10 Most Common Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions

Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems

Kubota is a well-known brand of zero-turn mowers for its power and speed, and for its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Zero-turn mowers are equipped with engines with power ranging from 19 to 32.5 horsepower and decks with widths ranging from 43 to 72 inches.

When you buy a zero-turn mower, you spend almost a thousand dollars. To ensure that you get a good purchase, you should know details about the machine before you buy it.

It is possible to experience problems at any stage when operating a zero-turn mower, regardless of how Kubota promises. It is very common to have some common problems with outdoor machines.  To help you with that, we are going to talk about 10 Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions in this article.

Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions:

  • Kubota zero turn lawn mower won’t start
  • Noise problem
  • Overheating problem
  • Smog problems
  • Hydraulic Transmission Problem
  • Hydraulic Fluid Change Issue
  • Uneven Cuts
  • Streaking
  • Cooling Fan For The Hydraulic Pump Issue
  • Engine speed too slow

When you face any problems with your lawn mower there is no need to freak out. You can solve them by yourself and that will save you from the cost of extra money and hassle of finding an expert. All you have to do is troubleshoot regularly.

1. Kubota zero turn lawn mower won’t start

Zero-turn lawn mowers not starting is a very common problem for all lawn mowers. Especially when it has sat idle for some time. The reason for this is mostly because of bad gas or a dirty carburetor. Or a blockage in the fuel line may be starving the engine of gasoline.


Check your air filter first. If it is dirty, clean it properly. If that does not work, you can check if there is enough fuel/gas available. If not, refill. Next, you can check the spark plug. If the spark plug is dirty, loose, or disconnected, then you should take action against that. If the air filter or engine is unrepairable then you should change that.

This is most common problem of kubota z725

2. Noise problem

A loose blade assembly can cause a loud rattling noise, making your lawnmower louder than usual. There is a possibility that a clunking noise can be produced when grass and debris accumulate under the deck and on the blade.


The noise issue might be resolved by tightening your blades, changing the oil, or cleaning out your deck.

This is most common problem of kubota z726x

3. Overheating problem

It is sometimes impossible to restart the mower after it has been turned off when the engine becomes overheated. Overheating a mower for a prolonged time period can damage the engine and cause severe damage. In most cases, dirty engines cause engines to overheat. In addition to dirty vents, debris can get into the air intakes, preventing cool air from flowing over the engine and cooling it.


Remove the mower casing first, so you can clean your mower of debris and dirt. If this is the issue, you should clean the unit. Make sure there is enough oil in the machine before starting it and add oil as needed. That will solve the overheating problem.

This is most common problem of kubota z400

4. Smog problems

Smog problems mean your Kubota lawn mower might produce more pollution than usual. It is very harmful to you and the environment too. So you need to fix it as soon as possible. One of the main reasons lawn mowers contribute to increased lawn mower pollution is caused by careless and improper refueling.


Performing regular maintenance on your vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer will help solve the smog problem. In addition, follow regular maintenance procedures on your equipment such as changing the oil and air filters, as well as periodic inspections. To ensure the motor runs for less time, ensure the blades are sharp and in good condition.

This is most common problem of kubota zg23

5. Hydraulic Transmission Problem

A bad transmission would result from an overturned pulley, but not moving wheels. If a part of the hydraulic transmission ruptures or if the filter clogs, hydrostatic transmission problems are likely to occur. Generally, this part cannot be replaced if it is damaged.


When troubleshooting hydraulic transmission of your lawn mower, check to make sure the motor is both on and off, as well as whether the wiring is correct. If the motor makes strange noises remove the pump to see how it is installed. Inspect all parts to ensure they are working properly.

6. Hydraulic Fluid Change Issue

You can change the hydraulic fluid by putting the new fluid in and draining the old. However, sometimes the fluid may not be getting into the rear differential.


You can resolve hydraulic fuel problems by jacking up one side until the fluid gets into the lower part and repeating the process for the other.

This is most common problem of kubota z422

7. Uneven Cuts

A lawn with wavy patterns will usually be unevenly mowed. Damaged blades or deck shells, an improperly leveled deck, or an incorrectly installed blade are the most common causes.

  • Solution

To prevent uneven cuts, you should regularly check your mower’s deck, blades, and spindle to ensure they are all in good working order.

8. Streaking

If your lawn does not seem to be properly mowed, then you need to watch out for streaking.  When grass is left uncut behind a mower, it forms streaks. There can be a number of reasons for streaking in your lawn including dull blades, a slow mower, and a clogged deck.

This is most common problem of kubota z725


Lawn Mower streaking can be prevented by cleaning your mower, properly overlapping, mowing at an appropriate speed, and ensuring that your blades are sharp.

9. Cooling Fan For The Hydraulic Pump Issue

After using the hydraulic pump for eight to ten hours, the cooling fan can stop working, although this is not a common problem. But it can be repaired.


The brush should be carefully handled if you wish to solve the cooling fan problem. However, you can replace the pulley system if it is damaged beyond repair.

10. Engine speed too slow

Clogging is a major problem with lawn mowers since they are powered by combustion engines that utilize liquid fuel. Clogging slows down the engine.


Changing the air filter or unclogging or replacing the gas cap if the air vent is blocked will restore your engine’s performance. Also, you can try substituting new gas for the old.

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Final Words

If you ever encounter a problem with your Kubota zero-turn lawn mower, do not panic. It is very common to have problems and they can be easily solved with troubleshooting Kubota zero turn lawn mowers.

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