10 Common Gravely Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions

Gravely Zero Turn Mower Problems

A lawn mower will save you time and effort. By having the ability to turn 180 degrees at the end of a row of mowing, a zero-turn mower will make cutting your property more efficient.

But a zero-turn lawn mower can have many problems from time to time. Such problems are not uncommon.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about 10 Gravely Zero Turn mower problems and the solutions as this is one of the most popular lawn mower brands in the market.

The Gravely zero turn lawn mower is just right for homeowners who are looking for crisp, clean stripes on their lawns. The best zero-turn mower for residential lawn maintenance is Gravely’s zero-turn mower, which offers wider cutting width and seamless control at an affordable price.

Common Problems with Gravely ZT Lawn Mower:

Not only Gravely but every lawn mower can have problems now and then. That is why it i always best to troubleshoot your lawn mower before using it. Troubleshooting will help you identify the specific problem with your lawn mower so that you can act according to it. The common problems with Gravely ZT Lawn Mower are given below:

1. Uneven cuts

The main purpose of your mower is to cut the grass but if it fails to do that you would probably want to throw the mower away. But this can be solved by you if you know the source of the problem. It could be because of an empty fuel tank or not enough charge in the battery.


When you face this problem you should check out the blades first. Changing the deck blades or cleaning the deck blades might solve this problem for you.

2. The mower does not start

This is one of the most common problems with lawn mowers. Usually, it occurs when the connections between the battery and battery cable are poor. Your lawn mower may not start if the spark plug is dirty or fouled. The spark plug can also cause problems if it is loose.


Despite the spark plug appearing to be installed correctly, if the engine doesn’t start, it may need to be replaced. You can get your small engine back in working order for just a few dollars by fixing this easy problem. In this case, check your fuel tank.

3. Does not vacuum

A lawn mower usually vacuums by default but if that is a problem with your mower then you should check the engine and mulching bag if they are clogged.


Most commonly, a vacuum leak occurs because vacuum hoses are broken, have faulty connections, or the vacuum pump is not functioning.

4. Engine Runs Roughly

The engine can sometimes start but does not go well. This might be because the control knob for the choke is on or not positioned right. Or the engine might be faulty and needs repairing.


Noise is a serious issue for lawn mower users. The most common reasons why lawnmowers make a loud clanking sound include loose blades, old engine oil, or a clogged cutting deck. To fix the problem, you may have to tighten your blades, change the oil, or clean out your deck.

5. Engine Overheats

When the engine oil level is low or the engine cooling fins are plugged then your mower engine will become overheated. You should be very careful while troubleshooting this problem.


The main cause of this problem is a dirty fuel or empty fuel engine. Make sure to regular if the engine is cool or not.

6. The unit does not drive

When the lawn mower unit does not drive properly then you should know that this is because the transaxles might be bypassed or maybe the transaxle drive belt is faulty.


If this happens then you should adjust the parking level feature. You should get professional help with this problem.

7. Malfunction

A lot of reasons can lead to malfunction, like- operator presence switch is not engaged, the Operator presence switch is faulty, the PTO belt is faulty, PTO switch/ wiring/connectors or clutch, etc. are faulty.


When your Gravely lawn mower starts malfunctioning, you should check the deck and fix the drive belt.

8. Unit Moves while the engine is off

If your engine starts even though it is not turned on then there might be some problems with the engine fuel.


When the unit moves while the engine is off you should check the parking lever. And replace it if it is faulty.

9. Noise

If your lawnmower makes a loud screeching noise when the engine starts or when you cut the grass, the drive belt is probably to blame. It is common for noises like these to originate from electrical equipment. If this is what is going on, it is also an advantage since it is an easy fix.


A clogged cut deck, loose blades, or old engine oil are all common causes of lawnmowers making a loud clanking sound. Changing the oil, tightening the blades, or cleaning out the deck may solve the problem.

10. Vibration

It is extremely common for zero-turn mowers to vibrate even when you are running them at a slower speed. Vibrations that are intolerable are, however, a sign that something is wrong. When your mower vibrates excessively, it means it needs to be serviced.


A damaged mower blade or one that doesn’t balance well usually causes this. Blades can have this problem if they have been damaged or if they have been sharpened incorrectly. Ensure that the blade is not damaged and test for balance if your mower vibrates excessively due to a problem with the blade.

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Final Words

If you are considering purchasing a Gravely zero-turn mower, do not be discouraged.

If the Gravely Zero Turn lawn mower fits your needs, then it may be a good choice. No matter what kind of lawn mower you have, you will occasionally run into troubleshooting problems.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to check the problems periodically and fix any issues that arise before using them.

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