10 Unique and Coolest Golf Cart Accessories

It does not matter if you are a professional golf player or a beginner, if you have the right golf cart accessories, you can make golf a lot more pleasant. These useful accessories can be of service to you stay relaxed and tidy on the course.

So, if you are also searching to find ways to level up your golfing game, must check out these unique handy accessories for your golf cart.

The must-have 10 coolest golf cart accessories are golf cart lift kit, rear seat, armrest, side mirror kit, extended roof kit, full coverage floor liner, portable speaker mount, headlight and taillight kit, etc.

As we now know the names, let’s have an in-depth look at 10 cool accessories for your coolest golf cart.

Coolest Golf Cart Accessories

10 Coolest Golf Cart Accessories:

Read on to get to know the details of each accessories you amy add to your golf cart.

1. Golf Cart Lift Kit

RHOX 6" A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit for Club Car Precedent Gas/Electric 2004-Up

Highlights: Allows for larger tires and adds extra height. It also contributes to the style of the cart.

Detail: As the name suggests, the Golf Cart Lift Kit increases the height of the Cart and allows for larger tire installation. This bolt-on kit comes with everything you need to lift both front and rear, and comes with easy to understand quick installation guide.

The kit allows for a 6” lift which means you can fit 23” large tires which will make your golf cart stand out. So if you want to level up your game or want to drive around your neighborhood, this Golf Cart kit is an important one.

2. Rear Seat

Highlights: Comfortable, folds up for easy storage, and adds two extra seats.

Detail: Many golf cart owners are looking tup for adding extra seats to carry their families, if you are one of them then the Golf Cart Rear Seat might be the perfect accessory for you.

The Flip4 Rear Seat is very easy to install and has excellent cushions to sit on comfortably. This comes with armrest covers, and multiple color options. The best feature of this seat is the ability to fold it up easily for increased storage when you are not using the seat.

3. Golf Cart Armrest

Roykaw Golf Cart Armrest with Cup Holder for EZGO Club Car Yamaha - Upgrade Support Frame/No Drilling Required/Prevent Tilting/Better Load Bearing

Highlights: Comfortable to rest your arm, and a very robust design. Also, it is easy to clean.

Detail: The Golf Cart Armrest help to rest your arm for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. These armrests come with a universal design which allows them to fit on any rear seat of your coolest golf cart easily. It can also be a great accessory for those who like to take a break from the course.

The great thing about the armrest is they do not require any assembly; they are ready to install right out of the box. Also, PU leather gives it a nice look and makes it easy to clean.

4. Side Mirror Kit

Only Fit 0.75 & 1 Inch Square Strut, No-Drilling Required Golf Cart Side Mirror Kit for EZGO Yamaha Club Car Star Zone Carts Adjustable One Pair Golf...

Highlights: Great option to increase visibility and make your ride safer. No drilling is required.

Detail: When riding on the road, it is important to make sure your ride is safe to be driven on the road.

Visibility is important when cruising, and this Side Mirror Kit does just that. So, if you are looking to make a good change to your cart’s visibility, then this mirror could be an excellent choice for you.

The mirrors are very simple to install and can be adjusted to one eighty degrees to provide you with the best visibility on the road. The durable construction will make sure using it for long run.

5. Extended Roof Kit

3G Universal 80" Black Extended Roof Kit for Club Car Precedent Golf Carts

Highlights: Allows for more shelter from sunlight, is scratch-resistant,  very easy to install.

Detail: If you are having a problem with too much heat from the sun or not like too much outside wind, an Extended Roof Kit can be a smart way to eliminate all those mentioned problems.  

The extended roof is an 80” long blacktop that is thermos-formed from solid-colored plastic. The plastic has some kind of textured pattern for scratch-resistant. The extended roof kit is constructed to fit double-take track-style enclosures. It comes pre-drilled right of the bat, so the installation is going to be a piece of cake.

6. Full Coverage Floor Liner

Full Coverage Floor Liner

Highlights: The accessory gives full floor coverage and has a patented design. It comes with easy-to-install design.

Detail:  This one has noticeable upgrades that you can do on a golf cart is the floor, and this accessory is the one you are looking for. This Full Coverage Floor Liner helps to protect the factory flooring from the dash down to the base of the seat.

With an easy-to-install design, you don’t need to have the serious skill to put this on. The liner offers an easy clip and go design, and their Xtreme Clip ensures that the floor mat lingers in place no matter which terrain you are driving on.

7. Portable Speaker Mount

Portable Speaker Mount

Highlights: Simple to set up, very sturdy and secure mounting, and can adapt to different size speakers.

Detail: Everyone enjoys music when cruising through the neighborhood or when golfing, and this Portable Speaker Mount is designed for just that. You can attach your favorite speaker to the mount and enjoy your favorite music anywhere anytime.

The non-slip design makes sure that your speaker is held tight so it won’t slip off while being compatible with any style of golf cart railing thanks to the adaptable straps. You should be able to attach any portable Bluetooth speakers to the mount.

8. Headlight and Taillight Kit

9.99WORLD MALL Universal Golf Cart 12 Volt LED Headlight

Highlights: High brightness, performance, and durability than regular lights, and provides more safety. Come with amber signal lights for extra safety when changing lanes.

Detail: The Headlight and Taillight Kit if you are not satisfied with the factory lights your golf cart comes with. These ensure maximum safety at night and improved visibility.

The high-performance LED headlights can get very bright, and much brighter than halogen or HID headlights, also the amber indicator lights make driving a golf cart much safer. The kit comes with all required wiring, two taillights, and two headlights with indicator signals, making it one of the best packages for safety.

9. Golf Cart Front Basket

10L0L Golf Cart Inner Front Basket Dash Storage

Highlights: Simple to connect, great for holding your small belongings, and constructed of durable materials.

Detail: If you are always frustrated with limited storage to store your small belongings then this accessory might be a useful one. The Golf Cart Front Basket is a very useful accessory to keep all your precious belongings in one place securely. It is great for keeping clubs, balls, and the rest of the gear while golfing. This accessory can help you and your cart stay clutter-free and tidy.

The basket has a high gloss powder coating that will keep it looking great after long use. It is also constructed with heavy steel mesh with a rubberized coating making it look very premium. Also, the basket comes with two sets of installation accessories to ensure a perfect fit.

10. Golf Bag Holder Bracket

Roykaw Golf Cart Bag Holder

Highlights: Resistant to rust and corrosion, simple to apply bracket, and won’t scrape your golf sack.

Detail: We all know how painful it is to carry a golf bag around, and this accessory will make sure carrying the golf bag is painless. The Roykaw adaptable Golf Bag Holder Bracket is simple to use the bracket, fits on any golf cart model, and is a smart way of carrying the golf bag around.

The metal is electroplated, meaning it is immune to rust and corrosion making it a long-running accessory. It is one of the most useful additions to your golf cart. The inner of the material is built with nylon webbing to prevent scratches on the golf bag.


There are a lot of accessories available to install on the golf cart to make your cart more functional and much better looking. You can choose all the mentioned accessories or just add a few depending on your requirement and make the cart yours. Most of the mentioned attachments are easy to install and you will love them all.

Among these 10 coolest accessories for a great golf cart, the Headlight and Taillight Kit is the one you must have.

Because, when driving on the road, safety always comes first. This light kit is not useful for you only, it’s useful for the incoming traffic and pedestrians as well. People will be alerted quickly, thanks to the high-brightness headlights.

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