10 Most Common Bad Boy Mowers Problems and Solution

The Bad Boy brand has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable and durable lawn mower brands on the market. The machines deliver the best cuts, are powerful, and ensure long-term productivity.

There’s no doubt that this is a trusted and well-known brand. You can just keep in mind that Bad Boy mowers are not going to fail, whether you have never purchased one or have already had problems with one. Every brand faces such issues.

In addition to the common problems with lawnmowers, Bad Boy lawn mowers commonly have problems with their starter, cutting deck, and transaxle. The most common reasons behind these issues include wearing in use, low maintenance, and improper handling.

With some technical skills and the appropriate tools, you can troubleshoot your mower at home. So, in this article, we are going to talk about examining some of the common problems you may encounter and how to troubleshoot a Bad Boy Mower.

Most Common Bad Boy Mowers Problems:

1. There is no movement or start on the mower

The most common cause of an impossible-to-start lawn mower is a malfunctioning fuel pump. Fuel injection lines can sometimes be the culprit if the pump is not at fault.

Check them if possible. It is also possible for a new pump to be too dry and not function properly, preventing the mower from starting or from moving.


In order to ensure that fuel flows into the engine, you can replace the fuel pump or troubleshoot the fuel line. To ensure that the spark plugs are mounted properly, it is important to check their condition.

2. Problems With the Hydraulics

The suspension system on the Bad Boy mowers makes the ride smooth while maintaining the stability of the deck during rough terrain mowing. At the same time, your cut is unsurpassed, smooth, and clean.

You may also experience a rough ride and poor grass cutting quality if you have transaxle or hydraulic issues. Turf grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and Bermuda grass that need a clean-cut do not benefit from this.


You can check for oil leaks around the mower’s transmission. This might indicate that your seal kit needs to be replaced.

3. Transaxle Problems

One of the most important mower parts is the transaxle. Motor power is transmitted to the wheels by this component. A malfunction will prevent this component from functioning properly.


Getting a new seal kit and installing it will solve the problem of leaking fluid. You might want to have the hydro system inspected by a mechanic to determine whether any problems exist there.

4. Problems with electric deck lifts

A Bad Boy mower may have problems lowering or raising the deck when the actuator doesn’t work properly.

It is caused by the mower shaft not screwing in and out, rather than spinning, which can be caused by the mower shaft slipping. Another possibility is that the sleeve of the screw shaft is too rusted.


You’ll want to unscrew your motor and check the motor housing for moisture if you want to repair and solve your electric deck lift problems.

Also, make sure that there is a seal on the housing. If that does not help then you can try to apply sealant gaskets to fix bad house sealing.

You’ll have to clean that area of rust, apply grease, and check again to determine whether your deck is now lifting and lowering properly if it is related to rust on the screw shaft’s sleeve.

5. Alignment Problem

The alignment of your Bad Boy Mower is another common issue. The mower is out of alignment if you see it pulling to one side and derailing from the original track while you mow.

The mower is deviating off the mowing line and going in the wrong direction, no matter what direction you want it to go. One of the most common reasons for this is that one side of the shock absorber fails, or the tires have been improperly adjusted.

6. The Spindles Are Faulty

Cutting decks contain blades mounted on the spindles. A blade’s proper rotation is their responsibility.

if your Bad Boy mower has faulty spindles, that can cause the blades to spin unevenly and, eventually, cut unevenly. A bad spindle can also lead to noises and slow heating. So, you must get it fixed as soon as possible.


Your mower’s damaged spindle can be repaired by removing it, repairing it, and replacing it. You can alternatively replace the entire spindle by purchasing a new one.

7. Inconsistent and Poor Quality of Cutting

The deck or components within the deck may be to blame if your mower isn’t cutting or the quality of cut is declining.

8. There is no power outage

It happens from time to time that your Bad Boy lawn mower fails to start. There’s a possibility that the motor simply would not turn over on its own.

9. Vibrations on the Deck

Bad Boy mowers may shake after mowing for hundreds of hours. If the lock collars and pulleys are missing screws, vibrations may occur. A worn-out spindle key is another reason for this issue.

10. Problems with steering

One of the most common causes of steering problems is hitting any object. The steering system may suffer as a result of the wheels being jarred. There may also be problems that occur due to wear and tear.

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Final Thoughts

There is no mower in the market that does not wear out after use including Bad Boy mowers. Although Bad Boy mowers are not free of problems and errors, they are still among the best.So you should not think that the problems above are reasons not to buy them.

Because with proper troubleshooting and actions you can make your Bad Boy mower serve your lawn for a long time.

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