are heavier than regular or standard blades.

2. Length

You will need to buy mulching blades that are medium in length as too small blades will cause a lot of pressure on the blades and also the mower. On the other hand, large mulching blades slow down your mower. The ideal mulching blade length size is 22- 48 inches. You should try to buy blades of these sizes only.

3. Durability

The durability depends on the strength, design and thickness of mulching blades. You must check these things before purchasing mulching blades for your lawn.

Final Words

Everything has its own pros and cons. Same goes for the mulching blades asa well. If the pros and cons match your lawns compatibility, then mulching blades can be a great choice for you. But careful about using it properly because misusing or installing the mulching blades incorrectly will not give you an effective result.

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