10 Common John Deere Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions

John Deere Zero Turn Mower Problems

Mowers are the best way to have a lush green lawn without manual hard work. But as mowers are outdoor machines and roughly used, they can often have problems functioning.

That is why lawn mowers need regular troubleshooting, which means having a test run to identify the problems and then repairing the problems before using them.

John Deere Zero Turn mower is one of the most popular mowers on the market right now. In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 common John Deere Zero Turn Mower problems you might face and the solutions to the problems. So that you do not need the help of experts right away.

This will save you from the hassle of finding an expert and would cost you a lot too.

Most Common John Deere Zero Turn Mower Problems:

As soon as you identify the problems the sooner you can act to solve them. So, here are the  10 most common problems of John Deere Zero Turn Mower:

1. The mower does not start

This is the most common problem of every lawn mower. And the cause behind this problem is not a single one. There can be many causes behind your mower not being able to start. It can be because of empty fuel, faulty engine, clogged fuel filter, expired battery, faulty spark plugs, etc.


When your John Deere mower would not start, you can first check if the spark plug is okay or not. If it is disconnected or dirty, change it and tighten it.

Then check if the air filters are okay or not. If it is the air filters, then clean it or replace it according to its condition. Lastly, check the fuel. If it is empty, refill it. And if you still find your mower not starting, you can check the batteries. Replace them if needed.

2. Mower keeps shutting off

A malfunctioning carburetor usually causes this issue. It may also be clogged. Most often, clogged carburetors are caused by storing fuel for too long. Clogged carburetors and stalling engines can be caused by sticky fuel.


Your carburetor bolts need to be tightened in order to solve this problem. Air can enter the carburetor through a loose bolt or a seam when a carburetor has loose bolts. Similarly, a dirty air filter can cause too little air to be supplied to the carburetor, which can result in a mower that no longer runs after a period of time.

3. The battery keeps dying

If the mower’s battery works regularly for a while before suddenly dying, then it is the battery that is defective.

Batteries that have loose connections exert more energy, so they use up energy more quickly.

When a mower is set at its maximal setting, it runs at maximum power, which allows the battery to recharge. When the rpm of the riding mower is reduced by 10 percent, the charging system’s efficiency falls dramatically. A dead battery can also prevent the mower from starting.


If you clean the posts and tighten the connections, the battery should work again. Carburetors are affected by dirty air filters, which block airflow. Stop the mower from sputtering by cleaning or replacing the air filter. Change the cap to prevent dying.

4. Uneven Cuts

Uneven cuts destroy the idea of having a lawn mower in the first place. A damaged mower deck or improper adjustment is usually the cause of uneven cutting.


The first step towards fixing this problem is to check if there is any damage to the deck shell. Replace or repair the deck shell if necessary.

5. Leaked Gas

There are a number of factors that can cause carburetor leaks, including bad gaskets, stuck floats, and other defects. A stuck float could be the cause.

If the float needle breaks, fuel continues to flow until the carburetor is full. In most cases, the carburetor bowl gasket needs to be replaced when the leak originates from the bottom of the carburetor


Clean the carburetor assembly thoroughly by removing it from the engine. You can either rebuild or replace a carburetor if cleaning it does not work.

6. Not self-propelling

Most owners of lawn mowers deal with this problem. It is caused by many factors. There might be a problem with the transmission, a defective V-belt, or grass clippings clogging the wheel gear.


An out-of-round drive pulley will prevent the transmission from engaging the wheel assembly if it is worn out or broken.

Make sure the pulley is in good condition. Replace a damaged one. Similarly, if the V-belt on the lawn mower is damaged or worn out, the wheels will not spin. If necessary, replace the belt.

7. Smoke coming out

When the air and fuel mixture is too rich, a lawn mower engine will produce black smoke. Unburned fuel in the combustion chamber becomes smoke when there is not enough air in the chamber.


The air filter needs to be replaced someto solve this problem. Afterward, check the type and level of the oil. If necessary, replace it. Oil on the mower engine can safely be burned off if it is running until complete burning.

8. Runs rough

Having a clogged carburetor may lead to rough running of your John Deere ZT lawn mower. Clogged carburetors should be rebuilt or replaced.


Whenever the engine runs rough, check the flywheel key-flywheel keys that are damaged can cause the engine to run rough. Then, ensure the spark plug wire does not have an oil, fuel, or carbon buildup.

9. Blades do not engage

If your John Deere Zero Turn lawn mower’s blade does not engage then there might be something wrong with the bearing or spindle of your mower.


You can manually move the blades back and forth by hand if they are stuck using some grease in the fittings.

10. Mower not turning over

A John Deere lawn mower might not start if the carburetor is clogged or dirty, or the fuel system is malfunctioning; or if the battery is dead, the safety switch is broken, or the spark plugs or ignition switch are not working. Your starting problem can also be caused by a malfunctioning charging system and ignition coil.


Adding more gas to your mower will solve the problem. Bad gas can make it difficult to turn over and work smoothly. Aso, make sure the spark plug is working properly and is connected and wired properly. Repair them if necessary.

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Final Words

John Deere is one of the best Zero Turn lawn mower brands on the market and it also can cause occasional problems. But with the points given above, you will be able to handle the problems by yourself. However, feel free to contact an expert if necessary.

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