John Deere vs Massey Ferguson: Which one is the Best?

In order to keep your lawn or yard in good shape, you must properly maintain it. However, you will need a lawn mower to make it happen. Lawn mowers are the only way to keep the grass on your lawn trimmed and tidy. The problem is that there are so many mower models to choose from. Among the most popular lawn mower brands are John Deere and Massey Ferguson.

When choosing between two popular lawn mower brands, it is very common to get confused. You might find it easier to choose the right one if you are familiar with the features of popular brands like John Deere and Massey Ferguson. They both are known best for performance and quality.

So, you can easily get confused between them like many other homeowners who are in need of a lawn tractor. The purpose of this article is to let you know which lawn mower matches the needs you have best, including its features, functions, and performance.

FeatureJohn DeereMassey Ferguson
Engine Power25-30 HP20-35 HP
Cutting Width42-72 inches42-72 inches
Deck ConstructionStamped SteelWelded Steel
Transmission TypeHydrostaticGear/Hydrostatic
Steering TypePowerManual
Seat TypeHigh-backLow-back
Price Range$4,000-$20,000$3,000-$15,000

John Deere

John Deere

According to both customer satisfaction and predicted reliability, only John Deere is considered Excellent among all manufacturers. Approximately 30% of John Deere’s models need to be repaired after four years. Kawasaki, Yanmar, or Briggs & Stratton engines are typically used in John Deere tractors, which are the most commonly used engines for lawn tractors.

John Deere’s lawn mowers are constantly being updated, making them one of the best on the market. Each new model reduces the shortcomings of the previous model based on customer requirements. The basic features of the John Deere mower are given below:


Almost all of John Deere’s machinery is powered by engines made by them, but for smaller machines with fewer horsepower requirements, like those under 100 horsepower, Kawasaki, Yanmar, and Briggs & Stratton engines are used.


John Deere’s operations are controlled by a joystick. The joystick can then be directly controlled from an operator station. With it, you will be able to move forwards and backward and then park the loader. John Deere integrated the hydraulic system into the loader’s stand so that it can move into place as the loader is parked.


Operating John Deere tractors does not require being a mechanic. Operators can easily switch between forward and reverse by operating the pedals on the right side. By rapidly pressing the left foot on the brake pedal, you can easily stop your car in an emergency.

A large part of the tractor’s ease of operation can be attributed to how the pedals are positioned. This arrangement has one disadvantage, which is occupying a great deal of floor space.

Cutting Quality

When it comes to cutting grass, John Deere performs exceptionally well. It’s hard to beat John Deere when it comes to side discharges. Mulching kits can be purchased from John Deere. The benefits of muddling grass include keeping it healthy.


There are only two transmissions on John Deere tractors, despite their ease of use. Because of this, you might be forced to drive at a faster or slower speed than what you would prefer.


If you want to ensure quality, then John Deere is an option for you. It may seem an expensive brand, but if you want to do things right, it is worth the price.

As an alternative, if you are on a budget, you may want to consider second-hand or used lawn mowers from John Deere. Even if you buy used ones, they still function perfectly because they are made from quality materials and have modern technologies.

Massey Ferguson


Under the Massey Ferguson brand name, a full line of lawn and garden tractors were available. It was never Massey Ferguson that manufactured the lawn tractors. The MF lawn tractors were licensed to Dura, AMF, and Ingersoll.

Simplicity became AGCO’s supplier in 1996 when AGCO purchased Massey Ferguson. With Massey Ferguson, you get a custom-built triple mower that pairs perfectly with the best tractors on the market.

The services Massey Ferguson dealers provide go far beyond selling high-quality equipment for farming. Additionally, there are many companies that sell lawn and garden tractors and zero-turn mowers.

Massey designed the GC1700E/M Series for maximum performance in a highly competitive subcompact market. With the GC1700E/M Series models, you can mow, remove snow, loader, and backhoe with ease.

The fact that you can operate mid-mount and rear PTOs simultaneously allows you to handle two tasks at once. The following are some of the features of the Massey Ferguson:


There is an option for a 23 or 25 horsepower tractor, loader, and backhoe with Massey Ferguson. Running at a lower RPM will reduce engine wear and increase engine life for Massey Ferguson engines. You can accomplish your tasks faster when applying the hydraulic flow of a Massey Ferguson.


Massey tractors run with lower speeds, ranging between 200 and 600 RPM, as compared to John Deere tractors.

Due to this, John Deere 1 Series engines will wear less, have a longer service life, and be quieter than those from other manufacturers. You’ll find that these machines are an ideal choice for homeowners, contractors, or municipalities.

Control and Usage 

Tractors and lawn mowers from Massey Ferguson are reliable and comfortable. The V-Twin engines and hydrostatic transmissions are built for rugged, reliable performance, with all-steel construction, welded frames, high-performance, and easy-to-use hydraulic systems.

Massey Ferguson’s updated lawn mowers feature a SafetySwing feature, which automatically swerves backward and up to clear obstructions, helping to prevent damage to the mower. In addition, the automatic reset eliminates the need to shut down the tractor.

Fuel Capacity

With the GC1700E/M Series compacts, you will be able to work longer and accomplish more work each time because they hold 1 gallon more fuel than the Deere models.

Cutting Quality

In addition to offering optimum adaptation to ground contours and superior visibility from the cab, Massey Ferguson lawn tractors feature a sturdy support frame to prevent twisting. Besides hydraulically shifting the mower unit sideways, you can also achieve better visibility and maximize your cutting ability around corners.


The GC1700E/M model of Massey Ferguson also offers a radiator mounted at the rear to keep the operator comfortable. As a result of this configuration, the operator’s station pulls clean and cool air forward to the engine.


Massey Ferguson lawn tractors are indeed one of the best lawn tractors on the market, especially at such a competitive price point.

As a result, the company can match or beat the price on most mowers that are comparably equipped in terms of efficiency and production volume. A standard lawn mower from Massey Ferguson costs about $6,999 and above, which is quite reasonable.

Final Words

It is impossible for there to be an absolute best mower. Making the right choice based on the application and compatibility of the product is crucial. Both the Massey Ferguson and John Deere lawn tractors are good choices if you are looking for a lawn tractor.

Both performers are very good. The two products are similar in terms of comfort, ease of use, safety, and utility.

If you want equipment that is easier to maneuver, cheaper, and more reliable, you may want to consider a John Deere model. On the contrary, it is a good choice if you desire a lawn mower at an affordable price if you choose the Massey Ferguson.

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