8 Common Bad Boy Mower Deck Problems And Solutions

Over the years Bad Boy lawn mowers are known for their heavy-duty design and have built an impressive reputation in the lawn care sector. But there have been some problems with it now and then. However most of the problems are related to the deck. Hence, this article will take you through the Bad Boy Mowers common deck problems so that you know how to fix them and also be aware of the problems and solutions before you are buying a new one.

Common Bad Boy Mower Deck Problems:

You probably know that Bad Boy mowers often have problems with the deck if you’ve used one for a while. The majority of these problems are caused by worn-out parts, lack of maintenance, or improper usage. So, the common problems of the Bad Boy Mower deck and its solutions are given below:

1. Streaking

When a mower leaves streaks of uncut grass behind, it is called streaking. Poor blade maintenance or operator error is usually responsible for streaking. This is caused because of many reasons like- when blades are not sharp enough, slow engine and when the deck is plugged with grass.


To solve your streaking problem you need to check if your engine is working correctly or not, if not you must repair the engine. Then the most important thing is to keep your mower deck blade sharp before every use. Also, do not forget to clean the mower deck after every use. This will get rid of the plugged grass and your mower deck will stop streaking.

2. Shaky Mower Deck

While Bad Boy mowers usually have a sealed deck, the blades need to be serviced after a few hundred hours of mowing and even the decks need to be checked. A shaky mower deck can be caused by worn set screws on pulleys and lock collars, which can cause the cutting surface to shake or vibrate. When your Bad Boy mower starts and runs, it may shake or vibrate when the spindle key is worn out, too.


It is necessary to tighten the belt adjustment at the drive pulley to solve the shaky mower deck problem. The spindle and bearings can also be checked and replaced if any screws are missing. You should also check that the blades are balanced if you recently installed new blades under your lawn mower deck if this does not solve your problem with a shaking mowing deck.

3. Stingers

Stingers are small areas of grass that remain uncut after mowing. In most cases, stingers are caused by improper maintenance of blades or faulty technology. In the middle of your mowing rows, there may be a bunch of uncut grass, which means your mower is out of balance or oriented incorrectly.


When you buy a new lawn mower or replace an old mower deck, then make sure the deck is being installed correctly or not. For that, you need to adjust the mower blades tightly and keep them balanced from both sides,

4. Deck Blades Do Not Work

Sometimes when the mower blades are too damaged you will find your deck blades are not working at all. This happens when mower deck blades are worn down too far or in absence of proper and regular maintenance.


If you are facing the problem of the mower deck not working at all you should get your mower deck replaced. Cause it might be not repaired or sharpened anymore.

5. Electric deck lift problems

Your bad boy mower’s electric deck lift may malfunction, causing the deck not to raise or lower. The screwing in and out of the actuator could be caused by shaft failure despite the actuator spinning. Check the actuator housing for moisture before unscrewing the actuator to repair it and fix your electric deck lift problems.


Applied sealant gaskets can be used to solve the problem of insufficient house sealing. But if the issue does not solve after this, then you can try checking for rust and cleaning it with grease.

6. Scalping Grasses

If you are facing scalping problems with your mower deck then it might be happening because the engine speed is too slow or the ground speed is too fast.


To solve the mower deck problem which causes scalping you need to check if the engine is working fine, if it is then you need to mow at full speed or full throttle. Otherwise, you might end up having scalping grass out of your lawn mower deck. If you feel like your ground speed is too fast, then you can slow down.

7. Grass Between Two Blades

You will find grass between the two-deck blades of your mower if your cutting height adjustments are not correct.


You must first adjust the cutting height of the deck blades if you encounter grass between the deck blades of your mower. Raising the deck using the raise/lower switch is required for mowers with actuators. If your machine has a foot pedal, you will have to press the foot pedal to raise the deck once it is raised. After you have adjusted the deck height with the dial, you can lower it with the lower/raise switch.

8. Decline In Cut Quality

Your mower may have a problem with its deck or internal components if it is not cutting or its cut quality is declining. A lot of reasons can be behind it so you will need proper troubleshooting to avoid this problem.


To solve the decline of your mower cut-quality you need to do a thorough check-up of your lawn mower deck. You might need the help of an expert if you can not do it alone. After checking the mower deck blades and if you find no problem with it then you can Check spring and belt tension. If they are faulty, replace or repair them.

Final Words

The Bad Boy lawn mower is a piece of amazing lawn equipment to provide your lawn care needs. Do not let the problems of the Bad Boy Mower Deck problems scare you into not buying it. Because of any brand you buy you will face the common deck problems. However, as you know the solutions to the problems now, you can try out the Bad Boy mower and it is guaranteed that it will not disappoint you with its quality.

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