How To Make Golf Cart Seat Covers Out Of Towels

The golf cart cushions will soon appear to have seen best days after spending numerous sunny hours or evenings on the chipping green. Much like most upholstery furniture items, golf cart chairs are covered in polyester, cotton, or fabric. You can manufacture your homemade golf cart cushions using the same method that the original cushions were fastened to the seat. We will be taking a towel as an example for this tutorial, you can use any other kind of cloth also.

You can just take a towel, measure the dimensions of the already installed seat cover, cut the towel according to that dimension, put the towel over the seat and make sure the corners are accurately placed, the last word is to just staple or stitch the corners of the new cover with the seat.

Change of Fabrics

Step 1

Utilize the outdated seat panels as a reference to calculate the necessary yardage for covering your golf cart chairs.

Step 2

Choose a substitute fabric from the local fabric shop that you prefer. Select weather-resistant outdoor textiles that are durable.

Step 3

Lay the previous seat coverings on top of the freshly spread cloth. If it isn’t too heavy, pin your old cloth to the fresh material. On the replacement cloth, draw the pattern of each old section if necessary.

Step 4

Slice out the replacement pieces, then arrange them so that the top half is facing up.

Mounting the Seat Cover

golf cart seat cover

Step 1

On top of the new cloth piece, place the seat pillow with the top staring down. Long and wide, place the cushion in the middle.

Step 2

Use a stapler to attach the cloth to the backrest frame’s bottom, or continue using the prior attachment technique. Pulling the material taut, begin at the peak and bottom centers and go to the centers of the 2 sides.

Step 3

From the middle out to the ends, staple the cloth along each edge.

Step 4

To prevent pleats, pull or stretch the material at the corners lower. Before bending under and attaching, sew the edges into bowed angles or give each edge a tight, tidy fabric fold.

Step 5

Place the chair cushions onto the vehicle and put it into place after trimming the surplus fabric.

Assemble the Backrest Cushion

Step 1

Place the new material pieces down on top of the headrest cushions, centering them in both length and width. To secure the opposing edges in place and draw the material taut, fold the cloth over at the center of each edge.

Step 2

Pin the material from the edges to the ends. For a perfect corner completion, either stitch rounded or boxed edges or pull the material taut.

Step 3

Trim the extra fabric, then reattach the headrest pillows to the chair frame of the golf cart.


How do you make towel seat covers for golf carts?

You can simply take a towel, measure the measurements of the seat cover that is already in place, cut the towel to fit those dimensions, arrange the towel over the seat, and then, after making sure the corners are correctly positioned, staple or stitch the new cover’s corners to the seat.

How much fabric do I need for a golf cart seat?

It can take almost 2 yards of cloth to make a seat cover for the golf cart. But it mostly depends on the size of the golf cart and the model.

What fabric is used for golf cart seats?

Vinyl seats are a common standard feature on golf carts. They come in a variety of colors and styles, which makes them an appealing option, but they may also be slippery to rest on in warm temperatures and icy to the touch in the cold.


If you are using the golf cart frequently, then it can get worn out real quick. It starts in a little size and before you know it, the seat gets messed up. So, it is always wiser to have a seat cover on. So, all the struggle goes over the cover and not on the seat itself. If you are not willing to spend money on a ready-made golf cart seat cover, it’s okay. Just follow our tutorial and make one for your golf cart by yourself.

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