Top 7 Cheap 4 Wheelers Under 500 Dollars

4 wheelers, or all-terrain vehicles, have become very popular recently due to rough terrain adventure lovers. They have many new features and functions that distinguish them from one another. But most of them can be a bit pricy, which might not be affordable. However, some 4-wheelers are available for under $500 for your kids.

Purchasing an ATV or four-wheeler may be puzzling, and the bewildering number of choices and possibilities is exhilarating and perplexing. If you have an outdoor-enthusiastic kid who wants to ride on rough terrain with a quad bike, you have landed in the right place.

Things You May Want to Know Prior to Buy a cheap 4 Wheelers

Before you finally buy an ATV, you need to determine some essential things to make your purchase easier. Pricing, monthly payments, brand, model, usage, etc., are all factors to consider. You will need to determine your budget first and choose according to your budget. This will minimize the options and narrow down your ATV hunt.


You need to plan according to your budget about which ATV to buy. Because even though you can choose an ATV which is not available within your budget, you can not buy it. So, you need to set up your budget first.

Type of usage

The second thing you need to consider is which type of ATV or 4-wheeler you will buy, as there are many types of ATV 4-wheelers available in the market. Sports ATV, Kids ATV, ATV for desert, ATV for mud and water, ATV for rock climbing, soft loam trail ATV, snow ATV, etc., and then look for the type according to your needs in your determined budget.

Used or New

Buying a used 4-wheeler will limit your options, but you will be able to get a high-quality ATV at a very reasonable price that would have been too expensive for you if you had bought a brand new one. Used ATV usually ensures a functioning vehicle.

On the other hand, a new ATV gives you more options, new specs and technologies, and a warranty. And of course, it will cost you more, but it will be worth it as a new one has more technical advantages.

Experience Level

If you are buying an ATV or 4-wheelers for your children, you must consider their experience level because there are many types of ATVs built according to their experiences. So, if your child is just a beginner, it is not wise to give them an ATV made for well-experienced kids.


You might have specific brand or model preferences. If you have, make sure the budget fits its price. If not, you can buy a used ATV of the same brand model, which will be more reasonable in price.

Best 7 Cheap 4 Wheelers Under 500 Dollars

1. Best for Beginners: Best Choice Products Kids Mini Ride-On 4-Wheeler Quad ATV

Best Choice Products Kids Ride-On 4-Wheeler Quad ATV

The best choice product is the 12V kids ride on a 4-wheeler. The best choice product is a specialized ATV for kids. It is available in many colors, so your kids get very colorful options. It has a very stylish design that can attract children. It is very durable and robust built that will last a long time. This ATV by Best Choice Product has many realistic features to enhance your child’s adventurous imagination. this one is the best cheap atv under 500 dollars


Best Choice Products 4-wheeler ATV for kids has a rechargeable battery that can be recharged and used. The battery charge lasts for 1.5 hours. It is a powerful battery of 12V.


The dimensions of this kids’ ATV is 39.5″(L) x 26″(W) x 29.5″(H).  It weighs about 66 lbs, which is perfect for carrying your child’s weight.

Basic Features

This 4 Wheeler has large treaded wheels that can drive through dirt, grass, sidewalks, driveways, etc., which will give your child an adventurous feel of their little journey. It also has LED lights and fun horns that can make your child feel like a responsible adult.

Bluetooth Technology

This ATV can connect Bluetooth with a device that can play the music of your children’s choice, which makes their experience more fun.

Real Functions

It has the features of a foot pedal accelerator, forward and reverses, and a speed is selecting an option. Your child can drive his/her own ATV at 3.7 mph max speed which will be fast enough to quench their adventure thirst while it is not too fast, and it will be safe.

Things that may trigger second thoughts

  • screws came out and made it risky to ride
  • No safety feature


If your child is a level upgrade from a beginner, then Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride-On 4-Wheeler Quad can be a good option for you to buy.

2. Best for Waterproof: Costzon Kids ATV Electric 4 Wheeler Quad

Costzon Kids ATV Electric 4 Wheeler Quad

A quad ATV ride-on from Costzon is an excellent way to enhance kids’ enthusiasm in their free time. It has a high/low-speed switch and a forward/reverse switch that lets kids easily control the car. With the foot pedal and handlebars, children can also effectively prevent the car’s speed and direction.

High/Low Driving Speeds

This ATV is kid-friendly, which makes it very easy to handle. Your kid does not need to take long driving lessons or tests to drive it. Your kid can start it by pressing the power switch, and then there are all the buttons for forward-reverse directions and high and low speed. So, your kid can just select and go.

Real Car Features

Costzon Kids ATV has a pedal option, horn, and acceleration sound button that will give your kid the feeling of a responsible young adult who owns his/her real car.

Waterproof and Powerful Wheels 

The wheels of Costzon ATV for kids are highly waterproof. So, if your kids like to drive on damp areas like the beach, cement road, rubber road, etc., enjoy themselves without harming their ATVs. Additionally, the large diameter ensures extra stability for driving on rough terrain.

High Durability and Strongly Built 

You do not need to think about the reliability and durability of this ATV from Costzon because it is strongly built and crafted with materials of high-quality materials and certificated by ASTM & CPSIA.

Things that may trigger second thoughts

  • There can be missing parts if you order online
  • The setup can take time


If your kid is a sports enthusiast and loves driving by the beach, then Costzon Kids ATV is the perfect choice for you.

3. Best for  Durability: Best Choice Products 4-Wheeler Quad Car Toy

Best Choice Products 4-Wheeler Quad Car Toy

Best Choice Products make the best ATV and quad cars for the kids. Their ATVs are very durable and have many advanced features in them. They are lightweight, which makes them easy for your kids to handle.

Rechargeable Battery

The battery of Best Choice Products ATV is rechargeable. The battery is 12V, and your child can run it for 1.5 hours straight after every charge.

Stylish and Durable Design

The design is very realistic so that your child does not feel like driving a toy while driving 4-wheelers by Best Choice Products. It gives an overall adventurous vibe to your child.

Functions like a real ATV

Like any adult ATV, it has speed control options, a reverse/forward option, a foot pedal accelerator, and a horn. So, your child will feel like a responsible adult while driving it. This can be the best childhood experience for your kids. The maximum speed of this product is 3.7, so you do not even have to worry about your child driving too fast.

Bluetooth Connections

With the BlueTooth connectivity option provided by the Best Choice Products 4-wheelers for kids, your child can jam with their favorite music during their fun ride.

Treaded Wheels

The wheels are solid and sturdy. The wheels have 4-wheel suspension, making them durable enough to walk on sidewalks, driveways, mud, etc.

Things that may trigger second thoughts

  • Not waterproof
  • No safety features
  • It might come without the battery and charger


If your kid is 3-6 years old, this can be an excellent gift to ride in the backyard or lawn as they are very durable with their trained wheels.

4. Best for Easy Operation: Costzon Mini Kids ATV

Costzon Kids ATV

Costzon has made different types of ATVs for kids. ATVs are an excellent way to pique a child’s interest and drive in their leisure time. The car’s high/low-speed and forward/reverse switch makes it simple for kids to operate.

Additionally, the foot pedal and handlebars assist youngsters in better controlling the car’s speed and direction. There are built-in music and storytelling that will make driving even more enjoyable. You may also connect intelligent devices with a USB port and an AUX input to allow your youngster to listen to music and other media.

Safety and Comfort Features

ATVs must be safe and comfortable for children, and Costzon made their ATVs for kids by keeping that in mind. The seats of their ATV are high back seats and soft foam that suits the contour of the child’s body. 

Easy to Operate

Your child to not need to memorize a long instruction list to handle this ATV, as the operation is effortless. Your children only need to turn on the power switch. If your child can read, then he/she will be able to identify the rest of the instruction buttons. The steering wheel’s horn and simulative acceleration sound buttons provide an incredibly realistic driving experience.

Controlled Speed

You do not have to worry about your child driving at high speed as the speed can be controlled and the forward-reverse options. There is also a pedal push at the perfect height for a child’s reach.

Waterproof Wheels

If you live around the beach and often go out there to hang out, then your children can bring their 4-wheelers along because the wheels of Costzon 4-wheelers are waterproof. Also, the body is made of polypropylene and iron, which makes them very sturdy.

Things that may trigger second thoughts

  • Delay in delivery if ordered through Costzon


This ATV by Costzon can be a perfect gift for your kids on their birthday to enjoy an adventurous experience.

5. Best for Music and Audio: Uenjoy 12V Kids Electric 4-Wheeler ATV

Uenjoy 12V Kids Electric 4-Wheeler ATV

Uenjoy makes high-quality 4-wheelers toy cars for kids who have 12V power. It also has a Bluetooth connection option, built-in music, a USB port, and a radio. It can drive up to 3.7mph Max Speed. You can find it in many different colors, including black, pink, green, etc.

Durable and Powerful

These 4-wheelers for kids are small but mighty as the motor is 12V. It has good speed as well for kids to enjoy their rides. This ATV for kids can be driven on sidewalks, grass, and dirt, wherever your kid finds it compatible.

Realistic Features

Your kid would not feel like he/she is driving a toy car because its realistic features resemble authentic ATVs for adults. Uenjoy 4 wheeler contains LED headlights, horn, accelerator, pedal, forward/reverse option, etc., making it very realistic.

Speed Control

It has two-speed control options that let your kid drive the ATV at any speed compatible. If your kid is a beginner, they can learn to drive it at a low rate. And if your kid is experienced in navigating the ATV, he/she can drive at full speed and make their free time fun.


The wheels of Uenjoy ATV for kids are waterproof. So, your kids can have fun even in the rain or at the beach.

Built-in Music and Bluetooth

This UTV for kids have built-in music, Bluetooth, and radio options available, so your kids can listen to anything they like. You can also play audiobooks in them, and this will help them learn a lot in their playtime without getting them bored.

Things that Might Trigger Second Thoughts

  • No safety features
  • Need to charge for a long time
  • Expensive than compatible products


Uenjoy AVT is impressive for its performance and built-in music and audio options. If your kid loves to listen to music while driving, this can be a good pick for you.

6. Best for Multifunctional Purpose: Orbic Kids Ride On ATV

Orbic Kids Ride On ATV

Orbic toys have made an ATV for kids to boost their adventurous minds. The ATVs are very sturdy and durable. They are looking with realistic features that can give your children the feel of driving a real ATV or 4-wheelers just like you. this 4 wheeler is not for adults

Easy setup

Orbic Kids ATV might come in 2 separate boxes, and you need to set up them by yourselves. But do not worry as this is not a difficult task. The Orbic manufacturer company workers will be there to help you anytime.

Stylish but Sturdy Design

Orbic features a stylish ATV design for kids that naturally attract the kids for its cuteness and variety of colors. It is middle-sized, so it is perfect for your 3-6 years old toddlers to ride. The wheels of this ATV are massive in size that runs through rough roads with mud and pebbles. The seats are very comfortably designed for kids.

Safe and Secured

The car is made from solid and non-toxic materials, safe for children to ride, and passes all physical and chemical tests. The control bars are also straightforward for your children to handle. So, you do not need to worry about a thing.

Long Lasted Charge

Your kids can play with this ATV for one straight hour after charging it fully… However, this can vary due to kids’ weight and road surface. Your child can play with this ATV both indoors and outdoors; will not let them be bored.

Things that may trigger second thoughts

  • Some parts do not work
  • It should not be used without parental guidance


Orbic Kids Ride On ATV can be a good birthday present for kids.

7. Best for Built-in Music and Audio: Aosom 12V Kids ATV

Aosom 12V Kids ATV

With the Aosom 12V Kids ATV, your youngster will be ready for adventure. The design and color palette are perfect for kids. For a smooth ride, four wheels are balanced and grooved. Because of its robust materials and quick recharging, this ride-on toy is also easy to maintain. This ride-on ATV will inspire your youngster to participate in more outside activities.

High-Quality Driving Experience

Aosom 12V Kids ATV will not make your kid feel like he/she is playing with a toy car. Instead, they would feel like driving a real bike with natural options to control the acceleration pedal, reverse forward prospect, and working LED headlights. This will give your child an adventurous vibe.

Simple Maintenance

Aosom kids ATV is straightforward to maintain as well. All you need to do is charge the battery for 8-12 hours. And after that, your child can use it for 45 minutes straight.

Ride with Tunes

Kids are likely very attracted to music. And this ATV by Aosom has the built-in options of an integrated multifunctional media player with USB, MP3, and TF card input. So, your kids and ride with their favorite tunes wherever they go.

Safe and Secured

With the Aosom 12V kids ATV, you do not have to worry about the safety of your children. The wheels are worn and tear-resistant. So they ensure a smooth ride for your kids on rocky roads. Also, this ATV is made with plastic and metal frame, which are kid-friendly materials that provide safety for your kids and durability of their car.

Things that may trigger second thoughts

  • Need to charge for a long time
  • The charge does not last long
  • No safety features


If your kids love built-in music features in their toy cars, this can be a great choice.

Final Words

If you want to buy a 4-wheeler for your kids, the mentioned cheap wheelers can be a few reasonable options.

However, the product brands are not always 100% right about their product. So, you should be careful about buying and choosing any 4-wheelers for your children. And for safety purposes, do not leave the children alone with their 4-wheeler toy cars.

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