5 Most Common Lane Shark Problems And Solutions

Lane Shark Problems

Lane Shark is an admired mid-size tractor attachment that has an additional brush cutter feature.  The tractor was originally manufactured in the USA. This mid-size tractor is useful for clearing trails, roads, pond edges, underbrush, etc by reducing your load of work. Further it will save you a lot of time and energy.

The unit from Lane Shark USA can easily cut branches, brush, saplings, and underbrush up to 2-3″ in diameter. Unlike land clearing units, this tractor attachment is designed to maintain the land. In spite of the nice features, Lane Shark has some drawbacks. And whether you are a Lane Shark user or thinking of buying one, you need to be aware of them.

Common Problems Of Lane Shark

  1. Cutting Bush Hog Incorrect
  2. Lack Of Adequate Pump Flow
  3. Hydraulic Flow Rate Increase by Misleading Uses
  4. Hydraulic Hose Difficult To Use On Loader Arms
  5. Hydraulic Drive Overheating

Problems and solutions of Lane Shark Tractor

When you know the possible cause of the problems you are facing with your Lane Shark tractor, it becomes easier to solve them. And knowing the solutions give you the knowledge to act fast without worries. Also, if you can solve the problems by yourself, then it will save you from the hassle of calling a tractor mechanic.

So, the common problems and solutions of Lane Shark tractor are given below:

1. Cutting Bush Hog Incorrect

Lane Shark tractors are specialized for cutting bushes. They clear out the side bushes of your driveway, and Shark Lane would not let the brunches disturb you in the road. But if it does not do its prior job properly and without following the alignment, then you know there is something wrong with it.


If you are facing improper cuts with your Shark Lane, that means the blades might be dull and worn out. You will need to troubleshoot and check the condition of the blades. If they are worn out, you can sharpen them or replace them with the help of an expert as this is a risky job. However, you can also remove weight from your tractor when you cut bushes for better results from next time.

2. Lack Of Adequate Pump Flow

Lane shark problems arise primarily from inadequate pump flow. You may experience this problem if you turn off the drive and do not consider the importance of the sump return line is. It is difficult to solve this problem as this comes with their default features. However, you can still call Shark Lane’s customer care and they will provide you with the maximum help you need.

3. Hydraulic Flow Rate Increase by Misleading Uses

Lane Shark tractors need to be cleaned up properly after its cutting and mowing jobs. For that you can follow the the instruction manual. But there are some misleading information there, where it is mentioned that you can attach Lane Shark valve kit to it though it will not be the right fit. However, if you install it incorrectly, then you will get not good result from the cutting, you might also need to pay extra cost for repair and reinstall.

4. Hydraulic Hose Difficult To Use On Loader Arms

There seems to be a problem with the lane shark’s loader arms’ ability to move when the pump is running. You may not be able to run it if you install it into a truck with the wrong specifications of attachments. .


Always make sure to attach or install the right attachments according to the specifications. You can take guidance from the manufacturer company or a professional to help you with this if you feel confused.

5. Hydraulic Drive Overheating

Overheating problems are not uncommon for machines like Lane Shark. Usually, Lane Shark’s lawsuits deal with tree saws. It is vital for making vertical and horizontal cuts in golf.


To solve the overheating problem, you should be careful about not to overdo your hydraulic oil circulation. The oil should not run through the outlet continuously. You can overheat your lane shark only because of overusing the hydraulic fluid.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much tractor weight is required for Lane Shark?

Answer. Minimum  3,000lbs tractor weight is required for Lane Shark.

2. What Are Rear Remote Hydraulic Valves?

Simple hydraulic connections are made with rear remotes. Its task was to optimize the hydraulic cylinders inside the tractor through the construction of a quick connection for the pistons.

3. What is the cost of the Lane Shark?

The Lane Shark can cost up to $3,900-$4,199 approximately. This price however may very from seller to seller and the condition of the Lane Shark. The price might go down in the future when there will be new models.

Final Words

You will need a brush cutter for your mid size tractor for many reasons and Lane Shark is a good choice for that. However, do not judge it by the few drawbacks as every machine has some drawbacks. If you maintain and install the Lane Shark properly, then it will provide you a good service for a longer period.

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  1. Kabota LS3901 has enough hydraulic flow? Is there a factory shop in my area that can hookup and assemble. what is the weight of my tractor? Kabota states my tractor is not enough to handle your lane shark. Does the lane shark have a quick disconnect?


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