Lane Shark vs Trailblazer – Ultimate Comparison

Searching for a brush cutter that can easily help you to clean your garden as well as the roadsides in front of your house? Or are you looking for a brush cutter to help you in your profession? There are a bunch of brush cutters that are available in the market currently.

But the best-selling brush cutters are from Lane Shark and Trailblazer. But people often get confused regarding which one to buy. Are you confused too? Don’t worry, we will try to clear your confusions in this article by comparing the Lane Shark and the Trailblazer side by side.

The main differences between Lane Shark vs Trailblazer are their flexibility and compatibility. All the other features are almost the same or near each other. The Trailblazer offers more flexibility by offering multiple motor and mounting options, two and three respectively to be exact.

Lane Shark vs Trailblazer Brush Cutter : Quick Comparison

We are putting the main differences and similarities of Lane Shark and Trailblazer side by side in the table below so that you can see them yourself.

FactorLane SharkTrailblazer
MaterialsSteel PlateSteel Plate
BladesDouble SidedDouble Sided
Main UsagePonds, Lakes, HillsidesPonds, Lakes, Hillsides
Safety FeaturesN/AN/A
InstallationHydraulic InstallationUnknown
FlexibilityN/ATwo Motor Options And Three Mounting Options Are Available
Price4500 USD To 4700 USDUnknown
CompatibilityMid-Sized Tractor (Not Skid Steers)Compatible With Skid Steers
Warranty1 Year1 Year
After-Sales ServicesParts Are AvailableParts Are Available
Weight<450 lbsUnknown
Minimum Required Tractor Weight:2000 To 3000 lbs3000 lbs

Lane Shark vs Trailblazer Brush Cutter: Detail Overview

Lane Shark bursh cutter
Lane Shark bursh cutter

Now, we will be discussing broadly about the main differences and similarities of Lane Shark and Trailblazer. We will try to clear up which one is better on which segment.


Lane Shark and Trailblazer, both brush cutters are made of steel plates. So, there is no difference in this segment.


Both the brush cutters consist of high-performing and continuously rotating double-sided blades that are made from steels.

Main Usage

Both these brush cutters are meant for usage at ponds, lakes and hillsides. Their performance is almost the same and offers a fine finishing to the bushes near anywhere.

Safety Features

There are no safe safety features available in these brush cutters as far as we know. So, neither one has an advantage.


The Lane Shark is installed on the tractor by using hydraulic options.

There are no clear indications of how the Trailblazer will be installed in the tractor. So, we are assuming that it needs to be installed via hydraulic options as well.


There are no alternative motor or mounting options available on the Lane Shark brush cutter.

The Trailblazer offers more flexibility with Two Motor Options And Three Mounting Options. So, the Trailblazer clearly has an advantage here.


The Lane Shark LS-2 is priced at 4700 USD and the LS-3 model is priced at 4500 USD.

We could not find any authentic source to learn about the price of the Trailblazer. They are not posted publicly, we guess. But it should be priced in a range of 4700 USD to 5000 USD.


The Lane Shark is primarily meant for mid-sized tractors but it is not compatible with skid steers.

The Trailblazer on the other hand is meant for mid-sized tractors as well, but it also works with skid steers. So, the Trailblazer is well ahead of the Lane Shark in terms of compatibility.


Lane Shark and Trailblazer, both companies are offering 1 year of warranty on their brush cutters.

After-Sales Service

Parts for both brush cutters may usually be found both domestically and internationally. So you shouldn’t experience any problems with the machines’ after-sale assistance.


The weight of the Lane Shark brush cutter is less than 450 lbs.

The weight of the Trailblazer brush cutter is not mentioned anywhere. So, we can not make any comparisons in this segment.

Minimum Required Tractor Weight

If you want to use the Lane Shark LS-2 on any tractor, the tractor should weigh 3000 lbs and 2000 lbs is the minimum tractor weight required for using the LS-3 model.

Minimum tractor weight required for using the Trailblazer is 3000 lbs.

Lane Shark Vs Trailblazer Brush Cutter : Which One Should Buy?

Both these tractors have lots of characteristics that are similar to each other. So, it’s hard to tell which one is better. But from our point of view, the Trailblazer should be a better option when compared to the Lane Shark. Why? Because it offers more flexibility and compatibility. The two are priced at the same range, so purchasing the Trailblazer should be a better decision.

But, if you have prepared your mind to purchase the Trailblazer, you should know one more thing as well. There is a very limited amount of information available on the internet regarding the Trailblazer. So, if you face any problems while using a Trailblazer, you can face difficulties while searching for the solution on the web.

On the other hand, there are a lot of information and info articles available on the web regarding the Lane Shark, which can assist you when you face any problems while using one. The rest is your choice.

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Is a Trailblazer compatible with skid steers?

The Trailblazer on the other hand is meant for mid-sized tractors as well, but it also works with skid steers. So, the Trailblazer is well ahead of the Lane Shark in terms of compatibility.


Lane Shark and Trailblazer, both are amazing brush cutters with high performance and lots of good reviews. So, no matter which one you buy, you will surely be delighted with the service.

1 thought on “Lane Shark vs Trailblazer – Ultimate Comparison”

  1. The trailblazer also (requires) a $2,000 attachment on the three point hitch that is a hydraulic fluid cooler, the best I can tell. I put required in quotes because from my understanding it will work without it, but then it’s returning very hot fluid to your sump.

    I just purchased the Lane Shark and they told me there’s a 3 week wait for the order. Mine is due in this week, we’ll see. But I looked at several and the Lane Shark came out ahead. I kept looking for a used one, but they charged the full pop of $5k, and a special third function valve that has a switch to turn off the lane shark and keep the fluid circulation in the lane shark itself, as I understand it. Everyone tells me all these different units for this task get the fluid very hot. I’m not sure why it would be different from a bush hog ‍♂️.

    It only took me about 6 months of reading studying and shopping to settle on the Lane Shark. I wish I could have saved money, but I know it’s going to save me time and I can’t get anymore of that.


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