12 Common CFMoto ZForce 800 Problems and Solutions

The ZFORCE series from CFMOTO is a range of sports side by side that do not allow the tough ground to get in the way of having fun. You may ride at breakneck speeds and zoom around twisted curves; these elevated bikes can handle whatever you toss at them.

However, despite being an excellent brand for off-road bikes, you can still encounter some problems with the CFMoto ZForce. In this article, we will discuss the common issues and solutions for CFMoto ZForce 800.

The CFMoto ZForce 800 may produce different problems, but engine issues are the most common ones. The engine may not start, it may start and stops, and overheating issues. Further, you may also face unstable idle speed, noise, not getting enough power, abnormal acceleration, poor brakes, loss of power steering, front or rear wheel runout, issues with rear suspension, and CTV noise.

Problems and Solutions of CFMoto ZForce 800:

The 2022 CFMoto ZForce 800 is a good choice if you are searching for an entry-level leisure side-by-side. This comes with standard features that other companies charge extra for, and its modest size makes it easy to pull with a small SUV.

So, do not let the problems bother you much from buying and using the CFMoto ZForce 800 as it has fantastic features and that too at a very reasonable price. You can solve most of the problems by yourself when you know the core cause of the issues and primary solutions.

So, let us dive in.

1. The engine does not start.

If your UTV engine can not start or rotates but does not start, it has engine starting problems. It is mainly caused by low voltage, low battery power, low ignition circuit or low ECM voltage and motor oil stem, and insufficient voltage reaching the coils.  Error codes P0122 and P0351-P0352 are occasionally associated with the problem.

To fix the engine starting problem, you will need to check the cable connections and the main fuse, then crank the engine to verify whether the voltage is less than 12V before and after the fuse. If that’s the case, your problem will be solved. If not, then you may need to troubleshoot the error codes separately.

2. The engine starts but stops after some time

When there is difficulty in starting your CF to UTV engine, you will start experiencing problems like an overheated engine, clod engine, indistinct fuel system, or vehicle not turning over, etc. this might also occur when the speed limiter is always on.

To fix this problem, you will need to examine your RPM and make sure your fuses, batteries, sparks, and cable connections are all in good working order to narrow down the source of the problem. Additionally, make sure to see whether your kill switch is malfunctioning since this is frequently the case. Engine starting and stopping might also be caused by not thoroughly cleaning your wheeler after driving on muddy terrain.

3. Engine overheating

If you ride on your CFMoto ZForce UTV for too long, it will naturally overheat. Making the UTV run overtime means ignoring the maintenance instruction, which causes further damage, and as a result, the engine might overheat frequently. The other causes of overheating the engine include- a blocked coolant line, a filthy radiator fan, a damaged water pump, a cooling system leak, etc.

You need to repair the radiator or replace it with a digital radiator fan or a high-pressure radiator cap to fix the overheating problem. You can also use a recovery tank to store surplus fluid. And to prevent the problem, you need to switch off your vehicle if you detect an unexpected decrease of power or ticking noises while driving. This will keep the engine lubricant from drying up entirely and the cylinders stopping.

Additionally, you can Invest in a long-lasting aftermarket water pump and impeller or check that the original water pump spins smoothly. And lastly, avoid driving in too hot temperatures.

4. Unstable idle speed

During and after the warm-up phase, you might experience idle speed instability since this is a prevalent problem with the CFMoto ZForce 800. This usually happens when electric components are turned on or the voltage is too high, and idle speed difficulties might develop. Due to the vehicle’s fuel injection technology, there is no way to alter engine idle speed. Hence adjustments must be made by the manufacturer.

If you notice irregular idle speed settings, contact your supplier or dealer for servicing since this might lead to poor engine performance and damage. Keep in mind that the average idle speed of your ZFORCE engine should be between 1300 and 100 RPM.

5. Noise coming out of the vehicle

UTVs can be a little noisy, but if you hear unusual noise coming out of your vehicle, you better get it checked up because it can indicate more profound problems. Valve train, connecting rod/bearing, pressure sensor, or oil filter difficulties might cause loud banging or rattling sounds. If the engine noise is considerable, it is advisable not to restart the machine. Investigate the source of the engine sounds, and brace yourself for a fall.

Ensure there are no iron flaking or any other blockages in the oil filter. If the clutch is loosened, that might be the source of the issue if your UTV  was recently repaired. In that case, the whirring noise is likely due to poor or faulty installments, inadequately tensioned bolts, an inaccurately tuned EFI box, or a mistake made by the prior builder during the preceding repair.

6. UTV is not getting enough power

This is not a common problem, and it is hard to notice as well because, despite this problem, your vehicle might function all right. This usually happens to a clogged fuel filter. But there can be other reasons for this problem as well like- torn up connection wires, faulty spark plugs, poor battery or poor connection with the battery, expired fuel, etc. can be the culprit for your CFMoto ZForce not getting sufficient power.

This is one of the most difficult CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 issues to resolve since it necessitates a number of processes. You can start by checking the battery condition and the connection with the battery.

After that, check the spark plug and connection wires. You can run a compression test on the spark plugs and for that, you will need 5-8 spark plug sockets. If they are torn, replace them. Next, you can check if you are receiving a rich mixture of fuel. If not, crank the engine with the air filter removed and spray carb cleaning in the throttle body. Lastly, make sure to check the exhaust and make sure the tank’s nozzle isn’t trapped shut if it starts.

7. Abnormal acceleration

The acceleration of CFMoto ZForce is not up to the mark which is a disappointment. However, it might still have bigger problems. You might experience acceleration that seems constrained and underpowered even it is a brand-new UTV.

To fix the issue you can examine if your ZFORCE has faulty gas or a defective throttle position sensor, or if you ride in dusty environments, dust will get stuck in the accelerator and cause problems. The first-line maintenance would consist of checking the regulator, fuel systems, stock air filter, and filtration system. If no problems are discovered, contact your local dealer for help.

8. Poor brake performance

The brakes are another disappointment in CFMoto ZForce 800 UTV. They are not up to mark in quality. You should make sure to fix the brake problems as soon as possible because, if it does not work suddenly while driving, that might cause unwanted accidents.

You might think that changing the brakes and brake pads is the solution. But there are more fixes to this problem. The right solution is to remove all air in the brakes and replace the braking fluid. These basic measures can dramatically boost your CFMoto’s stopping power.

9. Loss of power steering

If your UTV has loss of a power steering problem, then you will experience EPS troubles with only 200 kilometers on your UTV. When the EPS (Electric Power Steering) fails or stops operating when making right turns, the vehicle steers spongy or too loose. It was partially due to a design issue. When a tire strikes anything hard, and the EPS sensor shuts off this might even cause serious accidents.

You can primarily solve this problem just by replacing the ECM. The problem can be solved also by modifying how you handle the controls. So pay attention to the shifter linkage. Maintain little force on the shifter when getting on and off the throttle when transferring to low. And lastly, make sure to identify the sensation of the shifter nicking into low.

10. Severe front/rear-wheel runout

If your CFMoto ZF 800 UTV has front or rear wheel runout problems, then you might be experiencing severe shaking or bouncing if you exceed the speed limit over 20mph. Abnormal wheel runout can be caused by a number of causes, including the tire, and rear axle installation.  Also, if your UTV has sat without use for too long or is overused with overload, rear-wheel runout issues can occur.

To fix the front wheel runout problem, you can rotate the wheel combination a number of screw locations on the center or rotate the tires 180 degrees on the wheel. You can also spray silicone between the tire bead and the wheel bead edge and inflate the tires to 30 pounds to solve the issue.

11. CVT noise

After changing into any gear, you may hear a crackling or screeching sound for a few seconds; this is a regular working feature created by the transmission fluid inside the CVT. But if the sound is like a wood planer, something may be amiss with your back axles.

To solve the problem, check for movement in bearings and CV joints, as well as endplay or side play movement in the pinions. The rear differential may possibly be too tight and need loosening, as well as the shims. The differential casing adjustment can also be loosened to solve the problem. 

However, if the problem is not still fixed then you should check other components like- motor mount bolts, gear shifter linkage, rubber engine mount components, cover bearing, engine brakes, etc.

In most cases, the main problem is that the H gearbox is either worn out or does not engage correctly. The worst-case situation is a gearbox alignment issue or a bent fork. For these problems, you will need to replace the parts.

12. The rear suspension is too soft or too hard.

If you experience the rear suspension is not in the correct pressure, then the cause of this problem is a hole in the lower rear A-arms. The hole in the fluid pipe allows oil to migrate away from the inside bushing into the A-arm frame. This can be identified as a default design fault from the manufacturer company because, even though this is a known defect, all A-arms are built the same manner, leaving users with no repair or cure for the issue identified by the company.

You can adopt a quick cure for this problem by lubricating the components before each ride. The good thing is that CFMOTO released a bulletin stating that they would cover the cost of repairing the problematic lower A-arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CFMotos any good?

If you want a good quality UTV at a reasonable price, you can easily count on CFMoto. The company began selling its vehicles in Canada in 1984. Their dependability and quality were both lacking. However, their goods have improved over time, and according to J.D. Power, CFMoto by Hyundai is now among the top 10 most dependable manufacturers.

Who owns CFMoto?

CFMOTO is a Chinese-owned and operated Powersports company. Its main products are ATVs (their exclusive products in the United States), motorcycles, and lubricants. In 2017, CFMOTO went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Is CFMoto reasonable in price?

CFMoto is a Chinese company, and you know that Chinese companies are best known for their affordability. However, CFMoto prioritizes quality over price, so while its bikes are affordable, they are also well-made and long-lasting.

Final Words

We hope this article has helped you solve the problems you encounter with your CFMoto ZForce 800 UTV. It is indeed a UTV of good quality, and you can reduce the difficulties by maintaining it properly.

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