10 Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions

The Ariens Zero-Turn Mower was marketed in the early 2000s by the company, which has been building lawn and gardening equipment since the 1930s. A Rider’s Center of Gravity is significantly higher on Ariens’ zero-turn mowers.

Additionally, Ariens ZT mowers try to ensure the utmost comfort of the riders as the high-back seat on the majority of Ariens zero-turn mowers is ergonomically designed with armrests aimed at improving user comfort and back support for the operator.

In spite of their awesome features and comfort for users, the Ariens ZT mowers have some issues, which could be a source of tension for you.

So, in this article, we will be discussing the 10 problems you might face with Ariens ZT mowers and their solutions.

Problems and Solutions of Ariens Zero Turn Mower

The investment in lawn mowers is a costly one, but will certainly pay off over time. So we understand your concern that when you encounter a problem with it, you are concerned about replacing it.

But do not worry as most of the problems can be solved with proper guidelines and here you will get exactly that.

1. Mower does not start

Zero turn mower not starting is a very common but scary problem because there might be a lot of things responsible for it. You need to find out the real cause to fix the problem.

Clogged carburetor, clogged fuel filter, damaged spark plug, faulty flywheel key, defective ignition coil, broken recoil starter etc. you might need to fix and repair all these tools and parts to fix the starting problem.


Clogged carburetor occurs when you leave your mower unused for a long time and it builds a sticky layer on the carburetor.

Bad gasoline can also be blamed for it.

If this is the case then you will need to try cleaning the carburetor, but if this does not work then the carburetor might need replacement.

The same solution goes for the other problems like- clogged fuel filter, damaged spark plug, faulty flywheel key, defective ignition coil, broken recoil starter as well.

First you will need to repair them, if they are beyond repair then there is no other way except for replacing the parts.

2. Problems with transmission

If your lawn mower does not move forward, that means it has a transmission problem. Transmission problem is also a very common problem for zero turn mowers.

Cavitation is a condition that results in zero turn hydrostatic transmission problems. This problem starts when the pump cannot generate power if it is filled with air instead of oil.

Hydrostatic transmission problems can occur when a mechanical component fails, a hose breaks, or a filter becomes clogged.


You might need help from an expert if you want to repair or replace the transmission. In order to replace the transmission by yourself, you need to disconnect the spark plug wire first.

After that you need to remove the drive cover and remove the drive cover.

Then you need to Release the drive control cable.

Lastly, remove the control wheel and finally you will get a hold of the transmission. After installing the transmission you need to rearrange all the parts back together as well.

3. Battery keeps dying

Battery problems include- not charging, faulty alternator, charger issues, damage voltage regulator. If your battery is dead then it will not take charge and it will die.

Also, faulty alternator and damaged charger prevents the battery from charging. The voltage regulator keeps the balance on how much electricity should be delivered.

So, a faulty alternator can also be responsible for the battery problems.


When you have issues with your lawn mower battery, replacing it will not always solve the problem.

Sometimes the other parts like- voltage regulator, alternator and charger might also need replacement or fixing. So, troubleshoot to know the exact reason and take actions accordingly.

4. Steering problems

Steering problems are more visible when you steer  on uneven roads. This causes the wheels to slip which is very dangerous.


It is necessary for you to loosen the bolts that hold the top and bottom parts of the steering gear box together in order to fix the steering problem.

To align the steering wheel with the mower wheels, turn the steering wheel completely to the left and snap the gears back into place. Finally, retighten the bolts hereafter.

5. Problematic decks

If the clutch does not have enough power, the blades of the lawn mower do not engage. The PTO clutch is additionally powered by the Power Take Off switch.

If it is defective, the lawnmower blades will not spin if it does not provide power for the PTO clutch which causes deck problems.


To solve the deck problem of your Ariens ZT lawn mower you need to replace the PTO clutch and PTO switch as these parts are irreparable. Also, make sure the parts are installed correctly.

6. Blades do not engage

Deck problems occur when there is debris or grasses stuck in the deck. And then the decks do not engage or do not cut lawn grass properly.


Make sure to clean the deck part after you mow your lawn every time. And if the blades are not sharp enough, sharpen them otherwise it will damage the deck blades even more.

7. Maneuverability issue

In most zero-turn lawn mowers, the steering stick is mounted on a lap bar, which makes it easier for the mower to maneuver in confined spaces.

But in Ariens ZT lawn mower you will find no such tools. That makes it hard to maneuver at first.

Its control parts are situated in a limited space. This makes the controls difficult to reach since the mower’s seat is on the back.


Unfortunately this problem has no solution. You can not replace parts here. But you can get used to the controlling system the way it is and that will make maneuverability easy for you.

8. Seat feels unsafe

Mower seats on most Ariens models are positioned in an unsafe way. It might feel like it is over the rear wheels of your Ariens zero turn mower.

It is not very comfortable either but you will get a hold of it if you are experienced in riding lawn mowers.


Be careful when you are changing routes, so you do not fall down nor damage the mower in any way.

9. Leaking gas problem

You might have a leaking gas problem if you smell unusual gas coming from your lawn mower.

Float issues can lead to leaking gas problems. You may have an open float on your lawn mower. Also, the carburetor can cause leaking gas problems too.


The carburetor needs to be removed from the engine and the entire assembly cleaned thoroughly. If this does not resolve the problem, replace or repair the carburetor.

10. Comes with a lot of expense

Ariens zero turn mowers are one of the costly mowers in the market. You can expect to pay between $3000 and $10000 when you purchase an Ariens.

Fuel and maintenance will be additional costs. Even if you buy an electric mower, you will need the expense of batteries too which will become even more expensive in total.


Mowers are usually bought to last a long time. So spending a lot of money on a once in a lifetime thing is not unexpected.

But if you still want to buy at a more reasonable price, you can buy a second hand one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ariens make good zero turn mowers?

Ariens zero turn lawn mowers are very good mowers which are powerful and comfortable.
Homeowners will find it most comfortable with its plush, high-back seat and padded armrests.

Operators of all ages will be able to adjust the forward and back seat according to their size. So it is very popular for personal use.

What company makes Ariens mowers?

The AriensCo company makes the Ariens mowers. However, for the commercial lawn market, AriensCo uses the Gravely brand name while focusing its efforts on the Ariens brand for the lawn and snow markets.

Where are Ariens zero turn mowers made?

AriensCo’s factory in Great Haseley, Oxfordshire has produced the first zero-turn mower manufactured in Europe. In recent years, UK and European demand for zero-turn mowers has increased dramatically, which led the US-owned company to build in Britain.

Final Words

Hope this article solves the problems with Ariens zero turn mower if you face any. And if you are thinking of buying the Ariens Zero turn lawn mower, then I hope this article helps you to make the right decision.

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