Limb Ninja vs Lane Shark : Which One Is Better?

Limb Ninja and Lane Shark both offer good quality brush cutters which offer long-lasting services. Even though they do the same work, they are made for different scenarios. So, people planning to buy a new brush cutter often get confused.

Lane sharks are typically made for overgrown roadways, for light land management, and property maintenance. While Limb Ninja are made for cutting of vegetation, saplings and overhanging limbs on hunting lanes, roads and driveways.

The main differences between Limb Ninja vs Lane Shark are their blades, safety features and price points. Limb Ninja offers dual blades but Lane Shark has got a single double sided blade. Prices for Limb Ninja start from 3155 USD while Lane Shark is priced over 4500 USD.

Limb Ninja vs Lane Shark

We have mentioned the major differences and similarities of the two brush cutters by writing their specifications side by side in this table, so that you can see the differences by yourself.

FactorLimb NinjaLane Shark
MaterialsSteel Plate and IronSteel Plate
BladesDual BladesDouble Sided
Safety FeaturesBelt DriveN/A
InstallationHydraulic InstallationHydraulic Installation
Price3155 USD to 3655 USD4500 USD to 4700 USD
CompatibilityAny Tractor (Skid Steers Also)Mid-sized Tractor (Not Skid Steers)
Warranty1 Year1 Year
After-sales ServicesParts Are AvailableParts Are Available
Weight<400 lbs<450 lbs

Limb Ninja vs Lane Shark : Quick Comparison

Now, we will be discussing broadly about the major differences and similarities between Limb Ninja and Lane Shark.


Limb Ninja Brush Cutters are mainly made of Steel plates and Iron. ⅛” steel plate is used for the deck’s construction, while 3/16” angle iron is used for support. Steel measuring ¼” thick makes up all quick attachment pieces.

Lane Shark Brush Cutters are also made from Steel plates. The deck is made up of ⅛” steel plates and attachments are ¼” thick.

So, the materials used in these two brush cutters are almost the same. There are no major differences.


Limb Ninja offers dual blades. Which means you get two blades that are more efficient and can cut more grass at a time.

Lane Shark offers a Single Dual Sided blade. Which means it will keep rotating when you use it and cut grass from both sides.

From this view, Limb Ninja is clearly the winner in this segment as it can cut more grass at a time compared to Lane Shark.

Safety Features

Limb Ninja offers Belt drive technology to protect the motor from harm if it runs into anything too large to pass.

On the other hand, we found no safety features included in the Lane Shark models.

So, Limb Ninja has the advantage here as it offers an additional safety feature.


Limb Ninja and Lane Shark both offer Hydraulic Installation options. Both of these brush cutters offer similar installation options. So, there are no major differentiation in this section.


Each Limb Ninja is side to side customizable to match the length of a skid steer, full-size vehicle, or small tractor.

While, we saw a lack of flexibility in the Lane Shark’s models. There are mentions of adjustability in the product’s specifications.

So, Limb Ninja has the advantage in this section as well.


The official price of Limb Ninja Basic is 3155 USD and the Flip Deluxe model is priced as 3695 USD.

While the price of a Lane Shark LS-3 and LS-2 are set at 4500 USD and 4700 USD respectively.

Limb Ninja brush cutters are being offered at a very economical rate which is almost 1000 to 1500 USD less than the Lane Shark models.


The Limb Ninja brush cutter works with any tractors with fast attach connections that will be compatible. When ordering, you just have to specify whichever quick attachment you have.

The Lane Shark is compatible with most mid range tractors that have an appropriate auxiliary stream and SSQA attachment mechanism. (At Least 5 GPM) Auxiliary hydraulics or a Lane Shark Valve Kit are required. Auxiliary pressure returns to the sump. Incompatible with skid steers.

As the Limb Ninja is adjustable, it can work with any sort of tractor as well as skid steers. But, that is not the case for Lane Shark. So, Limb Ninja is more preferable.


Both companies are offering 1 year warranty for their respective machines. So, it is a draw in this round.

After-sales Services

Parts for both machines are widely available in the local and international market. So, you should not face any problems regarding the after sales service for these machines.


The Limb Ninja weighs just under 400 lbs.

But, The Lane Shark weighs around 450 lbs.

So, the Limb Ninja is more preferable as it has 50 lbs less weight than the Lane Shark.

Which one is Better for you: Limb Ninja vs Lane Shark

As we have already seen, the Limb Ninja is honestly far better than the Lane Shark brush cutters. Why? It has less weight, it is compatible with any tractor and skid steer, it costs you less, it offers you more flexibility and has an extra safety feature.

While the warranty, installations, and after-sales services sections are of equal value for both the machines.No matter for whatever reason you purchase the brush cutter (professional or personal), the Limb Ninja should be the winner.


How much is a Lane Shark?

A Lane Shark LS-2 costs 4700 USD, while the LS-3 is priced at 4500 USD.

How much is a Limb Ninja?

Limb Ninja Basic is officially priced at 3155 USD, while the Flip Deluxe variant costs 3695 USD.

Is Lane Shark compatible with any tractor?

Most mid-range tractors with an adequate auxiliary stream and SSQA attachment mechanism are compatible with the Lane Shark. But it is not compatible with skid steers.


If you want flexibility and running on a tight budget, just go for the Limb Ninja. But, if you have a specific mid-range tractor that you think will be more compatible with a Lane Shark, you can opt for that. Limb Ninja is offering far more benefits at a lower price range than the Lane Shark.

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