10 Common Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions

Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems

Because of the conditions and elements with which outdoor machines are constantly confronted over the course of their work time, it’s very common for them to encounter minor problems from time to time.

It is therefore important that regular service and maintenance be performed on your lawn mowers on a regular basis in order to prolong their lifespan and prevent issues from escalating.

All of the issues are generally minor and can usually be solved by yourself with a bit of knowledge about troubleshooting. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to discuss 10 Ferris Mower Problems and Solutions so that you can fix the little problems by yourself.

Common Problems of Ferris Zero Turn Mower

  • Starting Problem
  • Inequitable cuts
  • Driving Problems
  • Vibration
  • Brake Not Working
  • Unable to raise the mower  
  • Problems With Hydro-Gear System
  • Engine Runs Poorly
  • Wet Grass is Difficult to Mow
  • Traction problems
Ferris Zero Turn Mower

Ferris mowers may occasionally develop a fault, just like any other mower brand. Proper maintenance is the most effective way to prevent most faults. The common problems of Ferris Zero Turn Mower are given below:

1. Starting Problem

When you have problems with starting that can be a huge disadvantage for you because the problem might be minor and after starting the machine might go well but if it does not start at the first place it will not come to any use at all.

However, it may not start for many reasons, and many investigations are required to resolve this issue.

Solutions for Starting:

Be sure the fuel tank is full and the energy level is good. If both are okay, then make sure the carburetor and the hydraulic system are working properly.

Note: this is also common problem of ferris is1500z

2. Inequitable cuts

In order to cut lawn grass safely and evenly, a lawn mower must mow it smoothly and evenly. In this case, quite a few things must be fixed.

When there are slopes and higher angles, some Ferris zero turn mowers are not able to work as well as they should.

In order for a mower to do its job evenly, it should have an extreme spinning blade. There are also multiple brands of mowers that are prone to uneven mowing problems.

Solution for Uneven Cuts:

It is necessary to level the deck before starting to cut to avoid uneven cuts. It may also be the case that the blades become dull and worn. In these cases, sharpening is the right option. Secondly, when cutting blades are damaged, replace them asap.

Note: This is also common problem of ferris is2100z

3. Driving Problems

It is not the mower’s fault that it is not functioning well, but the fact that it runs less than the standard suggests that the mower is not well designed for fast action.

There are many possibilities for the cause of this issue. Ferris zero turn mowers typically have some simple problems that can be solved.

Solution for Driving Problems:

Considering your deck and blades are the primary reason for traction issues if your deck is fine, and the blades need replacing, then the engine is the cause. Slow-moving problems happen if the engine isn’t sufficient. Next, if you encounter engine problems, fix them.

Note: This is also common problem of ferris is700z

4. Vibration

Vibration is a very common problem in most zero-turn mowers even though you run your mower at a slower speed.

But if the vibration is intolerable then it can be assumed that there has been a problem. Ferris zero-turn mowers can vibrate at a higher frequency when mowing at low speed. Vibrating excessively is a sign that your mower needs to be serviced.

Note: This is also common problem of ferris isx 800

Stopping Vibration:

If your lawn mower begins to vibrate excessively, you should stop the engine. It is possible to face problems without the balance of the blades, which cause vibrations. If the blade is angled unevenly, it will cause problems. So, angle the blades properly.

5. Brake Not Working

A broken brake is one of the worst problems one can face. The reason might be that brake calipers are worn out or the brakes are not properly adjusted.

Note: This is also common problem of ferris isx 3300

Solving Break Problems:

During troubleshooting a brake problem, you may need to replace the calipers first and make sure the blade is adjusted correctly.

Note: This is also common problem of ferris 3100z

6. Unable to raise the mower  

The brake on your mower may work fine and the starter will work, but if you are not able to start it, you will have problems mowing. This might be because the lifting linkages have been damaged. 

Solving Raising Problem:

You need to ensure that the air filter is not clogged with dirt and debris to fix this problem. A sudden revving of the engine occurs when the blockage moves or clears. If you are unable to raise the mower, then you can visit an authorized service center.

Note: This is also common problem of ferris is3200z

7. Problems With Hydro-Gear System

Almost all Ferris zero-turn mowers have hydrostatic transmissions, so this is not an uncommon problem with those machines. In most cases, the problem is caused by air entering the transmission.

The pump will not be able to create pressure if it is filled with air, instead of oil.

Solving the Hydro-Gear System:

The solution to the hydro gear problem begins with taking the control lever off neutral and disengaging the clutch and brakes.

Motion control levers should be pushed forward for five seconds and reserved for five seconds. By doing so, the transmission system will be cleared of any air. Now, turn the engines off. You should be able to restart them now.

Note: This is also common problem of ferris is1500z

8. Engine Runs Poorly

When your mower is working but not working flawlessly or running poorly this might be the reason of the fuel mixture being high or larger spark plug gaps.

Note: this is also common problem of ferris 400s

Solving the poor running problem of engine:

The first step to solving the engine problem is to clean the air filter and adjust the choke, then reset the spark plug gap.

9. Wet Grass is Difficult to Mow

This zero turn mower from Ferris is designed to cut dry grass and wet grass at the same time. However, zero-turn mower owners can have a lot of trouble mowing wet grass.

Note: this is also common problem of ferris 400s


You should slow your engine down and sharpen your blades if you want to mow the wet grass.

10. Traction problems

When you have an updated zero-turn mower, you should not experience traction issues. Ferris zero-turn mowers sometimes encounter traction problems with the increased time spent mowing.

Note: this is also common problem of ferris isx 2200

Solving Traction Problems:

Your deck and blades should be checked if you encounter traction problems. If your deck is fine, you should change the blades.

Models we researched for this article:

  • ferris 400s
  • ferris isx 2200
  • ferris isx 800
  • ferris isx 3300
  • ferris is1500z
  • ferris is3200z
  • ferris is2000z
  • ferris is700z
  • ferris is600z
  • ferris z3x

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Final Words

Many of the problems associated with the Ferris zero turn mower can be solved quickly and easily.

Generally, if you follow the instructions they have given here, you will be able to resolve most problems.

However, if you are not familiar with power tools or cannot handle repairs yourself, you should seek professional assistance.

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