7 Common Star EV Golf Cart Problems – Know How To Solve Easily

Electric golf carts can show some common issues, so if you own a Star EV, you can expect that too. But the good thing is the problems are never that complex to throw off the whole machine.

Among all the Star EV golf cart problems, the commonest issues are ignition or motor issues, solenoid, and switch issues. However, sometimes bad batteries and cables can also show disruptions in the usage.

So, without guessing into the wind, let’s move forward to know what exactly your golf cart is going through!

Star EV Golf Cart Problems – At A Glimpse With Solutions

Battery IssuesReplacement, adequately charging, filling with water
Machine StutteringAdequate charging, cable check-up and replacement
Motor IssuesReplacement or battery inspection
Direction Switch ProblemsYou have to visit repair shop
Internal Component DamageYou have to visit repair shop

Common Star EV Golf Cart Problems And Brief Solutions:

Now that you know what kind of problems you might have with your golf cart, we will further look into the bigger aspects. So, now is the time to go deeper to see exactly what can be causing the issue and how you can solve it from happening.

1. Charging Issues

The main problem in most electric golf carts starts from the battery. So it’s a pretty good guess when your Star EV golf cart is not charging or moving; the reason can be the battery.

2. Faulty Cable Issues

Sometimes the golf cart may not start due to a faulty or damaged cable inside the battery. In this case, regardless of how much you charge up the battery, the machine will not be able to take it. It can happen if the terminals are affected by corrosion. If you notice any, you can easily fix that.

3. Motor Issues

After the foremost battery issues, the second common problem appears in the ignition or motor area. Hereby, it can also cause the golf cart not to start or move at all.


The solution in this case is a piece of cake if you are lucky. Just take a screwdriver and open up to see the motor. There you will find a small red button. Press the button and then set everything back into place. After that, charge the machine for a while.

But if the solution doesn’t work, you have to remove the motor and test the motor with another battery. If the motor still fails, then it will require you to change the motor or repair the internal areas where there might be breakages or issues.

4. Solenoid Problems

It’s a coil of wire which is used to power a switch like starting the electric golf. Many times, the issues in your Star EV can be caused by solenoid problems. When you press down on the accelerator and do not hear the clicking sound, then be sure that there is a problem in your solenoid.


You cannot do anything in this case. You have to take the machine to the professionals, and they will make the necessary attempts to make sure your machine starts again.

5. Direction Switch Concerns

Failure in the direction switch will cause you not to move your cart in several directions; instead it will only move in a particular direction at any given time. This can be annoying because you cannot operate the machine flexibly as you would like.


The only solution here is to visit a mechanic to handle the problem. Otherwise, you cannot do anything to change the switch or repair it.

6. Speed Controlling Issues

When you can start the Star EV perfectly but then notice that you are not reaching the optimum speed or you cannot control the speed, that’s where the trouble begins. A faulty potentiometric can cause problems in speeding up your carts as your demand.


There can be loose connections affecting the potentiometer. So if you can find the problem, you have to tighten the connections. However, if you don’t know how to do that, the best idea is to take the cart to the repair shops.

7. Stuttering Issues

When you start the gold cart, does it stutter and shake? The jerking can be super annoying, especially when your cart does not even move after all that jerking. Here the problem might be caused by a battery issue or cable issues.


You have to check the battery and charge it properly. If the machine does not work properly, even with adequate charging, you need to visit a repair shop to identify any faulty cables.

Here’s To Know More About It

How Do I Know If My Golf Cart Controller Is Bad?

Checking the voltage in the cart will determine whether there is a problem in the controller. If the voltage doesn’t increase to the full voltage of the battery, it is a bad controller. When you are driving, and it seems to work slowly, the controller is surely having problems.
Sometimes, you may notice your cart’s speed is having a sudden change while driving. This is also a result of a bad controller.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Star EV Cart Golf?

The Star EV cart usually has the red reset button located near the battery supply. You can check whether the motor is burned out or not by resetting your motor.

Last Words

We have given a look into all the Star EV golf cart problems and shared the solutions with you as well. By now, you know what to do when an issue arises. However, the problems are not that hard to deal with.

But some issues may require shop repairs like internal cable or motor damages. In those cases, do not attempt to sort it out on your own; it will be a waste of time.

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