5 Common Bobcat 334 Problems and Solutions

Bobcat 334 is a mini excavator perfect for handling all your small or medium-sized lawn and garden tasks. Farmers rely on it for digging and leveling, and it is even used on construction sites too for completing heavy-duty tasks like- trenching, back-filling, and drilling.

It may be equipped with various accessories to serve as a backhoe, a loader, and more. For example, you may add a hydraulic thumb to your excavator to transform it from a digger to a material handler.

However, the Bobcat 334 can also have issues from long time use. Drive motor issues, hydraulic problems, leaking behind the sprocket, clogged case drain filter, oil seal failure, etc., are the most common issues that you might face with the Bobcat 334 mini excavator.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the common problems of Bobcat 334.

5 Common Problems of Bobcat 334:

Heavy-duty equipment like an excavator will likely have issues because of all the rough tasks they perform.

But do not worry, as most of the issues can be easily resolved if you are aware of the causes of the problems. So, the causes and solutions to the common issues of Bobcat 334 are discussed below:

1. Drive Motor Problem

You might experience a weird noise from the drive motor if it has a problem. If this happens, you will not be able to turn the tracks properly.

Due to worn-out pistons, worn-out drive coupling, or a faulty power unit, drive motors can have issues. This problem can result from user errors. So, be careful while operating the excavator.

You might need to replace the faulty components to solve the issue. Find out which part is causing the problem and replace it.

2. Hydraulic Problem

If you notice any milky tint in the hydraulic fuel of your excavator, then your excavator’s hydraulic system is somewhat faulty.

This issue of hydraulic fluid usually happens due to water contamination. Hydraulic components can deteriorate over time due to oxidizing and freezing damage. Water contamination is caused by system leaks or condensation due to temperature changes.

You might need to drain and refill the hydraulic fluid with fresh new fluid to solve the issue.

3. Leaking behind the sprocket

A leaky lifetime seal, also known as a floating face seal, main seal, mechanical face seal, or duo-cone seal, is the most probable reason if oil is leaking from behind the sprocket and perhaps on the tracks themselves. If this is the case, you should replace the floating face seal as soon as you can.

You should take professional help if you are not experienced of solving this type of problem as this can be a little tricky.

4. Clogged case drain filter

If your machine has a case drain filter and doesn’t clean it frequently enough, hydraulic fluid cannot travel past, causing pressure build-up. Even though the case drain line is intended to be low-pressure, the pressure will rise. And intense pressure will constantly search for the weakest area to escape through.

5. Oil seal failure 

Oil seal failure can be a result of the clogged case drain filter.  The seals in your drive motor are the weakest spot.

The seals will begin to leak fluid, affecting performance and leading to increased wear on critical components. Because leaking fluid reduces the quantity of lubricant available, components will start to generate even more contaminants.

Changing the oil and the oil filter on a regular basis is one of the most excellent strategies to avoid oil leaks. Also, draining the filters can solve the issue.


What’s the difference between a Bobcat 331 and 334?

The Bobcat 334 is a larger and more powerful version of the Bobcat 331. It is very sturdy and can be found on construction sites throughout the country. Like the Bobcat 331, this machine has rubber tracks, a long arm, and an auxiliary hydraulic system.

How much does a Bobcat 334 mini excavator weight?

Bobcat 334 is powered by an engine that produces 40 horsepower and weighs 7,568 pounds, making it lightweight. It is just the perfect weight to do all your heavy-duty work, and also, it is not that heavy compared to other excavators.

Final Words

Bobcat has consistently outperformed expectations by designing compact designs that are versatile and easy to maintain.

This machine is fuel-efficient and capable of producing a significant quantity of power. So, do not be disappointed by the few issues you might face now and then. With regular troubleshoots and maintenance, you can easily reduce the problems.

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