5 Most Common Sany Excavator Problems and Solutions

If you are into farming, an excavator is a must-have piece of equipment. While there are a variety of excavators in the market, Sany is a popular name for its compact size and advanced features. So, if you are a beginner, you can quickly begin your farming tasks with the Sany excavator.

Nevertheless, it has some demerits too. You need to be aware of the issues before deciding on the vehicle, as it will be a long-term investment. Hydraulic pump issues, fuel contamination problems, track tension issues, gearbox issues, leakage problems, etc., are the common problems you might face with your Sany excavators.

5 Common Problems of Sany Excavator:

Any heavy-duty vehicle slows down after you have used them for a specific time, but that does not make them a bad excavator. When you know what caused the problems in the first place, you can work accordingly to fix the issue.

So, the common issues of Sany Excavator are discussed below:

1. Hydraulic pump issues

The hydraulic pump of your excavator can be damaged for many reasons. Firstly, the hydraulic fuel can expire or contaminate water or other elements. This will cause more debris than usual, and these will get stuck to the wall of the hydraulic pump. So, check the hydraulic fluid. Drain it and refill it if necessary.

If that is not the issue, then check for debris. Not cleaning the debris can also cause serious problems. So, you need to clean the pump regularly. However, if anything like this happens, it is best to replace the hydraulic pump. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the engine.

2. Fuel contamination problem

Oil or fuel contamination is the worse issue you can ever face. It is tough to detect at first. So, often, it causes more damage than it could if you noticed a little sooner. Even the slightest unwanted element entering the oil may readily lead to contamination. Hence, you must ensure that your final drive is clean and free of anything that might seriously harm it in the oil.

To keep your excavator’s fuel system free from contamination, you need to check the fuel whenever something unusual happens that is related to the fuel system.

If contamination happens, the fuel color might look different or notice the fluid is too thin or thick. However, this is still very hard to detect. So, the best thing is to ensure nothing unwanted enters the fuel system. Keep it away from the pool and cover it when it rains.

3. Track tension issue

Track tension is a widespread issue for the excavators, and many users have complained about it.  However, the track tension issue usually occurs from wrong adjustments or user errors. So, if you are adjusting any parts of your Sany excavator, do it properly. Otherwise, it will be too tight or too loose, and that can cause track extension issues.

4. Gearbox issue

The gearbox is responsible for the last excavator problem you could have. An excavator’s transmission, or gearbox, is where the various gears are kept. An ancient excavator’s gearbox may eventually break down and need replacement.

The most straightforward approach to prevent these frequent issues is to do all routine maintenance on your excavator, from checking the fuel to routinely cleaning and examining the equipment.

5. Oil Leakage problem

Most of the excavator issues are related to oil. Oil leaks are very common in heavy-duty machines like the excavator. Il leaks might result in low oil levels that you might not detect, which can cause an excavator to malfunction. Find the root of the problem rather than merely refilling off the oil to prevent breakdowns that result in unavailability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SANY excavators suitable?

Sany excavators are the perfect machines for big and small jobs – smooth to operate, comfortable, and built with the power needed to withstand the demands of any job. You can easily rely on it for being long-lasting and available at a reasonable price.

What engines do SANY excavators use?

Sany uses different engine for different models. For example, a Yanmar with a Tier 4 certification powers a Sany SY95C, Mitsubishi engine is used in SY215C. To improve operator comfort, Sany excavators offer good cab room, broad visibility, and simple control access. The Sany mini excavator uses an improved engine/hydraulic management system.

Is Sany a good company?

Sany is a very good company as they make their excavators for their users for keeping comfortability in mind. Based on more than 58 anonymous employee ratings, Sany Heavy Industry has received an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5.82% of employees had a favorable opinion of Sany Heavy Industry, and 69 percent would suggest working there to a friend.

Final Words

Sany excavators are suitable excavators for beginners. You can easily buy it and rely on it for your heavy-duty jobs. Furthermore, you can reduce the amounts of problems you might face with regular troubleshooting and maintenance.

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