7 Common STIHL BR 800 Problems And Solutions

STIHL BR 800 is the latest model in the BR series of Stihl and the most powerful backpack blower. It has a completely new mechanism to clean fallen leaves, grass, and waste paper in large areas perfectly and efficiently. This blower is able to deliver 900 cfm+ air volume, along with 230 mph wind velocity, which made it the best among the competitors.

STIHL has eleven available models in the BR series. Among these, BR 800 is more popular as it has been made with a new mechanism than the previous models and made more handy and comfortable for the users. Despite some great features, the users faced some problems in using BR 800.

Issues in starting the machine due to cold weather or cold engine, clogged engine or carburetor, valve adjustment, and debris blockage. Heavyweights and overuse of fuels are the most common problems that users faced during the cleaning activity with STIHL BR 800.

Common STIHL BR 800 Problems and Solutions:

Stihl BR 800 has accumulated some great features that make it more worthy than the other backpack blowers. The biggest change is the side start in the blower. This is a significant change brought in this model to start or stop the blower instantly while one is working or walking. Also, the blower is comfortable to use for a long time.

These features definitely increase the expectations and eagerness to buy the blower instantly, it is not 100% perfect to use. Some common problems have been found in the blower. But these problems can be solved with some tricks and knowledge. The problems along with the solutions of Stihl BR 800 are given below.

1. Issues in Starting Machine

A major problem with this backpack blower model is the machine starting issues. Due to some basic problems, BR 800 sometimes takes time to start or does not start frequently. The basic problems are cold weather or cold engine, clogged engine or carburetor, blockage, and valve adjustments. The engine starting problems and solutions are discussed below.

2. Cold weather or cold engine

If you start your BR 800 after a long gap, or in really cold weather, it may give you difficulties starting. This is a very common problem and can be solved with a little patience.


Just give your engine a little more time to give a spark plug compression to the cold engine to start. After a few attempts, it will start and work smoothly.

3. Clogged Engine or Carburetor

Clogged engine or carburetor can be another major issue for not starting the engine. Sometimes, the fuel and gas mixture caused the jam. Replace the old fuel with fresh fuel and fresh gasoline can start the blower instantly.

Or the spark plug may cause the problem. In this case, remove the spark plug, wash it, and put again may work properly. Otherwise, replacing the spark plug with a new one can be the best option.

4. Valve Adjustment

The maintenance of the valves is important, as it blocks the fuel path to the carburetor. For valve adjustment, you need to open the machine and wash the valves, and put them all back. This process will keep you away from starting problems with the machine.

5. Debris Blockage

The blockage caused by wet leaves or other waste in the motor is referred to as Debris blockage. These wet leaves or waste harm the motor blade and eventually, caused starting problem in the machine.


To avoid this, regular cleaning of wastes in the blower is a must.

All in all, to avoid starting problem of BR 800, cleaning the machine every time after use is the only solution. Maintenance and cleaning the machine along with using fresh fuel and gasoline is the best way to keep the bowler moving easier and faster.

6. Heavyweight

One of the big issues of not choosing BR 800 is its weight. It weighs around 25 pounds, which makes it difficult to carry for long working hours. Also, people of short height face more difficulty using it.

As per the solution of this, the land scraper can use the harness system and strap system to adjust the weight with your shoulder.

 7. Overuse of Fuels

This BR 800 model uses an excess amount of fuel that makes it pricey. The fuel capacity tank is 2000cc in BR 800, whereas Br 700 has a 1400 cc fuel capacity tank. So BR 800 stores more fuel than other models and uses more for its 79cc motor.

But, the overuse of fuels can be reduced slightly if you adjust the fuel tank position. If the position of the fuel tank is adjusted to be lean aside at a 45-degree angle, the fuel can be used for a long time.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stihl BR 800 good for leaf blowers?

BR 800 is the most powerful leaf blower of the BR series of STIHL. Its blowing force is 41 newton, 239 mph air velocity which helps to blow the leaves easily and efficiently.

Is STIHL BR 800 better than PB-8010?

The biggest competitor of STIHL BR 800 is PB-8010 in contrast to performance. Though PB-8010 has more power than BR 800, BR 800 is more comfortable to hold and operate. Another big advantage of BR 800 is it has a side starter key, which allows it to start without removing it from the back, whereas, PB-8010 is difficult to start and stop in a short time distance. Overall, BR 800 is more handy and comfortable to use than PB-8010.

How much is BR 800 now?

BR 800 featured price is around USD 979.99, available in the USA online and offline market.


STIHL has made a versatile blower that has more power to blow leaves and others efficiently and is comfortable to carry which is BR 800. Though it has some basic issues, it captures the landscaper’s attention with its great features. The good news is, that these small issues can be solved with regular maintenance and fresh fuels and gas. If you are looking for blowers, then it is the best choice for you.

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