10 Common Problems with Kawasaki Mule SX and Solutions

Kawasaki Mule SX is a heavy-duty utility task vehicle. Mules are often referred to as Multi-Use Light Equipment because they are ideal for a wide variety of uses. This heavy task vehicle has been in the market since 1988.

Kawasaki Mule is the ideal UTV for hauling firewood. Despite being slightly boxy, it is well-crafted and attractive, rugged and stylish, and has just enough good looks to draw you in. However, it still has some problems that you might face anytime while using it and that is not unusual.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the common problems of Kawasaki Mule SX and their solutions.

Common Kawasaki Mule SX Problems:

  • Starting Problem
  • Engine Misfiring Problems
  • Idling Problems
  • Oil Filler Cap Jumping
  • Overheating Problems
  • Rattling Noise Problem
  • Problems With Gear Shifting
  • Power Loss Problem
  • Lack Of Side Mirrors
  • Electrical Problems

Problems and Solutions of Kawasaki Mule SX

Problems are not uncommon in vehicles especially for UTVs after you have used them for some time. But Kawasaki Mule SX has some default design and mechanical problems. But do not worry as in this article, you will find the common problems and also the solutions. And when you know the reason for the problem it becomes easier to solve.

1. Starting Problem

Your Kawasaki Mule SX might be working just fine even the day before and then suddenly it will not start although there is enough fuel. This is a very common problem for many users.


If your MULE SX UTV is not starting the first thing you can check is the battery, because the vehicle often does not start because of this. If this is not the reason then, there might be something wrong with the spark plug. You can see if it works by replacing them. If this does not solve your problem either, you can try checking the carburetor, fuel pump, refilling starting fluid, etc. are the reason for this problem. Once you detect the problem, it is easy to fix.

2. Engine Misfiring Problems

If you are experiencing high fuel consumption, quick power loss, popping sounds, or vibration from the engine of your Kawasaki UTV then it is because the engine is misfiring. This is caused by worn out or damaged engines. Other causes of the issues can be because of problems in the vacuum, fuel filter, and damaged spark plugs.


If you are experiencing engine misfiring problems with your UTV the first thing you should do is to stop the vehicle and park it somewhere safe. Because driving a vehicle while it is misfiring can be dangerous and it can often cause many accidents.

After you have parked your UTV, you can check out the engine for any damage. If the engine is damaged, it might need a replacement. Then check the spark plugs, and replace them if they are worn out or rusted. Keep the parts inside your vehicles free of debris if you want to experience fewer problems.

3. Idling Problems

Sometimes, you would need to idle your vehicle for it to work well. For example, on a winter morning, you will need to idle your engine or vehicle some time for it to warm up. But when there will be an idling problem, the engine will nearly die if you lift your feet off the pedals. This happens if there is black soot or carbon gathered in the body of the throttle.


Keep the oil filter and throttle body clean if you have this problem. Because this problem is mostly caused by not keeping your vehicle clean. If you have a warranty then you can get it fixed with zero costs. But even if you are out of warranty, it will not cost much either.

4. Oil Filler Cap Jumps

When the oil filler cap jumps out suddenly it makes everything messy and sticky with the oil which is hard to remove later. But this problem happens unexpectedly after starting the engine sometimes and you might not ever be ready for it. This is caused by the frozen moisture that gets stuck in the engine. And it creates pressure in the valve cover causing the oil filler cap to jump off and spill oil.


If you are on warranty and you face this problem, then you might claim your warranty and get it repaired without paying. However, if you do not have the warranty then you can clean it by yourself if you do not want to spend money on this. All you need to do is to clean the hose line of the oil pressure valve. This will get rid of the frozen moisture that might get stuck in exhaust gas diverted back to the engine.

5. Overheating Problems

Overheating is common for many vehicles including UTVs. Some users even ignore the problem at first as they take it as a normal issue. But slowly it gets serious as the user feels immense heat coming out of the front seats and heat dissipation under the seats. And in the summer season, it becomes unbearable.


Overheating problems are often caused by clogged radiators and engine problems. However, if these are not the issues in the case of your Kawasaki Mule then you can just use heat absorbent shields for the seats.

6. Rattling Noise Problem

UTV is already a vehicle that makes a noise when it just runs normally. But if it has been making rattling sounds, then it is a matter of concern.  Kawasaki Mule SX might start causing rattling noise from the seat belt box without showing any signs of other problems or just after you are riding it for the first time.


There is not much solution for fixing this problem of the Kawasaki Mule SX because it’s a default problem of Kawasaki Mule SX and also for some other UTV models from Kawasaki. However, you can replace the seat belt box and that might solve the problem.

7. Problems With Gear Shifting

Gear shifting problems occur when you have trouble shifting from high to low or low to high. This is usually caused because there is something wrong with the clutch. Also, sometimes, the gears might feel jammed or stuck which is a serious problem too as it causes sudden breaks and wrong direction driving.


Kawasaki Mule SX model’s gear feels jammed or causes shifting problems due to the company’s fault while making the design but they would not provide the ultimate solution for the users. In that case, you can just keep your feet on the accelerator while you move reverse or forward.

8. Power Loss Problem

Loss of power problems in the Kawasaki Mule SX starts after some time of usage. The loss of power is sully caused by clogged fuel lines or clogged fuel pumps but when Kawasaki Mule SX has this problem, then it would seem like there is nothing wrong with the fuel lines or pumps. But this usually happens if you have taken more rides up the hill than you should.


Keep your oil filter and fuel pump clean. Also, do not use any cheap oil for the vehicle as this causes you a lot of power loss of the engine. To solve the problem you might need to clean or replace the fuel filter.

9. Lack Of Side mirrors

Side mirrors keep you safe and ensure safety while driving. But the Kawasaki Mule SX lacks a side mirror, so the user might feel insecure while driving. This is a must to overtake vehicles on the road.


Kawasaki lacks side mirrors and this becomes a risk for its users. To be safe, the users should use helmets and go to the nearest mechanic shop to install side mirrors in their vehicles. Moreover, it is very reasonable to install.

10. Electrical power problems

Electrical power problems in Kawasaki Mule SX are caused by faulty engine ignition or bad battery. It reflects problems like no dashboard lights and problems with the engine starters. The culprit of these problems is a bad or broken battery.


The possible solution to this problem is to get your vehicle battery fixed or replaced. Also, you can check if the connection between the wires is set up properly or not. Replace any wires that are rusted. Make sure to clean the terminal after using it.

However, as this is an electrical problem, you can seek help from an expert mechanic if you are not experienced in doing these kinds of tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kawasaki Mule any good?

Kawasaki Mule is a very good UTV vehicle. The vehicle looks very nice as well as driving nice. Kawasaki Mule 1 is built for function. Among the Mule Pro MX’s great features are a 695cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine with a powerful and reliable performance.

How fast can a Kawasaki Mule SX go?

The Kawasaki Mule SX can go up to 25-mph top speed and won’t let you chase down any sports UTVs. This speed is excellent for the people who not only haul things to things but also for those who would ride an extra mile just to enjoy their ride.

What kind of transmission does a Kawasaki Mule have?

In addition to the Kawasaki Mule SXs’ powerful 617cc V-twin engine, this machine also incorporates a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with high and low ranges. You will not find a more quiet transmission and smooth gas-powered UTV on the market.

Final Words

Whether you are struggling with a Kawasaki Mule SX UTV or thinking about buying a Kawasaki UTV, we hope this article has helped you with all the necessary information that you need to make the right choice.

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