7 Common John Deere 6120E Problems and Solutions

The John Deere 6120E is a powerful utility tractor that provides 122 horsepower. Its Power Tech engine provides excellent performance and fluid economy. It has a power transmission to make the operation smooth. Also, it is very comfortable to ride as it has 15 degrees of seat swivel with an optional air-ride seat.

Nevertheless, there might be a few drawbacks of this tractor which you will experience after using it for some time. But do not worry about that as most of them can be resolved. Engine problems, improper valve timing, gear teeth crumbling, low oil rating, taking a long time to start, low compression, steering not working, noise problems, etc., are the most common problems of the John Deere 6120E.

7 Common Problems of John Deere 620E

Every vehicle, including the John Deere 6120E, can have some issues due to long-time and rough usage. Some even have default issues by the manufacturer company. But if you know the causes of the issues, you will be able to solve the problem easily.

1. Engine problems

The most common engine problem of John Deere 6120E is that the diesel engine does not crank. The problem can happen due to an incorrect level or type of fuel. This creates high pressure in the fuel pump, and that causes damage to the pump.

Check the instruction manual to know the right level and type of fuel. Drain the fuel pump and insert new fuel. However, if your fuel pump is already damaged, then you will need to replace the fuel pump first and then drain it to refill the pump with new fuel. 

2. Improper valve timing

Improper valve timing can prevent the engine from taking the start. It might also seem like the engine has failed. This can cause confusion between high and low compression. This results in worn-out cylinder bores. Also, this can be caused by leaks between the seats and valves.

To fix the problem, you need to adjust the timing of valve settings. Then check the cylinder bores and repair them if they are worn out. Next, fix the leakages. Also, make sure the engine is not too cold to start. Give it some time to warm up before you start the tractor.

3. Gear teeth crumbling

If your tractor has a crumbling gear teeth crumbling problem, you need to install new tractor gears. If you do not fix it soon, you might hear weird and loud noises from the front axle when you run the tractor.

To solve this problem, you need to replace the gears. Also, check for the bearings are firmly erased or not. If not, then install them firmly. If they are too damaged, then repair them properly.

4. It takes a long time to start

The engine of the John Deere tractor takes a long time to start in the cold weather. Also, it can happen due to low fuel and low compression. This can obstruct oil passages. Also, damaged piston rings, leakages, fuel contamination, and clogged fuel filters can cause this problem.

Check the fuel condition. If it is discolored, then it might be contaminated with water or other elements. You need to drain all the fuel and refill with new fuel. When the fuel filter is blocked with debris, the fuel can not pass through easily, which delays the starting. So, always clean your fuel filter, and change it if it is damaged. And replace all the faulty parts like- piston rings if damaged. Fix any sort of leakage; otherwise, it will cause the fuel to waste away.

5. Engine failures

If you experience failure with the John Deere 6120E engine failing, the reason includes air leaks in suction lines, low voltage, blockage in exhaust pipes, clogged filter, fuel tank blockage, or letting your engine idle for a long time, etc.

To solve the issue, you need to fix all the air leaks by bleeding air in the suction lines and ensure the battery is charging correctly. If not, check the battery condition. Replace the battery if it is damaged. This will fix the low voltage issue. Clean the exhaust pipes, filters, and fuel tank to remove all debris. Also, ensure not to idle your engine for too long the next time.

6. Steering problems

Your steering might feel too loose or too hard sometimes. Both of these are reflections of deeper problems. Low oil rating, malfunction in hydraulic cylinder, faulty power steering pump. To solve this issue, you need to pour fuel to full level. Then replace the hydraulic cylinder if it malfunctions. Repair the faulty power steering pump. This will solve the loose steering issue.

When your steering feels hard, check the suction and replace it if it is damaged. Then check the alignment of the front wheels. If they are wrong, rearrange them correctly. Also, check the power steering. Install new power steerings if necessary.

Steering problems can also be caused if air enters the hydraulic system. You will need to remove the air. Also, check for any trouble with the hydraulic steering cylinder. Replace the component if necessary.

7. Noise problem

Making too much noise when running is a very common tractor problem. Check if the noise is coming from the tractor’s front axle. If it is, it might be because the gear’s teeth are crumbling. If this is the issue, then you need to install new gears. Also, check the bearings. If they are erased, then change them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are John Deere tractors reliable?

John Deere is one of the most excellent and dependable tractor brands on the market. Some claim that these tractors are the most dependable ones ever. However, issues still occur regardless of how trustworthy a business grows in terms of its reputation among customers.

What is the John Deere E series?

A John Deere E Series small or utility tractor with a value-spec engine has a horsepower rating ranging from 22 to 135 horsepower. This user-friendly E Series tractor provides you with everything you’d anticipate from a John Deere tractor, including comfort, convenience, and dependability, all at an affordable price.

Final Words

The John Deere 6120E tractor will make your lawn tasks easier, which will handle all of the heavy liftings. It will deliver excellent performance and will meet all of your needs. It should, however, be appropriately maintained and troubleshot regularly. As a result, it will be easier for you to reduce its problems.

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