Bad Boy Outlaw XP Mower Reviews 2023

Bad Boy Mowers are pretty popular in the market nowadays. With the Outlaw XP model, Bad Boy has been able to retain its reputation. This powerful mower is designed to be firmer and smoother than other similar products in the market. Bad Boy Outlaw XP Mower also ensures a comfortable experience.

This model from Bad Boy Mowers has added a great value to the zero turn mower criteria. Additional features that are even more impressive than the previous additions from Bad Boy will undoubtedly make you fall in love with it. The mower offers excellent functionality, along with fine cuts in every unit. Professionals also suggest this product.

As known for delivering ‘Great Value,’ Bad Boy Outlaw XP Mower is available in three deck models. Along with three engine types, this product is a perfect choice for those who sought perfection.

In this article, we have come with a detailed review of Bad Boy Outlaw XP Mower. The review is designed after comprehensive market research. So, you will get a view of each factor regarding this product. Without any further ado, let’s get started!


The Outlaw XP offered by Bad Boys has set a standard for other commercial mowers in the market. It will give years of performance without withering its performance. Here are the key features of this product:

  1. Premium comfort seats made with cushions and easily adjustable. The seat has side and upper back support as well.
  2. It comes with three engine types, each guarantees different cutting decks.
  3. SteerTek drive system ensures precise driving.
  4. Self-lubricating bushing and robust construction ensure better performance.
  5. Dual hydraulic fuel tanks can hold up to 13.8 gallons of fuel for one-day non-stop performance.
  6. Dual individual drive motors.
  7. Reaper turf tires ensure comfortable and smooth riding.
  8. The Kawasaki model includes an all-new Yamaha 824cc EFI engine.
  9. Front and rear dual back support to minimize vibration and damage.


The sturdy body has always been a part of all units of Outlaw XP Mowers. The standard steel frame is quite robust to tolerate even unusual rocky fields. Bad Boy Outlaw XP Mower successfully balances its weight with quality tires. The materials are of high quality that ensures a long time use, even in hilly tracks.


Outlaw XP comes with three different engines that will give you a breathtaking experience. However, all of the machines have a 12V starter. You will find a similar 90-degree V-twin cylinder in all three engines out there. The engine models are Yamaha EFI 824cc engine, Kawasaki FX850 engine, and Vanguard 36hp engine.

You will need unleaded gasoline to run the engines. The engines have a modern air cooling system to keep up with the usage. Outlaw XP from Bad Boy can speed up to 12mph, which is far better than other similar commercial mowers in the market.

The dual hydraulic tanks have a capacity of 13.8 gallons of fuel. The hydraulic systems are more extensive and top-notch than other mowers. It helps to cool down the engines and ensure the optimum power and speed of your desire. With the SteerTek driving system, along with a robust power engine, you will have an agile driving experience. 


Bad Boy has specially developed the Outlaw XP models to be externally fascinating. The combination of black and orange gives off a soothing vision. The detailing of the body parts and the overall design will surely bring forth aesthetics. Professionals also suggest this design for the integration of a comfortable premium seat and ergonomic build.


When you are comfortable around something, you will get close to it. Comfort has always been a significant concern for Bad Boy. The additions of Outlaw XP Mowers from Bad Boy aren’t any different. When you compare other commercial mowers with this model, you will see the differences.

There is an option of using three different cutting decks according to how you want your mower to operate. The cushioned seat adds excellent value to the comfort of users. The shock absorbers in front and rear parts mitigate the vibrations when working in rocky tracks. Overall, Outlaw XP Mower will ensure you the utmost comfort and safety while keeping the machine parts safer.


As discussed before, Bad Boy Outlaw XP Mowers don’t compromise with the user’s comfort and safety. The chair is in such a place; the user must not fret about falling off from the mower. The wide rear tires will provide super traction for hilly areas. Overall, a hundred percent safety is ensured if you choose Outlaw XP commercial mowers.


Price is an essential factor that must be judged while you are out there buying something. There are products in the saturated market, not worth the price, and eventually, you face the ultimate loss. Bad Boy Outlaw XP Mowers can assure you the value for your money. Overall, you won’t regret the decision you made.

Price may vary if you want to buy attachments. You have to add extra bucks for delivery also.


Talking about commercial mowers in the market, Outlaw XP additions from Bad Boy dominates all. The features we have discussed above are top-notch for any similar products in the industry. Our team has conducted thorough research regarding the product and came up with the best review you can ever ask for.

We also analyzed customer reviews because they reflect the actual quality based on the users’ experience. After exploring different reviews from various sources, we have come with our final rating for Bad Boy Outlaw XP Mowers.

Our Verdict

We have tried to cover all the topics regarding Outlaw XP Mowers. Our opinion will be to select the desired mower from three available designs with different engines according to your operation. The cost is fair concerning the given features. If you are to buy a mower, don’t hesitate to choose Bad Boy Outlaw XP Mower.

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