Simplicity Legacy XL vs John Deere X700: Which one to choose?

Are you struggling to choose among the numerous lawn mowers, as there are so many brands, features, and quality products out there in the market?

If yes, it is quite tough for you to choose the lawn mower solely, and for this reason, we came up here to help you out to pick the right mower from the two best mowers available in the market.

Simplicity Legacy XL vs John Deere X700

We have done comprehensive market research and finally brought out Simplicity Legacy XL and John Deere X700 to discuss. In this article, we will compare popular opinions on these two. So without any further delay, let us move to the topic directly.

Engine and Power

Simplicity Legacy XL

The current Simplicity Legacy XL lineup comprises three variations dependent on two engine options:

  • A carbureted 885cc V-Twin settling on 31 horsepower with 2WD and decision of 52″ or 61″ fabricated mowing decks,
  • An EFI 885cc V-Twin making 33 horsepower with 4WD and 52″/61″ deck decisions, and a similar fuel-injected engine with 4WD,
  • A 540-rpm rear PTO and 52″/61″ deck decisions.

The tractor was the 33 hp EFI model with 4WD. Yield from the V-Twin is sent via a shaft to a solitary reach Tuff-Torq K92 hydrostatic transmission with a second shaft from the transmission driving the front axle. Power is by a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard model “Large Block” with evaluated power coming at 3600 engine rpm and a torque curve like a 24 hp diesel.

Differential lock is standard. Installed fuel is 6.0 gallons, with the filler tube handily got to behind the seat. Modulation over the 0-9 mph forward and 0-5.5 mph switch speed is through a twin next to each other pedal course of action.

Automated traction control is delightful. Joined with 4WD, the Simplicity Legacy XL is prepared for moving conditions from snow expulsion to ground-engaging works.

John Deere X700

The John Deere X700 has gone through a few refinements throughout the long term, bringing about the current eight-tractor lineup, which accompanies 22 or 25.5 horsepower gasoline engines or 24-horsepower diesel power Notwithstanding engine power decisions, buyers have a few drivetrain blends to choose from: two-wheel drive/two-wheel steering, two-wheel drive/four-wheel steering, full-time four-wheel drive/two-wheel steering, and full-time four-wheel-drive/four-wheel steering. MSRP for the arrangement goes from $10,059 (X710/48″ deck) to $14,379 (X758/60″ deck).


Simplicity Legacy XL

Simplicity Legacy XL
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There is currently a standard ROPS (foldable) with an affixed LED light that can swivel from the tractor front to back versus the lightless hood hoop of the past age. The hood currently has a racier plan with a muscle vehicle-like hood scoop, LED headlights, and a mesh grille.

The 18″ high-back seat is a lot thicker – think the top-of-the-line z-trak with armrests that crease when wanted. What’s more, the loader, actually manufactured by Kwik-Way, presently is a curved-boom mid-mount plan instead of the old subframe framework.

Simplicity has taken into consideration to make the new mount framework backward viable, so more established Legacy tractors can acknowledge a more up-to-date loader. At the same time, a fresher model will, in any case, be viable with older attachments, for example, a snowblower. The steering wheel slants for operator comfort.

The tractor is as yet worked around a substantial seven-gauge outline with the front axle developed from cast iron. 2WD tractors accompany 18×8.5-10 front and 26×12-12 rear R3 turf tires, while 4WD tractors accompany same-sized Terra Trac tires.

Settling into that pleasantly reinforced and padded seat and the administrator gets a perfect, current design with the loader joystick pleasantly joined into the dashboard, a profoundly meaningful and brilliant computerized dash, ergonomic switch and switches situating 12V outlet, cup holder/apparatus plate, and handgrips on the two sides.

The right fender houses the cruise control, light switch, and 2WD/4WD switch, while the left houses the cup holder/plate/12V outlet and a switch that redirects the hydraulic stream from the trimmer deck lift framework/three-point hitch (3PH) to the loader or hydraulic execute. The dash contains the throttle, key switch, reverse mow override key, and electro-hydraulic PTO engages/disengage knob.

John Deere x700

In the case of John Deer, there is a new alloy of aluminum wheels. These new wheels give a fresh, upscale styling that coordinates with these mowers’ predominant performance and nature—standard on all X700 Series Tractors. John Deere brand embroidery has been added to the standard gear 21-in. two-piece adjustable seat to make it look as great as it feels.

Deck and Other Features

Simplicity Legacy XL

The tractor was equipped with the 61″ fabricated deck, which is produced using 10-gauge steel, supported in the desired places, and a roll-over plan for simple removal/installation. The deck has two pivot wheels in front and a full-width striping roller in the rear. Cut height is electrically adjustable from the dash with the readout graduated in quarter-inch increases from 1-4 inches.

Simplicity is certain enough in the deck development to put a stage on it, alongside giving fabricated decks a restricted lifetime warranty. The 52″ deck is of comparable development and with a similar warranty; however, it isn’t roll-over viable. It is starting up the choke-less Vanguard V-Twin outcomes in an 84/91 dBA inactive, which ascends to 90/97 dBA at PTO rpm. Out of gear, the hydraulics cycle pleasantly without jerkiness; however, throttle up and reaction will leave not many wanting for additional.

Turn radius in 2WD works out to 35″ while moving into 4WD stretches out the radius to 55″. Ride comfort is more special lawn and garden tractor than subcompact, with a ton of that credit going to the profound deep-cushioned seat.

John Deere x700

Another discretionary hydraulic Mulch Control™ attachment is included John Deer. This attachment will give you the control from the driver’s seat to turn on/off mulch control. With the dash of a button, you can open/close the baffle on the cutter deck to switch between side-release and mulch mode.

New drive-over ramps on 54-in. what’s more, 60-in High-Capacity decks are additionally included. The incline/spindle cover gatherings on the decks can be taken out without apparatuses for simple greasing and cleaning. The decks also consider simpler installation and removal of a Power Flow™ blower attachment if you hope to gather and sack your lawn clippings.

As well as being simpler to introduce, Power Flow blowers have been updated for the model year 2019 and are viable with the refreshed drive-over ramps. New drive-belt routing to give steadier belt tension

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Our Verdict

The comparison between the two popular choices here now arrives at its end. We feel now you know a considerable amount about these two products and have settled on a reasonable choice. Overall deciding between the two depends on your yard and what you want to accomplish.

Anyway, the last piece of advice we may give you as an award of reading until here is don’t get outshined by the features Firstly, analyze your need and only pay the check. I trust that this review article has helped you sort out which one would be most suitable for you. In any case, we would suggest you go through the features and check whether they meet your prerequisites.

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