5 Common Case TV380 Problems – With Brief Solutions And Reasons

Case TV380 seems to be a reliable option with outstanding system performance. Among the most potent compact truck loader available for your tasks is this one. Therefore, the Case TV380 is a great option if you ever need a skid loader that can handle some complex assignments.

Some of the common Case TV380 problems are Communication loss between the control module and the instrument cluster, Engine error, Won’t start, Hydraulic Issues, and Loader not responding to the joystick.

We’ve focused on fixing the most frequent issues with these skid steers today. As a result, you’ll be well-equipped to deal with those on your own. Let’s get going!

Case TV380 Problems and solutions at a glimpse:

Communication lossRecalibrate the safety switch
Engine errorCheck the wiring cluster and connection points
Won’t startCheck for blown fuses
Hydraulic IssuesEnsure the fluid level isn’t underfilled or overfilled
Loader is not responding to joystickCheck the wires connecting the actuators and hydraulic pump to the joystick

Common Case TV380 Problems – With Brief Solutions And Causes

The Case TV380 is a good pick with the exceptional performance of the system. One of the most potent skid steers available for your projects is the case TV380. However, there are some issues that we frequently run into that might occasionally irritate you. Let’s examine some of the more typical issues:

1. Communication loss

When you encounter this error, the device will eventually stop working or keep shutting off. It shows an error code of 9406. The majority of the time, the malfunctioning safety switch under the chair is to blame for this error code. To solve this issue, you should start by checking the wiring link to the seat switch.


You will need to reconfigure the safety switch to ensure that it is always engaged while you are seated in the skid steer in order to resolve this issue. Your Case TV380 should now have this fault code resolved.

2. Engine Error

This problem suggests that your unit’s high-pressure pump is experiencing power issues. Therefore, you must check the wiring cluster and connection points if your Case TV380 skid steer displays fault code 3108.


The majority of the time, this issue is caused by faulty wiring, so you should thoroughly inspect the electrical connections to find the issue. Your unit should start after you’ve changed the damaged wires without creating any additional issues.

Calling a professional might be your best course of action, though, if you are unable to identify any problems with the wiring harness.

3. Won’t start

The machine has operated flawlessly. You started it this morning and turned the crank more than usual. Once it was running, you had to maintain a high idle speed. It will miss a die if you try to idle it down. Now, the machine won’t turn on. No codes exist.


You appear to have a high-pressure fuel rail system, ensuring that you will have fuel when starting the engine. The engine ECM electronically activates the injectors. In the panel, look for blown fuses, and look for ECM fuses close to the batteries.

4. Hydraulic Issues

The hydraulic system is another important source of skid steer problems. The hydraulic fluid level is frequently to blame if the skid steer loader isn’t operating properly. As hydraulic systems work best with the precise amount of fluid recommended by the equipment’s manufacturer, make sure the fluid level is neither too low nor too high.


The performance of the skid steer can also suffer greatly from a clogged hydraulic fuel filter. For instance, the fluid filter may be clogged if you notice your loader isn’t as powerful as it once was. The power of the loader is impacted by a clogged filter that prevents fluid from flowing freely.

The skid steer’s ability to operate properly depends on the hydraulic system’s pump. If it’s a belt-driven model that’s not operating properly, you can check to see if the belts are secure and in good condition. The performance of the hydraulic system may be significantly impacted if they are worn out or loose.

5. Loader is not responding to joystick

The skid steer’s steering and loader joystick controls occasionally don’t respond to the operator’s inputs. You may need to tighten or reconnect any disconnected or loose steering or loader connections to fix these problems.


To make sure the wires connecting the actuators and hydraulic pump to the joystick are properly attached, you may also want to check them. In other cases, if you can’t find a workaround, you might need to replace the entire joystick control, and circuit board.

There may be problems with the control system if your controls respond slowly. It’s best practice to check all safety switches on the skid steer in addition to the connections mentioned above.

The control system as a whole is likely to experience problems when these safety switches fail. These switches ought to be operational and have all of their connections firmly fastened. It’s critical to check the skid steer’s battery for any drain because faulty circuits can also damage your control system.


How much can a case TV380 lift?

The Case TV380 is equipped with an 8,700 lb bucket breakout force and a 3,400 lb rated operating capacity (ROC). The 10,550 lb. vertical lift TV380 can lift 7,510 lb.

How much does a case 380 weigh?

The Case TV380 weighs around 32200 lbs or 14605 kg.

Moving To The Closure

These were some of the more typical problems that your Case TV380 unit might display. However, if you’re having trouble with a particular fault code, try contacting Case customer service. They can assist you in isolating and fixing any issues you’re having. So, just give them a call at their business number or send them an email outlining your problem.

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