10 Common John Deere LX277 Problems- Ways To Fix The Problems

John Deere LX277  is a widely used lawn mower that is common among various households. The mower is very popular among customers; however, it shows slight problems after years of continuous usage. Some of these problems of John Deere LX227 are listed below:

These problems tend to include Mower vibrations, Surge issues of the motor, engine backfires, Uneven grass cut length, Battery issues, Emission of black fume, Engine Overheating, Gasoline engine hard to turn-on and belt popping out. These can be easily fixed by cleaning the fuel tank, oil cap, etc. 

Now let us get down with putting forward the common problems and how to fix these problems right at home. Continue reading to get to know about these.

A Slight Look At John Deere LX277 Problems And Solutions:

Belt popped outRemoval of the deck and adjusting it
The gasoline engine is hard to turn onCleaning fuel tank; checking and replacing the spark plug
Engine overheatsReplacing engine oil, Cleaning cooling fins
Emission of black fumeChanging the oil cap, Cleaning the air filter
Excessive tractor VibrationChanging traction belt; Changing bent blades
The battery is not charging correctlyCleaning the cabling, replacing the battery
Uneven grass cut heightAdjusting deck level; replacing the damaged blade
Engine misfiresChanging spark plug; adjusting ignition coil gap
Surge issue of motorChecking for air leaks and repairing it
Mower VibratesRemove clogs from the deck; Adjust blade balance

As you have now gotten an idea about the issue that you might be facing, let’s get down to a broad discussion of why these problems get caused and how to fix them.

1. Emission of black fumes

The emission of black fumes is one of the most widely reported problems that we have found out. The causes of this problem are very simple; however, if neglected, it can lead to serious problems, even engine failure. These reasons include:

  • Clog in the air filter.
  • The choke being partially engaged.
  • Inadequate engine oil or broken seals and cap of engine oil passage.

2. Gasoline Engine Is Hard To Turn On

Even customers with the new John Deere LX277 face a problem: the lawn mower is excessively hard to start. This problem mainly arises due to fuel settling down in the fuel tank. Another probable reason might be faulty spark plugs.

3. Belt Popping Out

Popping out of the deck belt is one of the rarely-seen problems in John Deere LX277. However, as it is quite dangerous and might damage the fan blades, knowing if it is fixed is essential.

4. The battery fails to charge

When using the John Deere LX277 and having several thousands of hours piled up on it; people face a common problem that the battery fails to charge. This usually leads to people thinking the battery is dead. However, the reason might be a simple cabling issue.

5. Excessive Tractor Vibration

Upon usage of the John Deere LX277 lawn mower over the years, dirt residue tends to settle onto the deck. Moreover, the damage to the traction belt combined with the improper balance of the deck blades may cause the Tractor to vibrate excessively.

6. Uneven Grass Cut Height

Uneven grass cut is a problem that is faced by every lawn mower in the market. Therefore this problem is very important, and the solution should be known by everyone who tends to mow their own lawns. The causes of Uneven grass cut height are:

  • The land surface being uneven.
  • The deck is extremely in accordance with the mower.
  • The blades present in the mower are chipped off.

Even though the solution is very basic and can be done by yourself, checking the sharpness of the blade might be risky and should be left to an expert.

7. Surge Issue Of Motor

Similar to the engine’s hard-to-start problem, various users, found difficulties and a surge issue with the motor. This issue is widely faced when there is an excessive load and at a higher idle. People also notice a speed increase even at the neutral gear. 

8. Mower Vibration

Mower vibration is another rarely faced problem; however, as the reason for this problem is insignificant, it is better to know the fix to it. This would allow you to be prepared for it once it occurs. The main reason for this is grass clogged onto the mower. Another reason might be the misalignment of the deck belt.

9. Engine Overheats

This is a very serious issue that might require immediate attention. The overheating of the engine should not be looked away. The causes of this issue include:

  • Excessive load on the engine due to over usage.
  • Not enough cooling fins.
  • Low-grade engine oil
  • Excessive or too little engine oil level

 10. Engine Misfire

Sometimes, on a rare occasion, the engine of John Deere LX277 tends to misfire. This causes a loud noises and might make the users to break down to panic. The cause to this problem are

  • Old, dirty, worn out spark plug.
  • Ignition coil damaged or worn out.


How to sharpen the mower blades by yourself?

The easiest way to sharpen the mower blades would be with a bench grinder. Going to a blacksmith would be recommended to sharpen the blades.

Who is the producer of John Deere LX277?  

John Deere LX277 is produced by John Deere. It is a company located in Wisconsin, USA.

Is John Deere LX277 an affordable and reliable lawn tractor?

John Deere LX277 is one of the most reliable lawn tractors used for both residential and commercial purposes. The cost of John Deere LX277 is at $4150.

Final Words

Over the period of our research, we have found out that John Deere LX277  does have some problem.

However, it was also evident that John Deere LX277 probably has the fewest problems, and most of it results due to usage throughout various years. Even though most of these problems can be fixed easily at home.

In case of major issues, it is better and beneficial in order to take the help from a local service store. As they are far more skilled, your lawn mower would be in good care.

Now as you know the common problems of John Deere LX277 and as well its easy fixes, you may choose to purchase it if you have it in consideration.  

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