6 Common Altoz TRX Problems: Find All The Solutions You Need

A lawn mower can brighten your morning by giving you a perfect cut yard or lawn. I love to see a perfectly mowed green yard every day, so I use the Altoz TRX lawn mower, which is very popular among users. I faced some problems while using it and heard the same from the other users.

However, these problems with the Altoz TRX series can be fixed at home; you don’t have to get yourself a new one. Let’s see the most common problems you might deal with Altoz TRX and how to solve them without paying a mechanic.  

I have listed some problems that frequently occur with this Altoz TRX mower, and the users also agreed on that.

These problems include hard to use controls, shortage of LED lights, lack of rubber mats, engine problems, uneven cuts, tracks being hard to maintain, disconnected spark plugs, fuel not reaching the engine, stuck starter rope, speed loss, dull blade, etc.

So, now I will give you an idea of how to fix all these Altoz TRX Problems. If you have the same difficulties with your lawn mower, you should read this until the end.

Altoz TRX Problems and Solution In A Nutshell:

The starter rope is stuckCheck the flywheel brake
Power loss while movingClean the air filter
The mower starts smokingCheck the oil chamber if the cap is tight
The mower is not startingCheck the spark plug
The mower is cutting unevenUnclog the mower deck
The machine is vibratingReplace the clutch or any bad engine bolt
Blades won’t engageTight the blade drive belt
Bumpy or bouncy mowerChange the oil often

We have already got an idea of the common issues with Altoz TRX. Let’s see how we can fix them with minimum effort at home by not seeing a mechanic in the first place.

1. Dull Mower Blade

A dull mower blade can lead you to an accident and injure you badly. There are several warning signs that you can tell your mower blade is dull.

If your freshly cut grass turns white or grey after a couple of days, the mower is not able to shred the grass, and the engine is struggling to cut the grass, you can tell the blades are dull. In this case, you need to sharpen the blades to get a beautiful even lawn.

2. Power Loss While Moving

Sometimes, the riding mower might stop suddenly losing its power while driving. It’s a pretty common problem for riding mowers.

The most probable cause for this is your air filter is clogged, the fuel filter is blocked, low engine oil, or a dull blade.

If you are going uphill and your mower stops, it might be the dirt or mud that got stuck in your machine, or there is too much pressure that force stopping it.  


If you mow your lawn with too much speed, eventually, it will lose its power. Slow down to get a better-shaped grass.

3. The Mower Starts To Smoke

Sometimes, dense black or blue smoke comes from your mower. Most of the time, you can assume it has an issue with oil seals in the engine or a cracked crankcase. Different colours of smoke say the different types of problems.

A small engine repair can save you from this issue.


Smoke coming out of the mower is not a good sign. First, try to understand the problem by the smoke’s color. You can fix it at home.

4. Riding Mower Is Leaking Fuel

If you see any wet spot under the mower or burnt area in your yard, there might be a chance that your mower is leaking fuel.

Once the gas is evaporated, it would be very difficult for you to identify the leakage. But you can assume it by some common signs.

You can smell it in your garage; the carburetor might be leaking gas on your mower.

5. The mower is cutting unevenly

Sometimes your mower tends to cut unevenly, which is a sign of damaged wheels, loose, bent, or dull blade, the crankshaft bent, or the cutting deck damaged.

Check your wheels if they are not placed evenly. If any wheel is damaged, you have to replace it with a new one.


If you see your grass is long somewhere and short in some other spot, then you can be sure that your mower is not cutting evenly. You can troubleshoot this problem at home with some basic tools.

6. The mower is vibrating

Sometimes, your mower really shakes you off while riding; that’s because your mower is vibrating badly.

It happens mostly when wood or hard something is stuck in your mower or if any hardware is loose or worn.


What makes Altoz TRX so good?

The Altoz TRX is quite popular because it claims it has the world’s first zero-track technology. It has a top speed of 19 mph. And it is durable and extremely strong. And that’s why it is one of the best riding mowers in the market.

How much does it cost to get an Altoz TRX?

An Altoz TRX riding mower can cost you around 15000 dollars.

Is Altoz TRX a beginner friendly riding mower?

Though Altoz TRX is easy to operate, it is not for beginners. Riding mowers needs to operate by a professional or semi-professional person

Wrap Up

Altoz TRX is a great riding mower with many exciting features. But it can be complicated if you are a beginner. It’s not beginner friendly, but if you learn how to operate a riding mower, it can be your best riding mower.  

Often, you can have some complications with your mower. In the above, l described all the DIY solutions for every possible problem with Altoz TRX. So, you don’t have to worry about troubleshooting your mower; all you have to do is enjoy your ride.

Though Altoz TRX is a bit expensive, it will be worth every penny. Don’t forget to wear safety equipment before troubleshooting your mower. If any major problem occurs, make sure you get help from a professional mechanic.

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