8 Common Tao Tao atv Problems and Solutions

Like any other machine, TaoTao bikes also sometimes face problems, but you can solve them yourself. TaoTao ATV look really cool, and from childrens to adult very fond of them. It can be a great Christmas gift for anyone.

I gifted one 100cc TaoTao Kids ATV to my nephew, and he instantly liked it. He started spending less time in front of the monitors and started going outdoors. However, there are some minor problems that we faced that could be solved easily.

Here we have listed the common TaoTao ATV issues and their solutions. These problems are not just for 110cc but are applicable to any other TaoTao ATVs.

The problems include ATV not starting, not charging, bogging out when given gas, leaking oil from the carburetor, the engine getting locked, and failure of electric start. However, these issues can be easily fixed by cleaning sparkplug and carburetor.

Here we will mention all these frequently occurring problems as well as their solutions so that you can fix your ATV at home. So, keep driving down the page.

TaoTao ATV Problems And Solutions at A Glance:

Motor is not startingKeep the choke open if the engine is cold, and have the choke close if the engine is warm.
ATV is not startingUse starting fluid in small amounts in the carburetor.
Bogging out when given gasFix the screw on the carburetor side.
Leaking oil from the carburetorCheck the seal between the intake manifold and the carburetor.
ATV is not chargingTest the wiring in the charging jack and behind the fuse holder.
The engine gets lockedUse quality oils
ATV sometimes starts, sometimes does notClean the spark plug.
The electric start is failingCheck the fuse and ignition switch.

Now you know what sort of problems you may face while using TaoTao ATV, let’s see how you can solve them.

1. Motor is Not Starting

It can happen that when you are trying to start the ATV, only the ATV is getting power, but the motor is not working. This is one of the most common issues with ATVs.

2. ATV Is Not Starting

Nothing is more frustrating for children than switching on the engine, yet the bike does not respond. It can happen due to some problems with the carburetor.

Solution To ATV Not Starting:

First, ensure that the carburetor is getting fuel. If not, then check the fuel valve. Next, check the spark plug and notice the sign of wear and tear. If both the spark plug and carburetor are doing fine, you need to start the hard part.

Start with using fluid in the carburetor to smoothen the starting process. If it starts now but soon turns off, it means that the fuel is not getting into the engine. You need to check the carburetor at that point.

Another reason that can cause this problem is the leak in the piston area. Lack of oil often leads to the piston being scratched, you may have to change the piston and rings to get rid of the problem.

3. ATV Bogs Out When You Feed It Gas

Does your ATV grind to a halt when you give it petrol? It happens due to extra gas in the engine. I faced this problem too. You can solve this problem without much hassle.

Ways To Troubleshoot It:

Start by adjusting the screw that is with the spring on the side of the carburetor. You can increase or decrease the gas with this screw. You can rotate it clockwise to reduce the gas flow and counterclockwise to send more gas into the engine. Keep the bike started and allow it to warm up.

If none of these ideas work for you, then you have another option which is to replace the carburetor.

4. Oil Is Leaking from The Carburetor

Sometimes, the carburetor leaks oil. It is not that difficult of a problem.

5. Tao Tao ATV is not charging

If there is any problem with the wire or in the fuse, the charging system gets hampered. Which leads to it not charging.

Ways To Fix Tao Tao ATV Not Starting:

If your ATV is not charging, then check the fuse whether it’s alright. Next, check the wires behind the fuse as they sometimes become too loose.

Excessive use of the headlights, electric start, and setting alarm often is harmful to the battery. The battery gets drained, and some other problems come to view.  Besides, make sure that you are overcharging it. It will also lead to the malfunction of the product.

6. Engine Gets Locked

If you use bad quality oil, it can cause engine locks. You can not switch on the engine, nor can you ride it.

Solution For It:

To get rid of this problem, you need to ensure that the oil is getting to the piston and needle-bearing areas. Some oils you use can make your engine too hot. As a result, the needle bearing might fall apart inside the ATV. And so the bike gets locked.

This is a rather expensive problem. You have to purchase a new engine. Therefore, you should always use safe oil.                                                                       

7. Irregular Starting

If your ATV sometimes starts quickly and sometimes does not, it can happen because of all the dirt on the spark plug.

8. Electric Start Switch Not Working

Is the electric start switch not working? There could be several issues for this to occur. Here are some easy ways to trouble shoot it.

Is ATV Insurance required?

Usually, you do not need insurance to buy and ride an ATV on your property.

What is The Difference between ATV and UTV?

An ATV is a four-wheeler, made for recreation that is ridden by a single person. On the other hand, A UTV has a cabin where two to four people can. People ride a UTV for both work and amusement purposes.

How to adjust the brakes In Tao Tao ATV?

TaoTao ATV has a simple handbrake system. You need to follow two simple steps for this. First, lose the locking nut, it will release the tension. When you have got your desired tension, re-tighten the locking nut.

How to adjust the chain In Tao Tao ATV?

You should always check the chains and use lubricants on your chain before every ride. Make sure the chain is tight enough. A loose chain will create a jerk under acceleration, or worse, the chain gets to come off and you may face a terrible accident. Too tight a chain is not preferable either. That will be noisy and can pull the motor off.

Final Thought

From our experience and research, it has been clear that having issues with TaoTao ATVs are very common. However, most of the problems are not much serious. You can solve them yourself at home.

Nonetheless, you must take the bike to professionals if the problem is too complicated for you. You will find thousands of reviews online about the positives of TaoTao ATV. You may face some problems but those are not crucial. With proper maintenance. you can have a pleasing experience with the ATV.

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