11 Common Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions

Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems

Mowers are the best companion to make your lawn and backyard neat and clean by keeping the grass evenly trimmed. It saves a lot of time and energy and makes your hard tasks fun. Dixon Zero Turn mowers are one of the best mowers in the market that is known for their standard features and excellent performance.

But any mower can develop some problems after you have used it for some time, no matter how good the quality is. And Dixon zero turn mowers are no different. They can also develop some issues with time, but the problems can be easily resolved as well.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the common problems of Dixon zero turn mowers and their solutions.

Problems are easy to resolve if you know the exact reason behind the problem. Also, if you can fix the problems by yourself, then you do not need to call a mechanic and pay high charges for the repairs. With a little primary fixing knowledge you will be able to solve most of the problems by yourself.

Problems and Solutions of Dixon Zero Turn Mower:

So, the cause of the Dixon zero turn mower problems and their solutions are discussed below:

1. Engine not starting

Problems with starting are a very common problem for many zero turn mowers and there can be a lot of reasons to blame for this. That is why you need to troubleshoot the problem and find out the real cause behind it. Faulty spark plugs, clogged fuel filter, damaged ignition coil, faulty carburetor, etc. are the possible reasons that can cause this problem.


Blocked and clogged air/fuel filters can cause this to happen. Just clean them if they are the reason for this problem. But if the filters are too damaged then you should replace them 

Faulty spark plugs prevent the engine from generating power. That is why it is very important to replace them if they are damaged.

The carburetor component holds the fuel that can grow into black soot if you do not clean the carburetor. In this case, just cleaning up the carburetor will solve the problem.

In the event of a malfunctioning ignition coil, the plug will be unable to receive the necessary voltage, resulting in the engine not starting. You can check the problems in ignition tester to check if the problem is still there

2. Excessive vibrations

Although vibration is not a common problem for zero turn mowers, still Dixon zero turn mowers can have vibration problems if it is overloaded with stuff or too empty.


Do not overload your Dixon zero turn mower with more than its capacity.  And if this happens and there are no other complications with your mower, then put some weights like sandbags so that the vibration is absorbed. You can also put heavy-duty shock absorber wheels to stop the vibration.

3. Goes forwards and backward by itself

If your Dixon mower keeps on going forward or reverses by itself then it might be that the seats of the front seat linkage or faulty seat switch are very loose.


This problem requires manual tasks. And you will need to remove the driver seat for it. After that, you need to dismantle every part and check for damages and wear or any part that needs to be replaced. If you find such parts, replace or repair them, and that will fix this problem.

4. Hydrostatic transmission problem

Hydrostatic transmission problems require regular maintenance. So, if you forget to do that and miss changing the hydro fluid, then it is very common to face problems like getting air in the system.


Change the hydro fluid regularly according to the instruction manual and do not forget to do the regular maintenance of your Dixon ZT mower.

5. Smoking problem

Smoking problems occur if you are using more fuel than the mower needs. And this will make the choke stuck and produce smoke.


When you refill fuel in your lawn mower, you should follow the instruction manual if you are not sure how much you should use.

6. Power loss and stalling

Loss of power and stalling in lawn mowers are caused when the fuel filter is clogged and the engine is not getting enough fuel or when there is a loose connection between the battery and the engine so it is not getting enough charge.


Power loss and stalling problems are mostly caused by clogged fuel filters and air filters. It is better to turn off the Dixon ZT mower and then take the filters out and clean them thoroughly. If that does not solve the problem then you can try checking the fuel pump, if the fuel pump is damaged, then you should replace it with the specific one for Diction zero turn model.

However, if you see no changes even after changing the fuel pump, then there might be some electrical problem, and you should call a mechanic for it as this is a risky task.

7. Steering problems

When steering problems occur, it becomes very hard to control the lawn mower. This is very risky and can cause many unwanted accidents. You may have problems turning when the tire pressure of the mower is too low. It is possible that the steering shaft or the steering support component has worn out, causing issues.


Check the tire pressure and adjust it properly. Replace the steering shaft or steering support component if the part is worn out. Also, make sure to check if the drag linkage on the mower has gone loose which is causing vibrations in the steering wheel. Tighten it if needed.

8. Mower keeps dying

If your mower keeps on dying in between your mowing tasks, then the blame is likely on the TP sensor. A faulty TP sensor prevents the mower from adjusting air pressure that can control the idle of your mower. The problem can also be caused by a faulty ignition switch as it is responsible for the mower’s choking and running smoothly.


Check the TP sensor and ignition switch, and replace them if necessary. You might need expert help in replacing the TP sensor as it is a delicate part and it will be hard for you if you are not experienced.

9. Clog in the discharge chute

A lawn mower’s side discharge chute sends the cut grass from under the deck, via the chute, and discharges outside. But it can get blocked due to the grass clippings that can get stuck in it.


To solve the clog in the discharge chute problem, you just need to simply reverse the mower while running at full speed, so you can unclog any accumulation. If the buildup is not too bad, you can also use a stick or your hands to clean it up.

10. PTO clutch and PTO switch Problem

PTO clutch is responsible for engaging or disengaging the clades of your zero turn mower. If the PTO clutch does not work, then the blades would not cut or mow grasses. And the PTO switch provides power to the PTO clutch. So, if one of them or both are damaged, then the blades would not work at all.


Check the PTO clutch and switch. If they are faulty and repairable, get them fixed by an expert. But if they are too damaged to be repaired, then you will have to replace them with a new PTO clutch and switch.

11. Brakes get locked automatically

The common mistake most Dixon zero turn mower users make is to think that there is something wrong with the brake system when the brake gets locked by itself. But when this happens, it indicates something else. This usually happens due to the brake connection cables being worn out due to moisture or any electrical problems.


Moistures are responsible for destroying the integrity of the internal parts of any vehicle. So, it is best to park your Dixon ZT mower somewhere dry. However, as this problem occurs, you can check for corrosion and clean them out properly, also, if the connection cables are torn or worn out, replace them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dixon zero-turn mowers any good?

Dixon zero turn mowers are one of the best zero turn mowers in the market. They are mostly known for their performance and quality. This lawn mower can last for a long time, so you can purchase it at a reasonable price and for long term use.

What causes the Dixon zero turn mower to stop moving?

The Dixon zero turn mower will have moving difficulties if the tensioner spring and tensioner pulley are damaged. Also, a faulty drive belt, and low hydraulic fluid can cause the mower to stop moving.

Final Words

Dixon zero turn mowers have different features to make your tasks easy. It is very well built too so that it can last a long time. So, a Dixon ZT mower can be a good choice for long-term investment. However, for the problems, you will need to maintain and troubleshoot your Dixon ZT mower properly.

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