John Deere 345 review: Complete Review

A well-trimmed garden is something to desire for any garden lover. Gardening becomes a way easier and more fun activity if you own the tractor. For the garden lovers from 1995 to 2001, Deere and Company have produced a lawn tractor which is known as the John Deere 345. This is also a famous manufacture of JD among the huge range of lawn tractors. This tractor is ideal for those who have lots of acres or huge yards, playing fields, golf courses, or public parks.

It contains multiple attachments for smooth usage, and it weighs only 699 pounds. There are two cylinder engines to run the tractor that is produced by Kawasaki. The John Deere 345 tractor also comes at a super budget-friendly price. It can contain 3.5 gallons (13.2 L) of fuel to run throughout the day. The wide tires are there to give you a smooth ride. On the other hand, the tractor also contains a sharp blade to cut the grasses easily.

Features of John Deere 345

  • The engines are produced by Kawasaki
  • The lawn/turf front is 16 × 6.50-8, and the lawn/turf rear is 23 × 10.50-12
  • It contains two-cylinder engines that are powered by gas
  • 36ci engine displacement
  • 20 horsepower
  • 3.3 quarts of liquid coolant is required
  • The RPM of the JD345 engine is 3575
  • This garden tractor is covered with twelve starter volts
  • It holds 3.5 gallons (13.2 L) of fuel capacity to run
  • Reap power take-off or PTO is electric
  • John Deere weighs only 699 pounds / 317 kg
  • It needs Battery CCA 500t
  • The wheelbase measures 47.9 “
  • The Height of John Deere is 43.6.”
  • It offers a 2.1 ft. turning radius
  • It provides a smooth ride because of the wide tires.
  • It has a nice floatation that also results in less ground compaction.


The tractor contains a pretty modern design with multiple attachments. The V-twin style design has given it a pretty smooth finish. Roller, brush cutter, snow blower, mower decks are present in the John Deere 345 tractor as adjustable attachments. Again the 2-cylinder liquid-cooled gasoline can provide 18 hp (13.4 kW) power at rated rpm 3400. Again the green and the yellow color combination is making the tractor a more eye-pleasing product in the garden.


The durability of the tractor is excellent with a lawn/turf front 16 × 6.50-8, and the lawn/turf rear 23 × 10.50-12. The heavy-duty steel has been used on the JD 345 tractor to make it strong and more long-lasting. The John Deere 345 tractor weighs only 699 pounds / 317 kg with a 47.9-inch wheelbase. This makes the 345 tractors more durable.


The John Deere 345 tractor is super flexible to use, where you can adjust your mower deck according to your preference and need. It has more user-friendly features than other available tractors in the market. From 54 inches to 48 inches or 60 inches, you can adjust the mower accordingly.


A lot of important characteristics have made the JD 345 a high-quality garden tractor. To make sure reliability, the tractor is full of hydraulic lifts. You can use dual-cylinder gasoline engines from Kawasaki to make it run.


Deere and Company do not only think about the usage of the product, but it also arranges a comfortable seat also. While cutting down the grasses, the user can sit comfortably on the seat and run the tracker. The height of the seat is also comfortable to sit down and control the John Deere 345 tractor. The tractor also contains a place to place the leg comfortably also. The wide tires create a way to enjoy a smooth ride to the user also.


The tractor needs multiple attachments to perform all the functions. Among them, roller, brush cutter, snow blower, mower decks are most noticeable. They help to make the tractor more flexible.

Snow Blower

The JD 345 contains a heavy capacity of the snowblower. To eliminate the fragments, you must need a snowblower in your tractor. A heavy pile of snow can easily get thrown out using the snowblower. You can also use it for professional purposes to remove snow from your road, garden, chimneys, and many others. The design is perfect to work in both places according to your preference.

Mower Deck

The tractor also comes with a 54 inches mower deck to trim and cut any type of grass. The mower deck is adjustable and comfortable to move also. You can decrease the mower deck to 48 inches and again increase the size of the JD 345 to 60 inches according to your preference. With the free movements, sharp revolving blades are also included in the tractor.

Brush Cutters

To make your garden tidy and spot-free, John Deere 345 offers a brush cutter also. You can easily trim the grass and brush the surface with the help of the grass cutter.

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The roller is another attachment that the 345 tractor provides to its user. The roller helps to make the surface of the garden plain and spot-free. Even, it is perfect to use on the grass also. For professional usage, roller presents many benefits.


John Deere 345 is ideal to use for both personal and professional purposes. It is eligible to be used on home gardens, yards, playing fields, golf courses, public parks, and many more. Numerous attachments like roller, brush cutter, snow blower, and mower decks make the tractor more user-friendly. It comes at a budget-friendly price which is increasing its popularity more in the market. After going through the John Deere 345 review, it is evident that, undoubtedly, it can be considered as one of the best products of the Deere and Company.

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