15 Common John Deere X320 Problems and Solutions

John Deere X320 is one of the most used lawnmowers. Although it is a great device, it has issues that I also faced while using the mower.

Nonetheless, these are minor problems that the owners can resolve without replacing them. As a result, we have summarized all the John Deere X320 problems.

These include fuel pump issues, PTO difficulties, steering issues, carburetor problems, drive belt issues, hydrostatic issues, engine dying problems, low rpm, spark plug problems, transmission technicalities, and starting problems.

Therefore, we’ll discuss the problems and the solutions to these. Trying to save you the hassle of having further difficulties with the John Deere X320 model. So continue reading to get ideas about it.


1. Fuel Pump Issues

You may see some cracks and deterioration on the surface of the pump. This is the cause of most pump-related issues, whether leakage or other issues.

2. Power Take-off Lever(PTO)

Often while mowing, you may feel that the John Deere X320 might not generate the usual amount of power. The causes for these are that the switches would not engage at the usual speed, and the clutches would be slow to react; as a result, the blades would work slower than usual.

3. Steering Issues

The steering may lose calibration after it’s over usage. Moreover, if you strike things like rocks, this could cause problems while steering.

4. Carburettor Issues

Sometimes the engines may lack the usual power; the causes for this are the carburettor most of the time. Moreover, you may face issues while controlling the John Deere X320.

5. Drive Belt Technicalities

Sometimes dirt might get caught in sheaves. Or the belt feels out of place, and there is unusual tension.

6. Uneven Cuts

While mowing, if you feel that the way you want to cut the grass is not happening, the causes behind these are the deck level, or the blades might be worn out.

7. Engine Dying Problems

After using the John Deere X320 for continuous 20 minutes or 30 minutes, your device may shut abruptly. The causes for these are flawed coils or spark plugs.

8. Low Rpm

Sometimes the John Deere X320 may feel weak to use and slower; the fault might reside due to reduced Rpm.

9. Spark Plug Problems

The spark plugs might get clogged, or they might lose their spark, which will cause the engine not to start.

10. Transmission difficulties

Sometimes the wheels would not react with the paddles at the same time. As a result, the movements of the tractor would be uneven as it’ll be moving too much at the same time in the same direction without having a balance.

11. Starting Issues

You may feel worried if your John Deere X320 does not start. However, it is a simple issue to resolve.

12. Overheated Engine

The air intake screen could be clogged. As a result, the engine could get overheated. Moreover, the engine might have an excessive load as well.

13. Extreme Fuel Usage

Repeatedly fueling the John Deere X320, it might sometimes seem the device intakes too much oil, which causes you to buy more fuel and take away more pennies from your pocket.

14. Chutes Getting Jammed

The chutes getting blocked up could cause difficulties while mowing; thus, you can avoid this problem just by.

15. Sometimes The Mower Could Vibrate Excessively

If there are instances where the John Deere X320 mower is vibrating too much, it could mean there are either some issues with the belt or while mowing too much dirt got stuck on to the machine.


What transmission does a John Deere X320 have?

It contains a Tuff Torq K58, which has a belt-driven hydrostatic type.

Where is John Deere X320 made?

This is made in a factory in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA.

What engine is in a John Deere X320?

It has an Kawasaki FH661V. This also includes an air-cooled vertical shaft V-twin.

 Final Thoughts

There are definitely some problems with John Deere X320; however, the majority of these problems can get fixed at home and avoided with proper maintenance.

Moreover, as they are one of the biggest manufacturers and sellers of lawn tractors, they could work on these frequently faced issues by the customers.

To add to it, if you are looking to buy a lawn tractor for your big garden or lawns.

Then the product John Deere X320 might be a suitable option for you as these parts are authentic and may give you service for a long time.

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