Briggs and Stratton vs Kohler: Which to Buy in 2023

Briggs and Stratton vs Kohler

Many people have lawns or yards around their houses. The lawns and yards must be maintained properly. Otherwise, it will become dangerous. There can be snakes and puddles on the lawn if it isn’t properly tended. Also, it will not look good and will make a bad impression on the property. For that, people need small lawn mowers for residential or commercial use.

Briggs and Stratton is an engine manufacturing company that makes one of the best small engines for lawnmowers in the market. Kohler is one of their competitors. As they both are very popular, it is very common for customers to get confused about which to choose between them. The lawn equipment operates effectively thanks to these powerful engine brands.

Briggs and Stratton vs Kohler

To help you to get rid of your confusion, we are going to talk about the features and functions of the engines of these two brands in this article.

Briggs and Stratton

Briggs & Stratton has an old and prestigious history. This brand helped with metropolitan power growth between the years 1960 and 1980. Many lawn and gardening products came with their engines. The seven-horsepower engine, model 19 ser.3633, found in the 1960 Simplicity Wonderboy 700, is best known for using the engines of Briggs and Stratton. This company is highly regarded and has 13 large facilities in the United States, as well as eight more in Canada, Australia, China, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Mexico.

With only push mowers to choose from, Briggs severely limits consumer options. This means Briggs and Stratton’s mowers are only for personal use, not for commercial use. The company offers two types of mowers: gas and electric. As they focus on residential use, you can trust this brand in case you need mowing equipment for your house.

The features and functions of Briggs and Stratton mowers and engines are given below:


The main thing about this company is their engine. When it comes to the Briggs & Stratton 725 EXi engine, There are plenty of features to consider. Briggs & Stratton is known for its small engines. Summer or winter, this product is durable enough for every season. The engine can generate 7.25 ft-lbs of gross torque, making it powerful enough to be used on most types of surfaces. The engine doesn’t even require throttle or ignition.

Personalized Pace

Briggs & Stratton mowers have the Personal Pace system. This is a special technique that allows you to adjust your speed by changing paces. This is very useful while mowing hills. Pushing harder on the handle increases the speed when you use the Personal Pace system. Mowers slow themselves down when less pressure is applied to the handle. Compared to most mower engines, that system is smarter. It has been updated to use this technique on the reverse as well.

Easy start function

Staring is very easy in Briggs, and Stratton is very easy and smooth. It is easiest to start the mower rapidly by pulling it only twice or fewer times. By quick starting and going, this mower saves more time and energy than any other mower for residential use on the market. Although the grass is tall, the engine does not jerk or slow down. The mower can be started with two pulls or fewer before priming or clogging.

Oil Changing

The coolest advantage of Briggs and station is you would not need to change the oil. This is one of the primary selling points.


Most other mowers leak from the engine when parked upright, so you have to be careful. The latest models of Briggs and Stratton mowers offer a foldable design that allows it to be stored vertically, allowing it to save more space than ever before.


Although Briggs mowers are great for mowing the lawn, they have their own set of pitfalls. Briggs is a good value, however, considering the price. At an affordable price, this mower does an excellent job for homeowners who aren’t looking to spend a lot on a mower.


Engines manufactured by Briggs and Stratton are reliable and start up reliably every time. Briggs and Stratton produce engines from basic riding mowers to industrial-quality machines. A perfect replacement or upgrade for owners of riding mowers.

Briggs and Stratton made great engines in the past, but not anymore.


Generally, Briggs engines run longer than Kohlers. A Briggs & Stratton warranty even assures you that if the two pull-starts fail, the mower will be fixed free of charge.


The Briggs and Stratton engines are normally less expensive but still work well. Briggs & Stratton can be purchased for about $450. As you can certainly spend more or less on a mower, that would be about mid-level. As a result, it is both a performance and a durability product on a budget.


 Kohler engine
Kohler engine

Kohler introduced its Command Pro single- and twin-cylinder engine models in 1999. The Kohler engines were marketed to consumers and commercial users in the garden and turf tractor market. The Kohler brand is better for use in zero-turn mowers and ride-on mowers used in commercial mowing operations. A Kohler engine was specially designed for consumer tractors as well as commercial garden tractors. The choice comes down to personal preference with Kohler since the company offers a broad range of engine types.

The following are the features and functions of Kohler:


There is no substitute for Kohler engines. Having a little bit of regular maintenance, they can last well over 10,000 hours. However, the mower motors will experience oil leaks and oil gasket problems just like any other motor. Kohler offers a broader selection of power options and sizes.


Among the products Kohler makes are mower engines for a wide range of private and professional applications. You can always count on Kohler to provide you with quality, durability, and selection. Because, in this case, Kohler is the best choice out of the two options.

Weather Friendly

Kohler offers a variety of options that can be matched to a particular condition. It would be prudent to invest in an air conditioner with the appropriate cooling mechanisms and better air filtration if you live in a hot, drier area.


A Kohler is far more durable and balanced than its competition. Many competitors of Kohler have started producing cheaper products compromising the quality, but Kohler did not. A Kohler is more durable and better designed than a Briggs. Despite the cylinder count being higher, the engine is better balanced.


Kohler delivers a lot of durabilities when it comes to riding mowers. Particularly, the Commander series typically lasts for years and years. Their long lifespan is generally due to their low maintenance requirements.


The Kohler small engine ranges from $219 to $3,450, which is quite reasonable due to its quality.


A Kohler engine’s warranty is dependent on its intended use. Rentals and commercial use typically have shorter warranty periods than residential use. A Kohler engine’s warranty duration is also determined by its type.


So, as you can see, Briggs and Stratton and Kohler have their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose one according to your needs and compatibility. In our opinion, if you are looking for something reasonable to buy for your personal use, you can go for Briggs and Stratton. And if you are looking for something for commercial use, Kohler is the best option for you. 

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