10 Simplicity Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions

Simplicity Zero Turn Mower Problems

Simplicity mowers are recognized as the best cut in the lawn mower industry. Because of their durability and premium features, the company has built up a very loyal customer base over the years.

Yet you might face some problems if you use your mower after a long time.

That is why one needs to troubleshoot machines by test running, observing, and fixing the problem.

Maintaining your equipment carefully and regularly will extend its lifespan. However, prolonged use may eventually result in it requiring new repair or maintenance to continue working properly.

So, troubleshooting can solve the problems with Simplicity lawn mowers. In this article we are going to discuss 10 common problems with Simplicity ZT lawn mowers and the solutions, so you can identify the problem and act accordingly. 

Simplicity Zero Turn Mower Problems:

  • Engine does not start
  • Hydraulic Transmission Problem
  • Uneven Cuts
  • Engine starts hard or runs poorly
  • Engine knocks
  • Brake does not work
  • Excessive mower vibration
  • Step Cuts
  • Engine exhaust is black
  • Rider drive belt slips

Identifying the problem is the first step towards solving the problem. So, let’s find out the 10 common problems of Simplicity Zero-turn lawn mower

1. Engine does not start

Every lawn mower experiences this problem at some point. There can be many causes behind your mower not being able to start.

You may encounter this problem due to empty fuel, faulty engine, clogged fuel filter, expired battery, and faulty spark plugs, etc.


It is a very common problem and it often occurs when there is no fuel or the air filter is dirty. So, you should check if the machines inside your zero-turn lawn mower are clean or not. And remember to always check for oil before getting to work.  

2. Hydraulic Transmission Problem

When a pulley is overturned, the transmission will fail, but the wheels will not move.

There is a risk of hydrostatic transmission problems if the hydraulic transmission ruptures or if the filter becomes clogged. If it is damaged, this part cannot be replaced.


You should check that both the motor is on and off when troubleshooting hydraulic transmissions on lawn mowers, as well as that the wiring is correct.

Check how the pump is installed right if the motor is making strange noises. Make sure all components are working properly.

3. Uneven Cuts

The grass on a lawn that has wavy patterns is typically mowed unevenly. Blades and shells that are damaged, decks that are not leveled, or incorrect blade installation are the most common causes.


You should regularly check your mower’s deck, blades, and spindle to ensure they are all operating correctly so that uneven cuts will not occur. If you find them damaged, you better replace them. 

4. Engine starts hard or runs poorly

When the engine starts but does not function smoothly, your mower will need troubleshooting. An overly rich mixture of fuel may cause this problem.

A faulty spark plug or incorrect gapping could also contribute to the problem.


As this problem mostly happens because of the rich mixture and faulty spark plug or incorrect gapping, make sure to be extra careful while fixing this for the future.

5. Engine knocks

The reason behind engine knocking is when the oil level is low or using the wrong grade of oil.


The only advisable solution to the engine knocking problem is to be extra cautious while filling the oil. Make sure you read the user manual before refilling oil.

6. Brake does not work

The reason your Simplicity ZT lawn mower’s brake is not working is because it might be incorrectly adjusted. Also if the brake pads are worn out then you will face this problem too.


The solution to your brake problem is to adjust the brake setting and placing them in the right position after reading the correct manual. Also, you might need to change the brake pads if they are worn out.

7. Excessive mower vibration

Mower vibration is also a very common problem. To solve Simplicity mower vibration you should check if the blades and deck belts are okay or not.

If your mower’s blade mounting bolts are loose, blades, spindles, or pulleys are bent then these are the reason for excessive mower vibration.


The solution to this problem is not that hard. All you have to do is to check and replace the blades. If the mower blades are dull, make sure to sharpen them.

If they are damaged beyond repair, then you should replace them with new ones. And while doing these, ensure that you are positioning them correctly.

8. Step Cuts

It is likely that your Simplicity lawn mower is suffering from step cuts because its deck is not properly leveled or the tires are not properly inflated.

Damaged blades and deck shell, improper placement of the blades can also result in step cuts. Step cuts can also be caused by damaged blades and the deck shell, as well as improper blade location.


Step cut problems can be solved by leveling the deck correctly, checking and inflating the tires, replacing the blades, repairing or replacing the deck, or fixing or replacing the spindle, and reinstalling the blades correctly.

9. Engine exhaust is black

If the engine exhaust turns black on your Simplicity lawn mower then it is because the air filter is dirty or the choke control is closed. The air filter may also be dirty or the choke control may be closed.


The solution to this problem is to replace the air filter following the engine manual. Also, make sure to check the choke controls are okay.

10. Rider drive belt slips

Due to damage or wear, the drive belt may break off from a riding mower. The drive belt can fly off dangerously at high speeds if it is damaged or loose, broken or worn.


To stop your lawn mower belt from slipping off you should make sure the belts are not loose, and if you find cracks, fraying, or separation from the rest of the assembly then you should just replace the belt.

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Final Words

You should thoroughly inspect every part of your Simplicity lawn mower when troubleshooting a problem. It will not be hard to do as now you know the common problems of Simplicity lawn mower.

But make sure to maintain safety while troubleshooting and do not hesitate to contact an expert if you need any help.

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