5 Common Troy Bilt Mower Deck Problems And Solutions

If you are a lawn mower user, you already know what mower decks are. Still, to be specific- lawn mower decks protect the user, the engine, as well as the blades from objects thrown from the blades as they are turning.

For a mower to remain stable over time, the deck must be properly fastened to the frame.

A mower deck does most of the work and it is directly associated with the blades. That is why it is quite normal to have deck problems after using a lawn mower for a long time.

And a popular lawn mower brand is Troy Bilt. So, today we are going to introduce you to the common Troy Bilt mower deck problems and the solutions.  

Common Problems Of Troy Bilt Mower Deck:

If you are a Troy Bilt user and going through problems with the deck, then you have nothing to worry about.

The deck problems are usually common to every lawn mower. When you are aware of the causes of the deck the solutions are easy too. The common Problems and Solutions of Troy Bilt Mower Deck are given below:

1. Uneven cuts

When the cut grass lines on the lawn appear wavy or choppy after mowing, it means there are uneven cuts. If the mower deck, wheels, or blades are not properly leveled, they cut uneven lines.


To solve uneven cutting problems, you can start by examining your tire pressures and inspecting your mower deck.

You should pump your mower tires before mowing if the pressure is low on them, as a low tire can cause your deck not to sit level. Mower blades and other parts that are damaged can create uneven cuts as well.

Always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using your mower. So you do not damage your mower deck and cause uneven cuts by moving too fast and too slowly.

2. Streaking

There will be small strands of uncut grass left behind the mower after mowing the lawn if you have a streaking problem with your mower deck. Poor blade maintenance or operator error is usually to blame. Also, sull or damaged blades can be the cause of streaking.


To solve the streaking problem of your Troy Bilt mower deck, you need to check if you are operating your mower deck correctly or not.

You can check the instruction manual for proper guidance. Also, you can call an expert to seek help with operating the mower.

However, if you are 100% sure that you are operating your mower decks correctly, then you will need to check the deck blades to see if they are dull or damaged. Dull blades should be sharpened, and damaged blades should be replaced to solve the streaking problem.

3. Step Cuts

Lawns left after step cutting have razor-sharp edges. In most cases, step cutting is caused by damaged mower decks, improper adjustments, or damaged blades.

There can be many reasons behind step cuts, including wrongly leveled decks, damaged deck shells, bent or loose mower spindles, and incorrectly installed blades.


If your mower deck has problems with step cuts, check to see if the blades are installed correctly.

To ensure they are at the correct level, check the level of the deck. In the case that the mower spindles or deck shells are damaged, you should replace them to solve the step-cutting issue.

4. Scalping

Cutting your lawn grass very low, to the point where the stems of your grass blades are visible, is known as lawn scalping.

A lawn can also be scalped by accident if you set your mower to its lowest setting, but typically scalping is done deliberately to kick start the growth of your grass.

Scaling your lawn removes any buildup from the winter, allowing your soil to breathe. However, some people do not like scalping as it makes grass grow fast and that requires regular lawn mowing.


If scalping is a problem for you then, you can solve it by adjusting your Troy Bilt mower’s deck cutting height. Also, if you drive your mower too fast, it causes scalping too.

So, drive slow. Finally, your mower can also be causing scalping if the lawn is uneven. In that case, you can level the lawn to avoid scalping.

5. Leaving marks on the lawn

If you notice your mower is keeping marks on the lawn after mowing, then you must be turning and driving too tightly or too roughly. Also, it might be caused by a lack of overlapping the lawn. 


If your lawn mower is not floatable then you might keep on experiencing this problem till you get a new lawn mower.

However, overlapping after mowing, slowing down, making wide turns might solve this problem too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers any good?

Troy Bilt lawn mowers are of very good quality and service, and they come at a very reasonable price. They can work well even in wet grass without causing any problems.

Why am I experiencing uneven cuts?

In most cases, uneven cutting occurs because of damaged or misaligned mower decks. It can also happen because of not cleaning your mower deck after mowing. Because the mowed grass can get stuck in the blades and wear them up or damage them. You can sharpen the mower blades to solve this problem very easily.

How do I prevent Streaking?

By leveling and adjusting the deck blades’ height, you can easily solve the streaking problems of your lawn mower. Make sure your lawn mower blades are not being visible. Also do not forget to overlap the lawn to solve the streaking.

Final Thoughts

Do not think Troy Bilt is not a good lawn mower just because of the few common problems that users might face. We have provided the reasons for the problems and solutions which will help you to identify and take action against the problem faster.

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