Kubota Z725 Reviews: Everything you need to know

If you are a beginner in lawn care, then you have come to the right place. We are going to review the Kubota Z725 lawn mower in this article to assist you with your lawn care. Lawn mowers are essential for lawn care. As there are so many choices in the market, a beginner can easily get confused about which lawn mower to buy. Thus, we are going to provide you with a review of the Kubota Z725 lawn mower, which is one of the most popular models currently available.

The Kubota Z series lawn mowers have a lot of new features in their latest version. Also, this model series is regarded as one of Kubota’s best mowers because it looks good and includes many features. For instance, the patented cutting system is highly efficient and efficient in terms of fuel consumption and performance.

Kubota Z725- Product Overview

Kubota Z725

Kubota’s Z725 has been in production since roughly 2014, and since then has become one of the leading zero turn mowers. Since its release, it has proven extremely popular with users. This is a very powerful lawn mower with 25 hp engine, a mower deck of 60 inches, and hydrostatic transmission.

Kubota’s Z725 has been designed specifically for homeowners. A highly efficient mower with both a powerful engine and a rugged transmission, it boasts exclusive features and is easy to operate. The mowing capabilities of this mower make it suitable for jobs requiring precision mowing.


  • Lawn mower model number- Z725KH-60
  • Engine Model- GH740V
  • Engine Power- 25 hp
  • Fuel Type- Gasoline
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 11.6 gal.
  • Cooling system- air-cooled
  • Mower Width- 73.8 inches
  • Mower Height- 69.9 inches
  • Overall mower Weight- 550 kg
  • Wheelbase- 50.9 inches
  • The width of the mowing blade-  60 inches
  • Grass Cutting Height – 1 – 5 inches
  • Displacement- 46 ci
  • Starting system- Key switch
  • Chassis- 4×4 MFWD 4WD
  • Transmission model- Parker Torqpact GT14
  • Transmission type- Hydrostatic
  • Gears- Infinite forward and reverse
  • Transmission Drive- Parker Torqpact GT-14, 1 HST – G rotor type
  • Wheels Tires- 13 x 6.5-6 non-flat, front 24 x 12-12 rear
  • Brakes- Drum discs, foot applied, released
  • Deck Thickness-  8 in. Depth: 6 in.
  • Number of Blades – 3
  • Blade Tip Speed- 18,600 fpm


Its Kubota Z725KH-3-60 model combines durability and toughness. Three blades and an eight gauge steel deck embellish the 60-inch steel mowing deck, which has a cutting range of one to five inches. While pumping the 11.6-gallon tank, you may rely on the 25 horsepower of the Kohler engine and the control provided by the Parker transmission.

The rest of the detailed features are given below:


Kohler Command PRO and Kawasaki FX engines are used in the Z700 Series mowers, renowned for their reliability and performance. Engine compartments are open so that important parts can be accessed without obstruction. Thanks to the large diameter, wide tread rear tires and the fuel tank located under the seat, the Z700 Series mowers offer a high level of stability.

Cutting Deck

With two pins on the sides of the Z725, the mower deck can be fixed or removed effortlessly. The belt replacement is hassle free as the belt drive is easily accessible. Furthermore, this model is equipped with a 8 gauge steel cutting deck, 6″ deep deck, fully welded, providing excellent durability coupled with a fast, precise cutting process. By simply turning a dial and pressing a pedal, you can adjust the cutting height very quickly.


For enhanced comfort, the Kubota Z725 lawn mower has a 21.2″ high back seat, premium adjustable suspension, and 3″ vertical adjustment to 6″ in width from front to back. You can adjust the damper force with the lever to drive smoothly and effortlessly. Operators can adjust the levers and raise or lower the mower deck lift pedal according to their physique. So, the seats lets you sit for long hours of mowing without giving you back pain or any uncomfort.

Additionally there is a cup holder so that you can keep your favourite drink to stay refreshed while you mow the grass. And if you are a tall person, you do not need to worry as the operator platform is wide and angled so you have extra room to keep your legs comfortably.

Control and Maintenance

Controlling and Maintaining the Z725 lawn mower by Kubota is very easy. By raising the seat panel, you can access the battery and harness parts. Under the seat, you will also find the fuel shutoff and fuses. It includes two Parker transmissions with integrated pumps and motors that are designed to increase efficiency and simplify maintenance. This model comes with a foldable ROPS to make sure operators are protected. In addition to the optimally positioned controls, the instrument panel also provides easy access to other machine indicators, including the hour meter.


  • Easy operation
  • A great choice for beginners
  • Compact size
  • Price is reasonable


  • Rolls really fast when pulled back
  • Some parts can be fragile

Final Words

So, that was all about the Kubota Z725 lawn mower review. If you are a beginner you can try mowing your lawn with this. We hope this article can help regarding your lawn mower decision as now you know the features and specifications of Kubota Z725. this mower is a very durable and sturdy one that will go on for years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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