4 Most Common Simplicity Mower Deck Problems And Solutions

Simplicity Mower Deck Problems

Mower decks are the most frequently used part of any mower.

Because of this, mower decks are prone to developing some problems after a while.

But this is not a matter of concern because you can easily fix the problems with proper knowledge or a little help from an expert. 

Simplicity mowers are one of the most popular mowers in the market.

Many users buy it and when they face some problems with it, they become scared and worried thinking Simplicity is not a good brand.

But that is not the case. Any mower might have deck problems after some time.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the common deck problems that you might face with your Simplicity mower and their solutions.

Problems and Solutions of Simplicity Mower Deck

It is important to handle deck problems with caution. You will need the help of an expert to replace the mower blades when necessary if you are a beginner without any experience.

However, not every deck problem requires you to replace the deck blades. Different deck problems require different solutions.

Thus, today we will talk about the common deck problems of Simplicity mowers and how you can fix them. 

1. Blades do not engage

If your mower blades do not engage, this is often a sign that your belt may be worn or faulty. The result is a belt that slips or falls off entirely.

This could also have occurred because the belt slipped. This might happen when you mow wet grass and the grass gets stuck in the deck blades.


Clean the mower deck blades and the deck part regularly and make sure there is no grass left stuck in the deck.

This will prevent the mower deck blades from fast worn out. However, if your mower deck is too damaged, then there is no choice except for replacing it completely.

It is also possible that blades are not engaging because the deck belt is not properly installed. To solve this, you will need assistance from your owner’s manual to install the belt correctly.

2. Noise coming out while mowing

Usually it is not the deck that makes noise while mowing, it is mostly the engine. But if you experience rattling noise coming out while mowing that might not be the engine and you should troubleshoot and find out the exact problem.

Because there is a high possibility that it is your mower’s deck blades which are making the noise.


If your mower’s deck blades assembly is loose then the deck makes rattling sounds which is very disturbing. So you will need to fix it.

You should tighten the deck assembly and check for rusts in the blades because often the noise occurs from rusty decks. If your decks are rusty you should replace them immediately.

3. Mower deck wobbling

Your mower deck can wobble due to improper adjustments or wrong installation of decks. Unbalanced blades, a broken blade belt, or debris caught inside a pulley can cause wobbles on the deck.


Follow the instruction manual for installing and adjusting the mower deck properly. If you still do not get it right, you can hire an expert for assistance.

Proper adjustments will not make your mower deck wobble anymore. Also, check for debris and broken belts.

If that does not remove the wobble, then get your deck belt fixed if  broken and clean the debris.

4. Uneven cuts

If you experience uneven cuts in your lawn, then the main culprits are debris and grass clipping stuck in your mower deck. And if you do not clean your mower decks after using it, your mower decks will become permanently damaged.


To prevent uneven cuts, you need to clean your mower decks regularly after use. Also, replace your mower decks if they are beyond repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you adjust the decking on a Simplicity  lawn mower?

A lot of things depend on properly adjusting your lawn mower decks. If they are not adjusted properly you will not get the expected results. Also, it will lead to many other deck problems.

So, you should know the right way to adjust the decks of your simplicity mower.

To adjust it properly you will need to turn the front nut that will help to raise the mower deck. And to lower the deck, you can use the rear nut against the bracket.

Moreover, if you loosen the rear nut of the mower deck, you will be able to move the rod backwards to lower it.

What causes one side of my mower deck to be lower than the other?

Your lawn tractor will produce uneven cuts if the deck is low on one side compared to the other.

Regularly leveling the deck of your tractor will make your lawn look smooth. To level your lawn tractor deck, you only need a few tools and a few minutes. Because if you do not level your deck, you will keep getting uneven cuts as a result.

Why is my Simplicity mower deck not engaging?

Although, your mower’s deck not engaging might seem like a deck problem, it can also happen if there is no proper established connection with the clutch.

It is possible for the lawn mower blades not to engage if the PTO clutch does not receive power, if the clutch solenoid fails, or if the clutch has deformed or broken.

However, if it is defective, it is not possible to repair the PTO clutch. So, you must replace it.

Final Words

When you keep your Simplicity lawn mower blades clean after every use, you are less likely to have mower deck problems.

Yet, do not get panicked when you experience any. The problems can be easily solved with the help of an expert. And as we have provided the solution to the deck problems, you can follow them too.

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