How to Get Rid of House Flies With Vinegar?

Houseflies are often attracted by the smell of food, which drives them inside our house through windows. They are not only irritating and disturbs us by sitting on our face or body but also cause many kinds of diseases. The presence of houseflies is almost universal. Typically they lay their eggs on rotting organic matter, animal droppings, and garbage. So, you know, they are very filthy and very likely to spread germs.

There are a variety of things that attract flies. Overripe fruit, alcohol, and sweet soda are usually the most common culprits, along with decaying organic matter, such as old garbage and pet droppings. Fly infestations in and around the home are caused by pet food dishes with leftovers, unapplied garbage, thick shrubbery, and any decomposition of organic debris, such as animal droppings or dead animals.

Threats of Having Flies at Home

How to Get Rid of House Flies With Vinegar?
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Flies might seem harmless at first glance as they do not bite usually. Most flies will not sting or bite you. However, flies can carry at least 200 parasites and pathogens that can harm humans, including cluster flies. It is therefore important that you avoid flies and keep your house free of this disgusting insect.

Alternatively, these flies often inhabit rotting food and manure, trash cans, decaying flesh, and decaying tissues. Any pathogens that may be present in these areas are picked up by them and can then be transmitted from where they land on the surface – whether it be the foods we eat or the surfaces we touch. Typhoid, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and food poisoning are a few of the diseases spread by flies.

How to Get Rid of House Flies With Vinegar?

Flies enter homes through open doors and windows, so you need to cover food, remove food debris, and keep the trash in tightly sealed containers in order to prevent this from happening. And it is also possible to get rid of flies with the items that are already present in your house, like- vinegar! Flies are effectively eliminated by this simple element. 

The ways of how to get rid of house fly with vinegar are given below:

Vinegar and Dish Soap Mix

The two ingredients should be mixed in equal parts in a small bowl with a pinch of sugar. The dish soap should have a fruity smell. You can use a mixture of vinegar and dish soap to attract flies. Mix apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap. The method differs from the previous one in that you mix apple cider vinegar and dish soap in a tall glass. Put plastic wrap over the glass. Poke small holes in the top of the plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band.

Vinegar will attract flies, which are attracted to these holes and will fly through the glass. Nevertheless, the dish soap prevents the flies from landing on the vinegar since it causes them to sink.

Vinegar, old fruit, and paper cone

You can also make a liquid trap in a jar. This will have a stronger scent to attract the flies than the paper traps, so it will be more effective. A jar containing vinegar and extremely ripe fruit can be used to make this trap. Place the narrow opening of the cone through the narrow opening of a cone of paper, and then roll it into a cone. The smell of rotting fruits and vegetables will persuade the fruit flies to eat the trap, but the cone portion makes it hard for them to escape. This fruit fly trap’s cone shape makes it difficult for fruit flies to get out because it smells like rotting food.

Sticky fly paper

An easy way to get rid of flies is by stringing sticky strips of paper from the wall or wherever the flies are most visible. There are a lot of papers in the market available where there is glue on both sides of the papers. You can put vinegar on the sticky papers. Hanging strips of paper near a window or other large open space will help repel flies as eucalyptus oil has an unpleasant scent that keeps them away.

Vinegar and Plastic Wrap

You can use a bottle cap or a glass to make this DIY fruit fly trap. You can use nearly empty containers, too, as long as they aren’t full. Using a rubber band, secure the plastic wrap to the opening. After that, make a few small holes so that the flies can enter the jar. When flies get into the house, they would not be able to resist the strong scent of vinegar, and they won’t be able to leave. If you want to increase your chances of success, you can place a number of these traps around your kitchen and dining room, where flies are mostly found.

Setting up a Soda Bottle Trap

For this technique, you have to make a triangle out of the top third of the empty plastic bottle. You will need to fill the bottom third with sugar water and place the cut part upside down onto the bottom. The top should face the liquid. By doing so, you are creating a funnel of sorts. It is unlikely that fly larva will be able to create a new habitat in the bottle if you follow this technique. So, that was all about the ways of getting rid of house flies with vinegar.

Wrapping up

They are very easy and also effective if you try this at home. But make sure your children and pets do not accidentally consume any of the vinegar traps or get stuck by the sticky papers. Additionally, keeping your house clean and tidy, covering the garbage and food wastes and bathing your pets regularly will prevent the house flies from coming back frequently. However, a professional exterminator would be recommended if you are constantly plagued with flies, they’re extremely irritating, and you can not keep them in control with home made vinegar remedies.

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